7 quirky traits that make you instantly desirable

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We all want to be wanted…

But how?

Here they are: the top seven quirky traits that make you instantly desirable.

1) Wit

Wit is sexy.

When you make puns, plays on words and display a sense of witty humor, you turn people on.

This goes for both men and women.

Let’s just say you’re not only tickling his funny bone, ladies.

One caveat:

Trying to be funny is obviously annoying, unattractive and off-putting.

Being funny just because you want to, however, is a different story.

This is being funny for the sake of enjoyment and laughter, not to impress others, score points, be popular or get in the good graces of a date.

Some people seem funnier than others, for sure, but I believe everyone has the capacity to be at least a little bit funny and witty.

And if you can find ways to hone your wit, you’ll notice that you’re a lot more desirable to those around you.

2) Sarcasm

When employed in just the right way, sarcasm can be extremely sexy.

It represents a kind of challenge, and also a wry look at the world that can lead to a lot of bonding if you’re someone who also shares a somewhat wry view of things.

Look at an actress like Aubrey Plaza, famous for her awkwardness and biting sarcasm.

Sexy. Definitely.

And not because of looks (not that those are bad).

It’s because of her persona, or at least the types she plays in many of her roles.

She’s mainly famous from her role on the Office, but Plaza displayed a similar character in her recent outstanding film Emily the Criminal and this is the kind of sarcasm I’m talking about.

Mature, with a hard sarcastic shell but a heart of gold underneath…

3) Geekiness

There’s a reason so many men have a fantasy involving a sexy librarian:

She’s smart and attractive!

Being a geek used to be associated with bullying and being unpopular, but the truth is geeky guys and women are the secret object of desire for many people.

Geekiness is very desirable, and when it includes a bewitching pair of glasses and a really smart-looking outfit, it’s even better.

On the flipside, guys who are a bit geeky are also very attractive to potential mates.

Not only do they look the part and tend to wax philosophical and scientific when you get them talking…

They just have beautiful minds.

And if they have beautiful bodies, too? All the better for the ladies in waiting…

But don’t forget that the chief draw of geekiness is the braininess not the looks.

(Although looks certainly don’t hurt).

4) Giggles

Giggling and small reactions of laughter are very entrancing to guys.

When a girl giggles a bit and then suppresses her laugh, or blushes and then looks away after a joke, it’s romantic kryptonite.

You’re falling in love right there and then, to be honest.

On the flipside, guys who know how to have a good laugh and find a woman funny are also very attractive to her.

She can see that he appreciates her and is laughing at the kind of jokes and observations she’s making.


5) Triviality

Knowing a lot of random facts is actually one of the top quirky traits that make you instantly desirable.

The key is not to overdo it here.

Nobody wants a tour of the battle of Waterloo and important dates from the French Revolution over a coffee date.

But knowing fun facts can be very desirable.

The key is to pepper them into interactions in context.

For example, if you’re having a coffee with a date maybe you mention something about the early origins of coffee or how it had such a big influence on history.




Knowledge is fun, and it can also be hot.

6) Hobby passion

Another of the crucial quirky traits that make you instantly desirable is having passion for a hobby.

Whether that’s horse riding, cooking, volleyball or astronomy, having a hobby is a big turn on to potential mates.

For one thing, it shows that you have your own mind and priorities and are not just boring.

For another thing, it gives the other person a chance to also share their passions and hobbies with you.

This kind of mutual exchange can often be the start of a real romance, or at least the spark that lights the flame.

Hobbies don’t have to be big and dramatic, it may just be stamp collecting or a love of gardening.

Whatever it is, when somebody shares their obsessive love of a certain hobby it’s definitely very attractive.

7) Bad boy-ism and being a femme fatale

There’s a lot of talk out there about how bad boys attract women and we all know the kind of pull a femme fatale can have on a man.

The reason this belongs as a quirky trait is that not all is what it appears on the surface.

Most bad boys still have a heart underneath, and the exterior is more like a shell that they use to protect their heart.

This complexity attracts women and leads to some of the unique and unexpected pairings we see in the world around us.

The bad boy who’s actually a nice guy is a powerful combination.

On the other side, a femme fatale is usually also guarding her heart.

She represents a challenge for a high-quality guy to attain, and her quirky standoffishness is actually attractive to him.

The inherent danger of those who have gone before and failed only makes the chase and potential conquest all the more thrilling.

There’s just something about them…

The above quirky traits are often overlooked in the world of dating, but they’re key.

Many traits typically associated with being sexy and desirable are a bit different in reality.

Remember that it’s better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you’re not.

But at the same time, it can’t hurt to hone and develop a few more of these quirky traits that get potential partners turned on.

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