10 surprising quirky girl traits men are attracted to

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Zoeey Deschanel, Faye Wong, Vanessa Paradis…

These are the MPDG types that men easily fall for. They’re a little weird, a little crazy, and 100% quirky.

But what quirky traits do men find exactly cute?

Because — let’s face it — when you say “quirky” not all traits that come to mind are good. Some are outright annoying!

I asked my friends and checked this very long Reddit thread to find out what quirky girl traits men find adorable.

You’ll be surprised that most of them are pretty basic!

1) When they can’t hide their enthusiasm

If someone’s really, really full of enthusiasm about something, whether that something is as grand as planning a month-long trip to Antarctica or as simple as perfecting a recipe, they become both sexy and cute in an instant.

And this combination of sexy and cute is what quirky girls exude almost all the time.

Even if that person doesn’t really look the cutest — let’s say they look pretty plain — so long as they’re full of excitement and their eyes light up when they are excited about something, we want to be with them! They also become much prettier in our eyes.

One Redditor shared what she finds cute about his wife.

“During car trips, when we get close enough to where we are going, my wife sits up and looks out the window like an eager kitten with the cutest most intense interest in everything going by at 60mph.”


Many guys (and possibly girls) seem to agree because it got 6k likes!


If you’re excited about something, go ahead and express it even if you think no one can relate. Don’t be afraid of being shunned or be too intimidated if the people listening don’t seem to understand everything you’re saying.

Sometimes it’s not so much what you’re talking about that draws people in, but the sheer enthusiasm in your voice and manner.

2) When they get clingy…literally!

So apparently, guys melt when girls cling to their arms. It’s as if their lives depend on this one body part to shield them from this cruel world.

Here are some arm-clinging examples some men gave on the thread:

“When they grab you around your upper arm and press their cheek against your shoulder while just holding you. We could be walking side by side or sitting down and I will find this so endearing.”

“When you’re both lying in bed, she “steals” your arm away and cuddles to sleep with it. Gives you a proper nice feeling.”

These comments received more than 5k likes each which means yep, it’s legit and therefore has to be on this list.

It’s actually surprising how this is considered cute when it’s something so simple and common.

So girls, don’t be too worried your boyfriend would find you annoying if you hold their arms. Many of them find it adorable even if they won’t tell you.

3) When they do stuff to/with their hair

There are too many men out there who like looking at girls managing their long locks!

There were tons of comments about hair tying, hair flipping, hair tucking, and hair shaking. It’s probably because having long hair is one of the things that are conventionally cute and feminine.

One redditor commented,

“I like when they are thinking at work and put their hair over their top lip like a moustache”

And another one said,

“Girls tying their hair back when they’re about to do something. I think this is the female equivalent of a man rolling up the long sleeves on his shirt.”

It has a whopping 15k likes. Nuff said!

4) When they’re being catty

Nope, not when they’re making spiteful remarks or when they’re throwing a fit.

Who finds that cute eh?!

It’s when they try to act like a cat. I know, I know. But this list emphasized on “quirky” and what can be quirkier than acting like a cat.

Here are a couple of cat-like acts posted on the thread.

“When a girl stretches and yawns in the morning like a cat.”

“When they sneeze with a really high pitch, like a little cat.”

Meow if you agree!

Actually, on that point. There’s a reason why “catgirls” are so famous on the internet.

People -both men and women- just can’t seem to resist them. People buy headphones with cat ears because it makes them feel (and look) cute!

And it really puts them in the mood to play around like cats.

Here’s a tip:

If you’re a girl and you’re feeling less sexy, just imagine you’re a cat. Cats do their own thang!

They don’t care that they’re licking their private parts in public. They do it with so much grace and confidence that it becomes super-duper endearing. And then when they’re done you just want to pat them on the head.

Of course, I’m not saying you should do the exact same thing.

Just be confident in whatever you do…and maybe wink and say meow!

5) When they dance or bounce or skip when they’re happy

Three Redditors shared, and thousands agree, that girls who are expressive when they’re happy are the cutest.

“That little dance they do when they show off a dress with pockets.”

“When my girlfriend takes a bite of food and does a little dance to show how delicious it is, I lose my mind. Adorable!”

“Skipping when they are happy.”

This doesn’t come as a surprise and this isn’t limited to girls.

We like to look at happy people, period. It’s especially heart-warming when they really can’t hide their joy, especially in the little things.

If you’re a girl, of course, don’t try to do this just to be cute and quirky so men will like you. People can tell and it’s a really big turn-off.

For the love of Venus, be yourself!

The point is…

You should feel free to express happiness and appreciation for simple things. Nod your head, twirl, show that you’re surprised. It’s not only good for you. It will infect the people around you.

In this gloomy, too-serious world, it’s wonderful to see people who still radiate joy. People who are pure and unblemished by all the darkness in the world.

6) When they laugh hard or try not to laugh but fail

“I’m a girl but I’m bi, and I think it’s absolutely adorable when girls snort when they laugh.”

“When she is trying to be funny , and it goes sideways and then she bursts laughing.”

“Mild frustration from a joke. I know, oddly specific, but I swear! They try not to laugh but they can’t help it so they just have a tiny fit and it’s cute to me.”

Girls who respond well to humor and with genuine enthusiasm, even if they’re not really the best at getting the joke right away or are bad at ‘throwing’ jokes back are simply adorable.

Most of the time, it’s the enthusiasm that counts. The enthusiasm to laugh and make people laugh. Seriously, who doesn’t want to be with someone like that!

They make the world around them sunny and sweet.

It’s also too cute when they try too hard at something and fail miserably. It makes you want to hug them and say “There, there. Try again, this time good.”

7) When they try their best to hide (even if it doesn’t make sense)

I don’t know what it is about women attempting to hide that men like but yes, it’s indeed cute.

Sure, they like it when girls act like cats but maybe they like it when they act scared puppies too?

Of course, this isn’t being misogynistic. Any person who acts like a puppy is automatically cute. And that includes guys too! But ah, that’s beside the point.

Here are some of their comments:

“When a girl hides her hands in the sleeve of her jumper/hoodie, that is like the cutest thing omg!”

“I dated a girl that would cover her face when we would watch scary movies.”

What makes this trait adorable is that it shows that they’re not afraid to show their vulnerability, which is — of course — more charming and sexy. It also triggers men’s hero instinct to protect that which is precious to them.

Having a closed-off personality is alright but it would make it hard for people to penetrate your wall.

Just try, bit by bit, to express yourself. And start with not suppressing your emotions, especially when you’re scared.

8) When they make cute sounds

“Cute little sneezes, snoring, and sounds they make sometimes. Even breathing can seem cute!”

Some may roll their eyes but hey! Cute sounds are indeed cute, whether it’s coming from a girl, a guy, an animal, or…anything really. Anything that produces cute sounds is cute.

Even “normal speech” can be cute if you know how to sprinkle the spice on your words just right.

Perhaps you can add a playful little lilt to your tone, or speak with open and bright vowels instead of mumbling to yourself. It’s something you can learn, even!

But please have mercy on us and don’t pretend to sound cute just for the sake of it. It’s an instant turn-off! Sure it’s nice to be silly and playful to your SO but don’t let others hear it.

Not everyone likes to hear baby talk and pet names in public.

9) When they are lost in their own thought

“I don’t know if it’s just me, but when girls are just staring off into space.”

Nothing else matters when a girl is lost in her thoughts…imagining and dreaming. She doesn’t care one bit if the world is ending because she could be slaying dragons in her mind.

And, of course, that requires all her attention and focus!

It kinda makes you want to buy a front-row ticket to the movie she’s creating in her head.

What makes this attractive is that it’s proof that a girl is imaginative and possibly creative. It also shows that she doesn’t give a damn about how she looks to others, which is always adorable.

I also personally find it cute when someone looks up at the ceiling when they’re thinking or when you catch them staring at something as if they’re in a very deep thought.

And when their lips slightly part? Just adorbs!

10) When they speak up

Some girls are too polite and timid. While it’s admirable that you can keep your mouth shut to keep the peace, what’s even more admirable is when you speak up for what you really believe in and feel.

A girl who isn’t afraid to express her thoughts and opinions, even if it could rock the boat, is a keeper.

It doesn’t have to be about big things. It can be as simple as expressing her opinion on where you should have dinner or how your shoes look awful.

If she’s a quirky girl though, it’s almost a guarantee that she can say these things without them being too sharp. And that’s just charming.

She blurts out truths that others don’t have the guts to say and it’s refreshing to witness a free spirit.

In conclusion

If you’re a girl, I’m sure you should know by now that the key to being adorable is to be free.

Definitely don’t use this list to copy tricks on how to be quirky.

Remember: girls are the cutest when they’re not trying to be cute at all!

All the quirky traits listed above are just a way to celebrate the cuteness of the female species.

And as you can notice, most of them are adorable because these are the traits of a girl who’s not afraid to be herself, society’s ills be damned.

In the end, anything can be cute when a guy is attracted to a girl. Even if all they do is sit and watch paint dry.

So go ahead. Be the unique you, quirky or not. Just don’t be afraid to show who you are!

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