12 quirky habits that make you relatable

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Let’s face it: We all have quirks here and there.

These weird and wonderful habits might seem like reasons to fret, but they’re actually the special ingredients that make us special, fascinating, and yes — relatable.

So, don’t feel bad if you think you’re a little odd. You’re not alone.

Here are some of the quirky habits that are more common than you think. Find out how they make you more appealing to many people.

1) Laughing at yourself

Do you find yourself having a laugh when you trip on a sidewalk? Are you the type to laugh at your own jokes, even when no one else finds them funny?

If yes, then you should keep this habit of poking fun at your mishaps. You’ll be happier and healthier for it.

Many studies have shown that your ability to not take yourself seriously boosts your physical and psychological health.

Plus, it shows your vulnerability, which helps you connect better with others.

So, hold on to this weird habit, take it all in stride, and just keep going.

2) Talking to yourself

Do you get those weird looks from people every time you talk to yourself while trying to remember or figure something out?

Here’s the deal: Talking to yourself is not an irrational thing to do. It’s very normal and more common than you might realize.

It may also be a sign of higher thinking. Research has shown that self-talk can help memory recall, confidence, and focus.

Other benefits of talking to yourself include building problem-solving skills, stress regulation, and mindfulness. 

3) Adventurous eating

I’ve always been amused by people who aren’t afraid to take that next gastronomic adventure. You know, those who are always willing to try exotic foods?

Well, science suggests that it’s not just what you eat, but also how you eat

And if you’re an adventurous eater, then you most likely have that one-of-a-kind approach to life. 

You’re brave enough to take risks and get out of your comfort zone, that’s why many people admire you. 

4) Being forgetful

Ever opened the fridge only to forget what you were looking for in the first place? 

Thought you misplaced your eyeglasses only to realize you’ve been wearing them on your head all along?

I’ve been guilty of all these. And I know I’m not the only one. 

The thing is, there are lots of things that can cause our memory to lag. One study showed that even something as simple as opening a door can cause a memory lapse.

So, don’t be too hard on yourself. Many of us make the same mistake. 

5) Making silly facial expressions, voices, and accents

And it’s not just when you talk to children or pets.

It can happen when you’re reading a book out loud or you’re playing fictional conversations in your head.

Whether it’s a cartoonish voice, a slower speech, or a higher pitch, the way we talk can be a little silly. 

But it’s a good way to get someone’s attention and add fun and creativity to your story.

6) Using puns or wordplay

Did you hear the joke about the little mountain?

It’s hill-arious!

Ah, puns. Creativity at its finest.

For some people, these quirky wordplays have permeated into their everyday conversations.

More often than not, these jokes and one-liners are silly or corny enough to tickle the funny bone of people of all ages.

And if you don’t find them amusing, you can at least appreciate the intelligence and wit that goes into making them. 

7) Being messy 

Finding it difficult to be organized and meticulously clean?

Here’s the kicker: You shouldn’t worry too much if you’re a messy person.

Don’t get me wrong, keeping your spaces orderly comes with a lot of benefits. But there’s also value to the mess and chaos.

For one, you can find inspiration in the mess. It allows you to be creative and spontaneous, and have new ways of seeing the world.

So if being messy is your default way to be, think about the many creative geniuses who were just like you.

It just might spark your next genius idea. 

8) Daydreaming

This is another weird habit I’m guilty of. I often find myself staring dramatically into space and just letting my mind wander freely. 

And that’s not such a bad thing. Many studies have shown that there’s more to daydreaming than meets the eye. 

Giving your brain a break will not only help you reduce stress and anxiety but also improves your creativity, productivity, and motivation.

That’s why many people daydream. They’re allowing their brain to recharge while also working on a problem in the back of their mind.

9) Having a collection of ‘unusual’ things

From coins, postcards, and vintage cars to Pokémon memorabilia, confetti, gnomes and pixies, sugar packets, traffic cones, and more.

You name it, and somebody has probably collected it. 

There are many reasons why people love to collect seemingly bizarre things.

At the end of the day, it all boils down to building a sense of individuality and community.

The things that we choose to collect can be an extension of ourselves. Sharing these peculiar collections also helps us connect with others.

10) Craving comfort food

There’s nothing quite like indulging your comfort food cravings after a long and tiring day at home or at work.

Whether it’s chocolate chip cookies (high up on my list), french fries, ice cream, mac and cheese, apple pie, pizza, and so much more, there are many reasons why we gravitate toward comfort food.

They evoke special memories of our childhood, making us feel a little bit better after a stressful situation.

For many people, it’s soothing to be able to share stories of how a particular dish can give them the solace they long for. 

11) Being a bookworm

Some people might think that spending hours mulling over an old paperback edition of a favorite novel is a waste of time.

But for many bookworms, reading is one of the things that makes life worthwhile.

And the best part? Finding other bookworms who share your love of one specific genre or author.

How thrilling it is to have someone to share the agony of waiting for the release of the next book in a series. 

12) Being unapologetically you

We’re all a little weird. The question is, do you have it in you to embrace your quirky sides?

Don’t hide your quirky habits. Enjoy the freedom of allowing yourself to be who you are — oddities and all.

Chances are, you’ll meet like-minded, intriguing people along the way who’ll join you in celebrating your uniqueness.  

Pearl Nash

Pearl Nash has years of experience writing relationship articles for single females looking for love. After being single for years with no hope of meeting Mr. Right, she finally managed to get married to the love of her life. Now that she’s settled down and happier than she’s ever been in her life, she's passionate about sharing all the wisdom she's learned over the journey. Pearl is also an accredited astrologer and publishes Hack Spirit's daily horoscope.

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