5 ‘red thread of fate’ stories and 7 steps to prepare for yours

red thread of fate

Hear me out; this is very interesting.

If you’ve watched the anime “Your Name,” you will know what I’m talking about. See the trailer below:

You see, there is a thing called red thread of fate – a beautiful Japanese legend. It explains life’s mysteries in a way that is both believable and incredibly romantic.

We all know that we use our pinkies when we swear a vow. Now according to this Japanese legend, everyone’s pinky finger is tied to an invisible red string which ’’flows’’ out of your pinkie and goes on to intertwine with the red string of another person.

What does the story of the red thread mean?

When two people’s red thread are connected to each other, it means they are bound together by Fate itself. The Japanese believe that people are predestined to meet through a red string that the gods tie to the pinky fingers of those who find each other in life.

When they meet each other, it will profoundly affect both of them. Now the Japanese legend isn’t limited to a romantic relationship. It encompasses all those with whom we will make history and all those whom we will help in one way or another.

The beauty of the story is that although the strings can sometimes stretch and become tangled, those ties will never be broken.

Here are 5 love stories that prove the red thread of fate does exist:

1. Justin and Amy, the preschool sweethearts

Justin and Amy met on a dating site when they were both 32 years old. They were two wounded hearts coming together.

A few years before they met, Justin’s fiancé was tragically murdered the night before they were supposed to move in together. With his loss, it took him years to cope.

On the other hand, Amy was damaged too because of her past relationships with men who mistreated her and made her feel unworthy. When Amy came across Justin’s profile, something drew her towards him.

When they started talking, they had instant and incredible chemistry. It felt like they had known each other forever.

When they first met, Justin told her that he liked Amy’s name because his first crush was also a girl named Amy in preschool. Now Justin had a scar above Justin’s eyes and when Amy asked how he got it, he told her it was from falling off the monkey bars at “good ol’ Sunshine preschool”, where Amy also went.

Another realization is that they were the same age and when they had their parents dig through their old photos, not only were Justin and Amy both in it, but they were sitting right next to each other.

It turns out that Amy was the same “Amy” whom Justin had a crush on. They believe they were destined to be together from the start.

About 2 years after they started dating, Amy wrote a letter to a news station about their story and got invited. Little did she know, Justin will propose to her on the show with students from Sunshine Preschool holding up signs that said, “Amy, will you marry me?” I’m here to say second chances are possible.”


2. Verona and Mirand, the beach babies

One day while Verona was looking at this old beach photo taken 10 years ago, he showed it to his fiance for a run down memory lane. Mirand, her boyfriend, noticed a kid in the back who had the same shirt, shorts and floaty as him.

So they analyzed it further and confirmed with family members that it’s him photobombing her family photo.


3. Mr. and Mrs. Ye, the May Fourth Square incident

Mr. Ye met and fell in love with Mrs. Ye in 2011 in Chengdu. Currently,  they have twin daughters.

One day while Mr. Ye was looking at his wife’s old photos, he made a surprising discovery. He saw from the old photo that they were both at May Fourth Square at the exact same time in July of 2000.

Mr. Ye can be seen at the back of Mrs. Ye – their paths had already crossed when they were teenagers! Having learned that, May Fourth Square became special to them.

Now they want to bring the whole family to the same place where their paths crossed to take a family picture together.

red thread of fate

4. Ramiro and Alexandra, the next door neighbors

Ramiro was Alexandra’s first High School crush and young love. They lived next door in Canada, but fate separated them when he had to move to Argentina when they were 15 years old.

His mom passed away at that time and his family decided it was best for them to move back home to Argentina. She was devastated to think that because of the distance, she would never see him again. However, there was nothing she could do – she had no choice but to say goodbye.

The years went by and they inevitably lost touch. However, 2008 became the year when she heard that Ramiro was moving back to Canada for good.

Soon after, they started running into each other while out. It helped too that they have mutual friends. They would reminisce about the innocent puppy love we shared back in the day and laugh.

But for her, she could still feel the butterflies when she talked to him. It was obvious the “puppy love” is still there.

For the next few years, they’d continue to bump into each other in the most random places- Rib Fest in Toronto, at World Cup celebrations downtown, at soccer games, etc. Even in crowds filled with thousands of people, they would find each other.

It led her to tell her family that it’s like fate keeps pushing them together. Turns out, Ramiro felt the same way and in November 2015, he finally asked her to be his girlfriend. They’ve been inseparable ever since.


5. The #WeddingAisle goals

Can you imagine walking down the aisle twice with the man you love? Well, that happened to this girl.

Back in 1998, when they were 5 years old, they were forced to walk down the aisle together as the ring bearer and flower girl in a family/ friend’s wedding.

She had a huge crush on him, but he hated her. After the wedding, they didn’t see each other again for years.

Then in middle school, they ran into each other at a church event. That day changed Adrian’s feelings for her.

But, they lost touch after that and didn’t reconnect until they were both in high school where she went to hear Adrian preach for youth service at his church.

They started dating shortly after that and got engaged in November of 2014. Finally, they walked down the aisle together again in the same church as they did 17 years ago.

This time they were man and wife.


Their stories show that the red thread of fate legend does exist. Somewhere out there, someone is meant for you and two hearts that are meant to be together will always find a way to each other.

Here are 7 steps you can take to prepare for your Red String of Fate:

1. There is a difference between love and fear

Let me get this straight. Needing approval or someone to make you happy are actually signs of fear and not of love.

You may think that you know it all, but fear can sometimes disguise itself as love. In fact, it can be challenging to tell them apart.

When you can differentiate love from fear, it will help you experience a satisfying relationship.

2. Always be kind

I don’t have to say this because you and I know that love is kind and compassionate. It does not make someone hurt you, physically and emotionally.

To be ready for your red thread of fate, practice love by listening patiently with a true desire to understand.

Don’t be selfish, or take things too personally, controlling, manipulating, or condemning. Falling in love with your “red thread” will require compassion, respect, kindness, and consideration.

3. Get to know yourself

Ask yourself these questions:

Who am I?
What do I value the most?
What are the things I enjoy?
How do I love to spend my time?
What matters to me?

Take the time to understand what you want. If you know yourself, finding your Red Thread of Fate is much easier.

4. You have to love yourself

“I want to be the best version of myself for anyone who is going to someday walk into my life and need someone to love them beyond reason.” ― Jennifer Elisabeth, Born Ready: Unleash Your Inner Dream Girl

Love starts with yourself. If you don’t have it, you can’t give it. Think of it; how can you love someone when you don’t even love yourself?

Do not be afraid to love yourself. It doesn’t mean being narcissistic. It just means you are okay with your own company, believes in your abilities, and focus on your positive traits.

When you love yourself, you cut out the negative thoughts and self-talk because you accept yourself for who you are. At the same time, you are taking responsibility to be the best you can be.

If you focus on the negative things about yourself, your soulmate is less likely to be drawn to you.

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red thread of fate

5. Believe that everything happens for a reason

The red string of fate legend shows that there are no coincidences in life – we all meet each other for a reason.

Even if it means the loss of someone you love, whatever happened will point you to the people you are meant to be with. One day, you will have the realization when things start to fall into place and you’ll understand why things happened the way they happened.

Sad to say, our generation is so preoccupied with the material things that they never notice the little things. But if you just pay attention and listen, your soulmate could be right in front of you.

6. Take action

“When you do the things in the present that you can see, you are shaping the future that you are yet to see.” ― Idowu Koyenikan

Are you familiar with the saying that goes “pray, and move your feet”? Well, it’s not enough to hope or wish to fall in love with your soulmate.

You must trust yourself and take action on the signs that show up. Try to notice the signs that are coming to you as opposed to searching for it.

7. Enjoy your life to the fullest

If you’re not having fun while in pursuit of the other person who’s connected to your Red String of Fate, you won’t flow into the loving energy you’re seeking. You can’t find your soulmate if you just stay in the house, right?

I’m not saying you go bar hopping. What I’m trying to point here is that you have to live your life fully with joy.

Because it’s not enough to wish for love and hopes it manifests, you have to exude the right energy to attract your soulmate. Just like the law of attraction, you have to think your “red thread of fate” will come.

One day, it will.

Some words to ponder…

red thread of fate

We all go around our lives searching for the one who is our destiny.

Sometimes, we even break our hearts in our search for the right one.

Whether you believe the legend of the red thread of fate, you will agree with me that indeed, the path leading to your destiny is a rocky road.

Your heart may get broken more than once, your feelings maybe gambled, and your trust is torn – but when you find that someone, every bump in the road will be worth it.

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