10 rare things elegant people do – that normal people don’t

Elegant people have a certain way of doing things that sets them apart. 

These are the rare actions that make elegant people truly different. 

If you want to elevate yourself into the ranks of the truly sophisticated, unique and refined individuals of this world, consider this your how-to-guide. 

Let’s dive in!

1) Minding your manners

Being polite because society or your parents tell you to is one thing. 

Minding your manners because it’s how you voluntarily choose to carry yourself is something else entirely. 

The elegant and refined individual doesn’t just say “thank you” and “please” because they “should.”

They say this, and do and say a hundred things besides, because it’s who they are and how they choose to present themselves in the world. 

2) Watching your step

Elegant people watch where they’re going and have a classy gait. 

Your gait is the way you walk, and many of us just walk how we happen to walk. 

If we’re tired we might stoop over, if we’re angry we might walk aggressively, if we’re anxious we might walk erratically. 

Elegant people tend to have one way they walk and stick to it despite the situation. 

They have high situational awareness and look where they’re going and also walk in a refined, confident way. 

3) Speaking elegantly 

Elegant people speak with elegance

That may sound obvious, but speaking with precision, grace and descriptive words is a dying art. 

Texting, social media and modern pop culture have reduced so much of daily culture down into sound bytes and speaking in the most basic ways possible. 

“Sh*t, wow, epic, awesome.”

No thanks…

The elegant person speaks with more detail and isn’t afraid to use “big” words, either. 

If that goes over many people’s heads? So be it… 

4) Understated confidence

Elegant people don’t swagger or brag. 

But they have a certain understated confidence that gets noticed and is deeply charismatic. 

They wait for people to come to them, rather than chasing after others. 

The elegant individual doesn’t seek out attention or applause: he or she expects and feels they deserve it. 

When it happens they aren’t surprised in any way. 

The elegant person knows their value and that draws people to them effortlessly. 

5) Punctuality and responsibility

Elegant people take responsibility for themselves and show up on time to the best of their ability. 

This self-accountability is noticed by everyone and is part of their charisma and magnetic charm

People know that the elegant individual isn’t trying to prove anything to anybody:

But they also know the elegant individual has a high set of standards which includes keeping his or her word and showing up on time. 

6) Loving beauty and grace 

In a world that increasingly watches endless TikTok reels and falls for the latest glitz and glamor, elegant people love true beauty and grace. 

They read poetry by Keats and have art from ancient Greece. 

They appreciate subtlety, and not everything needs to be right in your face. 

They like to read literature and take their time enjoying a finely made cocktail instead of sipping whatever cut-rate beer happens to be around. 

They also are attracted to romantic partners who are a bit subtler and deeper, not just those with the outer looks and charm. 

7) Generosity and kindness 

Elegant folks are generous and kind even when they don’t need to be. 

They act from a firm foundation of self-confidence and well-being, which means they can afford a little more largesse. 

Whether or not they’re materially well-off, sophisticated folks are never stingy and always do what they can. 

They look after themselves first and that allows them to also look after others. 

It’s a reciprocal cycle of making the world a little bit of a more pleasant and classy place! 

Elegant people know how to tell the truth in a way that doesn’t ruffle too many feathers but still gets the point across. 

8) Tasteful honesty 

Elegant people tell the truth, but they know how to be tasteful about it. 

The elegant woman isn’t just going to screech out to her boyfriend that he’s becoming a “fata**!”

She’ll find a nice way to jokingly (but firmly) encourage him to eat a little healthier and hit the gym. 

The same goes for almost every situation. 

Elegant people find a way to tell the truth but not be gauche or tasteless about it. 

Needless to say, people really appreciate that and also tend to respond with much more agreeable reactions and responses.

9) Active listening 

Active listening is all about hearing the needs and desires behind what’s being said. 

Elegant people speak clearly, but they also listen deeply. 

People feel more heard around them and more respected, because they can tell the elegant individual is actually hearing what they’re saying and cares. 

Sophisticated people don’t listen because they have to do so or because it’s expected. 

They do so because they’d want the same courtesy extended toward themselves and they also know that the more you listen to others the more they will listen to you.

10) Paying attention to detail 

They say the devil is in the details, but so is the genius!

So many amazing works of art from music to films are made great by their details, as is architecture, cuisine and style. 

Elegant people care about detail and they truly appreciate it. 

In their work and in their personal life they make a point of going the extra mile and factoring in small details that others overlook. 

Elegance personified

Elegance is a state of mind. 

It’s how you see yourself and your place in this world. 

Normal people tend to follow the crowd and let the outside situation pressure them into more or less behaving how everyone else seems to be behaving. 

That can be a positive or a negative, depending on how the majority is behaving!

The distinguishing feature of an elegant person is that they consciously choose how they will carry and present themselves quite apart from the crowd. 

They dress in a unique way, speak in a refined manner, have specific and artistic tastes and remain composed even when the situation is stressful. 

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