12 rare things classy people do – that normal people don’t

Class isn’t something that you can buy or inherit.

It’s something that you cultivate in yourself, and express in word and in deed.

That is to say, if you want to be classy, you must act like it.

And you can start by doing these 12 things that classy people do that normal people usually don’t.

1) They invest in themselves

All classy people—without exception— love themselves. Period.

They are in touch with their wants and needs, and make sure they’re giving themselves everything they need to grow and flourish as a person.

So they keep themselves fit and healthy, learn skills that will help them succeed, and yes, take breaks for the sake of their mental health.

They know they deserve a good life, so they do whatever it takes to get the life they deserve.

2) They take things slowly

Haste makes waste, and this fact is not lost on classy people. That’s why they don’t rush through things or cut corners for the sake of speed.

Doing things properly might take more time, but they know it’s the wiser way of doing things. Better for them to take things slow ensuring everything is done well, than to come up with something obviously rushed.

It also helps that they’ve built habits that allow them to take things slow…like waking up early and having self-discipline to follow their to-do list.

And because they’re not always rushing, they have a relaxed air about them, and this is one of the reasons why they’re so classy.

3) They get genuinely curious about everything

A lot of people imagine class as being all snobby and haughty—it’s how we all like to imagine the upper class to act, after all.

But true class is in being open-minded, in being naturally curious about the world and always wanting to learn more.

So rather than just listen to classical music, for example, they’ll also explore rap and EDM. They’re thirsty for knowledge and they’re always ready for new adventures.

And beyond just the media they consume, they also go out of their way to get to know people from all walks of life. They know everyone has their own little universe to share, and classy people want to know it all.

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4) They make sure their choices reflect who they are

From the way they dress to the people they hang out with, classy people stay true to themselves and make sure that their decisions align with who they are, rather than contradict it.

And no, this doesn’t mean they’re snobs who only hang out with other “classy” people and only choose “classy” things. The genuinely classy ones are not judgmental or elitists.

Rather, it’s that if they truly love pink, they’d wear it even if people think it’s too “girly”. And if they are fighting for animal rights, they’d say no to foie gras even if they’re in a really fancy restaurant and it’s given for free.

5) They exercise restraint

Restraint is perhaps one of the biggest things that set apart classy people from everyone else around them.

It takes restraint to stay calm and patient when you’re surrounded by know-it-alls, assh*loes, and attention-seeking people.

It also takes restraint to remain cordial and polite when confronting someone who has wronged you gravely.

Lesser people would just snap and either sulk or tell people off. The classy person instead just shrugs them off and keeps staying classy.

It takes a lot to provoke a truly classy person because they possess self-discipline and deep inner strength.

6) They disengage from petty arguments

Classy people know better than to waste their time and energy on pettiness.

They value their peace of mind, and for that reason, they won’t let pointless drama ruin their day and distract them from what’s truly important in life.

And partly because of this, they’re aware when people are trying to manipulate them or bait them into drama, and thus avoid those people.

Again, they have better things to do—like achieve their grand goals and learn about the world.

Why waste their day trying to argue over something that probably won’t even matter in three days?

They’d rather just sit back and relax with a lovely book in one hand and a cocktail in the other.

7) They don’t force themselves on others

Classy people know their worth, and they’re not going to tarnish their dignity just to make sure other people recognize them.

If they’re an artist, they’re not going to sell their works for free just so people will buy them… or worse, make free art for “publicity.” They will price their paintings for what they’re worth!

If they want to get married and their partner doesn’t, then they’ll break up rather than keep clinging, hoping their partner will change their mind.

They know their worth and they know what they want. If other people recognize that, then good—if not, then they’ll just let them be and move on.

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8) They don’t take advantage of the limelight

Classy people understand that just because they can, doesn’t mean they should.

They’re not going to overshare or run their mouths just because they have the floor and know people are listening to them.

In fact, most classy people listen more than they talk. And because of that, they’re quite good at reading the room and knowing what effects their words might have.

And because of that, they know better than to brag or share things that are meant to be kept private and can tell when the audience might start getting uncomfortable.

9) They are extra careful of how they affect others

Self-love might be foundational to being a classy person, but it’s not enough all by itself. It’s quite harmful all by itself, in fact.

Classy people are who they are because while they love themselves, they’re also incredibly aware of how their actions affect others.

They aren’t people-pleasers, and they don’t do things simply to gain the approval of others.

But they don’t disregard the discomfort and even harm their own words and actions may cause, and will do their best to make sure people are comfortable around them.

They’re not the kind to cut lines, wear obnoxiously loud perfume, or wear dirty clothes. And because of this, they’re well-liked by the people around them.

10) They can acknowledge that they’re wrong

One of the hardest things you can ever ask people to do is to accept the possibility that they might be wrong.

In fact, there are plenty of people who would rather die, go bankrupt, or ruin their relationships than to admit that they were ever wrong.

And some might admit that they’re wrong, but you can tell from the look on their faces that they’re embarrassed about it.

Classy people, on the other hand, are graceful. They’re more than happy to listen to people correct them and even thank them for the correction.

11) They treat others with respect all the time

Inevitably, there are times when we must speak up and correct others.

Most people would, unfortunately, default to simply lashing out and become aggressive, condescending, or even mocking. Those people offer “corrections” for little reason other than to vent their anger and frustration.

But classy people can manage to set their emotions aside. They don’t speak carelessly, and neither do they berate.

When they offer corrections, it is with the sincere goal of reaching out and helping people do better next time—to teach, rather than to insult and hurt.

And while some people might still end up hurt anyways, it’s not for lack of trying.

12) They always remind themselves to stay classy

Being classy is a habit.

And it’s very easy to get a bit carried away and forget the very same habits and perspective on life that make one classy. 

Classy people keep this in mind, and so they constantly assess the way they think and how they interact with people.

When they arrive home after a long day at work, they’ll ask themselves “Was I being respectful during our conversation?” and “Did I spend my time wisely?”

Too many among us fail to do this and so we either stop being classy after a few weeks, or we simply fail to become classy at all.

Last words

It might seem easy enough to be classy, but if you really think about it… it’s not. 

That’s because true classiness comes hand in hand with self-love, confidence, and self-discipline. The reason why few people are truly classy is because these things take time to cultivate.

If you really want to be a person with class, you can start by slowly incorporating the things in this list to your daily habits—and let them stick!

Then add one more, and another one, and another one…until you become the genuinely classy person you want to be.


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