10 reasons nerdy men make the best husbands

Growing up I imagined I would marry a man who was suave, athletic and charming. He had to have a chiseled jaw, too and look kind of like a Polo Ralph Lauren model. 

But reality turned out quite a bit different: I married a guy who’s actually a major nerd!

This turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, and this is why.

1) He’s really interesting!

My husband isn’t bad looking. I don’t want to give that impression. 

But he’s definitely not a looker or the kind of guy who would get women hot and bothered. 

He dresses conservatively and wears stuff that really doesn’t match like khaki pants with a ratty hoody. He shaves sporadically. 

But he’s really interesting, and that’s made all the difference in our life together. 

Past relationships have left me really bored with men who couldn’t talk their way out of a paper bag. 

My husband, by contrast, absolutely enchants my mind whether he’s going on about astronomy or the history of Spanish colonization in South America. 

Smart is sexy, believe me. 

2) Nerdy guys are low-key pretty funny 

I’ve met a lot of men in the past who think they’re funny or make a point of showing you how funny they are. 

Maybe it’s just my sense of humor or something, but I never found the typically masculine and in-your-face style of humor very amusing. 

My husband, by contrast, and nerdy guys in general I find have a much more hilarious way of telling jokes and making wry observations. 

My husband can turn a standard drive to Whole Foods into a hilarious escapade, or get me laughing out loud about the stupidity of politics when the news comes on. 

It makes me more attracted to him and there’s no doubt that smart, nerdy guys have something special going on with their funny bone

3) Nerdy dudes know what they want from life

My husband is a software engineer, which I always joke with him is the perfect job for such a geek. 

He takes this kind of ribbing good naturedly and teases me about being too interested in home decor magazines. He’s got a point. 

I also watch way too much Oprah and self-help shows. 

I have my own career writing, but I’m particularly grounded by my husband’s strong direction in his life and knowing what he wants from it. 

Having been intellectually gifted from a young age, my husband had the chance to really explore his interests and bloom into his full potential

He knows what he loves and what he hates and he knows what he wants out of life (luckily one of those things he wants out of life is me, as it turns out). 

4) Nerdy men have more innocence and vigor in bed

My guy didn’t lose his virginity until a quite older age and his body count is low (the amount of women he’s slept with is in the single digits). 

He’s not a big one for porn either and focused mostly on his work pursuits before we met. 

The result is that he’s a beast in bed. His sexual appetite is voracious and he’s surprisingly kinky behind that goody-two-shoes Clark Kent haircut. 

Despite their wiry frames and wire-rim glasses, nerds are famous for packing a pretty big punch in bed. 

These guys can lay some pipe, is what I’m saying. 

All those years of sexual frustration can turn into something beautiful, it turns out. 

Plus, since he’s not overly sexually experienced you can help shape him into the kind of lover you’ve always been looking for. 

5) Nerdy fellows aren’t grasping for external validation 

My husband grew up ostracized. He was never bullied, but he was never included. 

He was always the odd one out, and his lack of interest in athletics put him as the last-picked kid and teen. 

He was seen as a geek and a loser by many of his colleagues, and he never went to his own prom. 

He knows that a lot of potential girlfriends or wives would look down on that, but he’s already stopped chasing external approval. 

He knows he’s not typically cool according to some standards that society made. He doesn’t give a sh*t. 

This ironically gives my husband a special kind of self-confidence that many men lack. 

It’s one of the biggest advantages of dating or marrying a nerdy man: he’s gotten over this need to be approved of, be “normal” or have his ego stroked. 

6) Nerds aren’t full of ego and bluster

Nerds have many times experienced being the outsider or the last picked. 

They’ve usually known what it’s like to feel like everyone else is getting a girlfriend or a cool group of friends while they sit alone. 

They’ve watched the biggest baboons strut around and brag, and they associate that behavior with numbskulls, which is true. 

This is the other of the reasons nerdy men make the best husbands: they have their ego in check. 

They consider buffoonery and blustery behavior to be disgusting and unattractive. 

They’re right on that. 

I’ve never met a more talented yet also more humble guy than my nerdy husband

7) Nerds learn super fast and are natural problem-solvers

The next advantage of hitching your wagon to a nerd is that nerds learn very quickly and solve problems on their own. 

They are naturally industrious and hard working. 

My guy has already probably saved me several thousand on electrical and plumbing bills. 

When you get a nerd, you get a lot of competence and can-do spirit into your life. 

Nerds aren’t just all talk, they’re guys who know how to get things done and in marriage that goes a long way to keeping love alive

8) Nerds are usually very loyal and trustworthy 

My husband appreciates me in a way no past lovers or boyfriends have.

He helps me out in many small ways that make my day better and takes his time to actually do fun things with me and bond. 

I never worry that he’s going to cheat or lie to me about anything big. 

It’s not because he’s not a hottie like I said earlier. It’s because his personality and character is upstanding.

I sometimes feel like nerds are almost echoes of an older generation where trust and character meant more. 

Trust me, that’s a good thing. 

9) Nerds have strong empathy 

My lovable nerd isn’t the best communicator and lives a lot in his head. 

But from the first moment I met him I was struck by his empathy. He understands other people and is able to put himself in their shoes. 

Having been through feeling excluded and alone, he knows what that’s like. 

The stereotype of nerds as all numbers and formulas is something I have found false. 

Nerds are often sensitive guys with very high intellects who just haven’t gotten the amount of attention and appreciation they should have in life. 

I consider my nerd husband a hidden gem. 

The most guilty I feel is when I’m secretly happy he was underappreciated, since it meant he stayed single until I met him. 

10) Nerds exceed your expectations

My best friend growing up always used to wear this t-shirt that I found hilarious:

It showed a cowgirl riding a horse and throwing a lasso and it said “born to rope me a cowboy!”

I guess she had chiseled-jaw dreams just like me. She eventually ended up with a guy who is kind of a cowboy and an artist mixed together, so not bad.

As for me, I’m a thinker and a sensitive soul. 

My early dreams of a typical manly man weren’t what I really wanted in my heart of hearts. 

Now I see that I was always headed to cross paths and fall in love with a guy like my husband: a real geek with a heart of gold. 

I was born to rope me a nerd, and I’m sure glad I did. 

So there you have it: go get yourself a nerd and enjoy a life of marital bliss! 

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