12 reasons why strong women aren’t afraid of being single

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Gone are the days when a relationship was the be-all and end-all of human existence. 

Now more than ever, flying solo can be pretty damn great. In fact, more and more people are staying single for longer. 

I have quite a lot of strong, independent women in my life who are single by choice —  and they’re loving every bit of it. 

The thing is, there are many benefits to being on your own. And if you’re looking for more reasons to embrace and appreciate the single life, read on!

Let’s explore some of the main reasons why strong women aren’t afraid of being single.

1) They value the freedom to live life the way they want to

If there are top two things that strong women value the most, it’s their freedom and flexibility.

Being single allows them to make decisions without having to consult or consider anyone else. 

Simply put: They can make the most out of their time and resources. 

Picture the following scenarios:

  • Traveling anytime, anywhere. Picking any destination you want.
  • Eating wherever and whenever you want to.
  • Watching your favorite TV shows.
  • Choosing whichever car you want to own.
  • Buying a house you dream of.
  • Moving to another country for work.

And the list goes on.

Strong women love being single because they have more time to do what they love

They have the liberty to make self-defining choices — from the mundane, everyday decisions to the biggest, most life-changing ones.

2) They want to spend more time getting to know themselves better

Nothing beats the experience of taking that self-discovery journey when you’re a strong, single woman. 

Strong women don’t fear being single because they see it as an opportunity to get to know who they really are and what they need.

Because at the end of the day, the most significant relationship you’ll have is with yourself.

They spend time cultivating themselves and exploring their interests, likes and dislikes, passions, and values without the distraction that a relationship brings. 

Strong women make the most out of every chance to hone in on who they are and who they want to be. 

This is especially true for free-spirited women who love to explore new places and try out new experiences.

3) They crave independence

This one’s connected to my earlier point about how strong women value their freedom.

You see, strong women aren’t afraid of being single because they wouldn’t want anyone around them all the time.

Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs a support system now and then.

But strong women are never overly dependent on other people. They don’t let a partner — or anyone else for that matter — define their worth or happiness. 

They’ve developed the ability to think for themselves and live life on their own terms. They know that allowing others to decide for them only leads to blame and resentment. 

They’re fearlessly independent, which means they’re brave enough to face the consequences of their actions. 

4) They enjoy being alone

The belief that single people are lonely and miserable is just a myth. And for many strong women, alone time isn’t scary. 

Sure, they like socializing. But they also prioritize having time for themselves. They are more likely to not only embrace solitude but also benefit from it

It’s no secret that everyone needs a breather once in a while. And strong single women cherish the freedom to retreat to themselves and find rest. 

They can easily relax at home and keep themselves company after a long and tiring day. They can be 100% comfortable with the decision to decline a dinner or party invitation.

In other words: They won’t have to explain to a partner why they’re looking for time alone.

5) They are confident and self-sufficient

When you’re a strong, single woman, your confidence can be at an all-time high. Many of the strong women I know are beautiful, smart, and most importantly, happy being single.

They get a strong sense of fulfillment in knowing that they have everything they need to be happy and whole with themselves. 

There’s so much they learn from depending on themselves to get things done. With time and practice, strong women get to confidently take care of themselves — physically, financially, and emotionally.

This confidence spills over into nearly every aspect of their lives. For one, it gives them the power to say no and set boundaries with family and friends.

It also makes them more assertive about what they want in life and at work. They know they can handle anything that comes their way.

6) They want to develop stronger relationships with family and friends

Think about this for a minute: Do you know anyone who has lost a couple of dear friends because they devoted all their time and energy to a new relationship?

Many studies have shown that being single boosts the social networks of both women and men. That’s because they connect more with family members, friends, and neighbors.

I particularly appreciate how my single friends have a lot more time to hang out and talk. I can always count on them to provide a listening ear and support when I need it most.

You see, strong women aren’t afraid to be single because it gives them the time and space to nurture deep relationships with family, friends, and the community — which is what matters most in the long run.

7) They prioritize their health

As they say, health is wealth. And lots of research suggest that single people tend to be healthy overall because they have more time to stay active and fit. 

Many of the strong single women in my circle value spending their free time on physical and self-care activities.

They work out, walk their dogs more often, or sign up for fitness classes.  Plus, they have more time to pursue outdoor hobbies and adventures that are good for their minds and bodies. 

8) They’re building meaningful careers

I especially love hearing the success stories of single, ambitious, and accomplished women.

It’s amazing to know how they take risks and explore the limitless potential of their working lives.

Strong women aren’t afraid of being single because more often than not, they know what they want career-wise. Nothing and no one can stop them from chasing their ambitions.

Simply put: Many strong single women choose the single life because they want to set themselves up for the future.

They use their time wisely by building something that will eventually add value to their life. 

Plus, not having to worry about maintaining a relationship means they can keep their hard-earned money for themselves. It gives them a chance to be financially independent.

9) They’re pursuing their goals and dreams

Have you ever wanted to try out a new hobby or explore interests that excite you but find them difficult to prioritize because you’re in a relationship?

This is never a problem for strong single women. That’s because being single provides them with opportunities for personal growth and development. 

Goal-setting gives them purpose, and they’re more than willing to give their all to achieve their goals.

This can also mean devoting more time and energy to causes and interests that they care about — whether it’s volunteering in communities or turning a passion project into reality.

They boost their self-esteem and build a strong identity by pursuing endeavors that fulfill them.

10) They don’t like the ‘drama’ that a relationship brings

Ok, I know what you’re thinking: Not all relationships end up in drama.

Yes, of course. But all relationships require effort. Conflict is an inevitable part of any relationship. 

And when problems don’t get resolved, tensions can easily flare and both parties may end up getting disappointed, hurt, and rejected.

Many strong women don’t fear being single because they are more mature and less tolerant of the drama that most relationships thrive on.

I believe it takes a mature woman to recognize and accept that she doesn’t want any of the consequences of the inner emotional turmoil that most relationships bring.

This brings me to my next point ….

11) They don’t want to settle for less

Let’s face it: Being single can be very frustrating, especially with all pressures that come with it.

But nothing can be more lonely or unsatisfying than being with the wrong person. 

Strong women don’t mind being single because they don’t want to end up in mediocre, unhealthy, and unfulfilling relationships. 

They’re very selective, which means they have high standards for themselves and the people they allow into their lives. 

They may have experienced many disappointments in their past relationships. That’s why they don’t want to repeat the same toxic patterns.

They would rather stay single than go for someone who doesn’t meet their expectations or fulfill their needs. 

12) They prioritize self-love

For strong women, self-love is their power.

They’re not afraid of being single because they love themselves first and above anyone else.

They know their worth and they don’t need someone to validate that they are beautiful and amazing. 

They don’t run around looking for love because they understand that it’s not something you get from another person. It’s something that you cultivate from within. 

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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