12 reasons twin flame relationships are so intense (complete list)

Some people think relationships are as easy as the movies.

Girl meets boy; they chase each other, trying to get one to like the other; there’s a confession in the rain; then they live happily ever after.

But reality rarely follows this format; this is nothing like a twin flame relationship.

Since they’re two people that share a soul, things tend to get much more intense there than in regular relationships.

But what it lacks in ease, it makes for in fulfillment.

Once couples go through the turbulent points of the relationship, they feel more fulfilled than most romantic couples.

To understand what causes it to be this way, here are 12 reasons why they are so intense in the first place.

1. They Aren’t Dealing with Total Strangers

One of the reasons why emotions in a twin flame relationship are so intense is because the two people feel like they’ve known each other before.

It isn’t like a typical relationship where there are two strangers learning more about each other, still feeling hesitant and slightly awkward.

With twin flame relationships, the awkward phase doesn’t last as long as others; it might even be much much shorter because of how familiar they both feel to each other.

The level of trust one has for the other is deep and instantaneous, so they don’t feel shy about sharing their deepest insecurities even on the first date.

2. They Push for Self-Improvement

They know each other’s weaknesses, but they also know each other’s potential.

They know how much better they can each be, so they try to push each other to become better.

They hold each other accountable when one is feeling lazy, or one isn’t being very generous or as forgiving as they both know they can be.

In this way, they can both be the best coaches and motivational speakers for each other.

3. They Reveal Each Other’s Deepest Insecurities

Since twin flames know each other at a deeper level, they know what stops each other from progressing and being the best version of themselves.

They know what makes them feel frozen, and sends anxiety running through their veins.

What makes it interesting is that both people might have overcome different insecurities.

One might have overcome their feeling of being good enough while another might have learned multiple languages and achieved honors in university because they worried about feeling too dumb.

Twin flames can talk openly about these insecurities without judgment.

That doesn’t mean it still won’t hurt (it might even hurt more), but they’re able to work together to overcome it.

4. It’s Deeper Than Mere Infatuation

Typical romantic relationships tend to be sparked by appearances.

But when twin flames meet each other, they may not even need to see each other to get the feeling that they are each other’s twin flames.

It often isn’t like meeting someone new. It’s like twins separated at birth finally meeting each other (except the twins here are their souls).

They might recognize each other’s mannerisms and expressions.

They follow the same fashion and design trends and have crushes on similar-looking people.

If it is a true twin flame relationship, it’s likely that your twin flame is thinking of you when you’re not together. If you want to know the signs your twin flame is thinking of you, check out the below video:

5. They Have Telepathic Experiences

Often many couples feel like they can read each other’s minds; they complete each other’s sentences or both know where to eat.

But twin flames take that to the next level.

They’re able to tell the complete emotion of their twin flame just by what they sound like or their facial expression.

They might be able to feel when the other is hungry, tired, or sad.

They might feel when the other is stressed or restless because of work.

And they often can arrive at the same conclusions without even having to discuss anything.

6. Their Energies are Often in Flux

One moment, they might be all lovey-dovey and cuddly to each other, then the next moment they might be engaged in a full-on screaming match – nothing big might have triggered this either.

Over the course of the twin flame relationship, their energy levels tend to clash. This can often result in fiery outbursts of emotions and arguments.

It’s unpredictable, stressful, but necessary.

Their energies are almost trying to “correct” each other, to match wavelengths, so they better connect with each other as they reach their ascension.

7. They’re Healing Together

We tend to go through life with the scars we suffered growing up.

We carry with us the pain of rejection from others, feeling small in grade school, succumbing to peer pressure, wishing we were better, and regretting what we did or didn’t do.

That’s why one of the best things about twin flame relationships is that they can heal each other.

They have deep empathy for one another, so they understand each others’ struggles as if they were their own (which it often is, in the case of twin flames).

8. They Contrast Each Other

Although twin flames share the same soul, their insecurities, strengths, and weaknesses might still differ.

That might mean that as they grew up, different parts of their shared soul appeared. So when they get together, they balance each other out.

They don’t need to figure out each other’s fears and insecurities – they already innately know.

If one person is generally the shy, creative type, they are the ones ideate on date ideas or work ideas that the driven and ambitious other person can then execute.

One might like to read, while the other likes to listen to music.

Together, they could work together to bring out the best in each other, while overcoming the worst.

9. They Become Crucial Parts of Each Other’s Life

Since twin flames are so familiar already, they can be comfortable with each other much faster.

Their relationship can flourish as they each become each other’s mentor through life, each other’s student continuously learning how to become a better person, or even a family member connected through marriage and a unique spiritual connection.

When someone in the relationship contributes so much to another person’s life, their emotions for that person are intensified.

Their love and attraction for each other become more than words to describe.

10. They Connect on More Levels Than One

Twin flames are able to connect on a plane beyond simply the emotional and physical. They can be connected spiritually.

When they’re together, they might feel more aligned with nature, fulfilling their cosmic purposes as humans on this planet.

Their deeply shared beliefs are what allow them to match their energies, a prerequisite for twin flames to ascend into a higher form of consciousness together.

11. They Have Eerily Similar Backgrounds

Since twin flames essentially share the same soul, it’s possible that both the twin flames undergo the same emotions possibly brought about by similar circumstances.

Maybe before, their parents yelled at them often, and they had to move to the same locations in the same year, following the same specializations and career path.

With the amount of people there are in the world, the probability of two people having very similar backgrounds tends to drop.

That’s why twin flame relationships are so intense.

They tend to be the only two people who have similar, almost identical childhood experiences, interests, traumas, and accomplishments.

Some might simply call it a coincidence, but those in the relationship might see it as something more cosmic.

12. Trust Comes Easier Than Usual

Since twin flames already recognize each other even upon the first meeting, they don’t feel the awkwardness we feel when we meet someone new, fearing they might judge us for being who we are.

What’s even stranger is that they might not even be able to pinpoint exactly why they trust each other so much. It’s instinctual.

They can meet for the first time and already open up about their past traumas, share their life stories, their deepest secrets, and even talk about different interests no matter how uncommon it might be.

They don’t feel like they’re being judged.

They don’t have to pull themselves back just to appear “more attractive” to their twin flame.

They can fully be themselves with each other.

Handling Intense Twin Flame Relationships

If you’ve found yourself in a twin flame relationship, you should still consider yourself lucky, even with all the hardships that come along with it.

Most people go their entire lives without having met their twin flame; they grow old searching, or, if they did cross paths with their twin flame, they weren’t yet aware of it.

While twin flame relationships are intense, they are still like your regular relationships: it needs maintenance and nurturing.

You can’t merely take for granted the fact that your twin flame is with you in your life.

You need to show it to them through loving actions, whether it be listening to them rant about their day at work or the both of you sacrificing something in your personal lives just to be together.

It’s important to remember to love and respect yourself too.

Since twin flames can be so difficult, coming to terms with yourself and finding an inner strength can help overcome the obstacles in the relationship.

Through the pain and difficulty, a twin flame relationship can be more fulfilling for you than any other relationship.

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