12 qualities that make you a natural born leader (even if you don’t know it yet)

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There are some individuals who are born to be leaders. 

They display qualities that set them apart and destine them for positions of responsibility and prominence. 

Are you one of them? 

1) Seizing the moment

Every leader feels it in his or her bones when it’s time to seize the moment and take action. 

The moment to step forward. 

The time when there’s no more time to wait. 

It could be a medical emergency, a business opportunity or a big life decision that involves other people as well.

This is often the exact time that 99% of people are standing waiting for somebody else to do something. 

The difference with a leader is they actually do something. 

2) Having a plan

All leaders have a plan. 

If you find that you always have a plan for what’s going to happen or what could happen, you have natural born leadership qualities. 

You also include a fallback plan and alternative ideas for how to get what you want. 

Whether it’s your personal life, your professional life or any other aspect of what you do, you have a plan for how to accomplish it. 

You also have a strong reason why. 

3) Being clear on motivation 

No matter how effective and hardworking you are as a person, without a strong reason why almost all plans fade into dust or get sidetracked. 

The natural born leader always has a strong burning motivation inside him or her. 

You may not realize it at this moment, but the truth is that if there is even one thing you really want to change or resolve in life then you already have a strong why. 

If there is even just one issue or goal that means the world to you, then you already have a convincing motivation. 

This isn’t always easy and sometimes you need to hit the reset button.

Many of us are stuck in routines and living up to social expectations that aren’t in our best interest and are holding us back. 

Our inner leader can only come out when we find out what’s really driving us and put all our energy into something new. 

The reset your life compass challenge led by life coach Jeanette Brown is an ideal way to embrace your inner leader and turn your life around.

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4) Appreciation for others 

Real leaders always appreciate others. 

If you look at any successful and important leader you’ll see that many of their speeches and actions take into account the contributions and input of other people. 

That’s because the true leader understands the immense power of human networks. 

If you find that you truly appreciate the help and input of others, it might not just be that you’re a decent person. 

It can also be a strong sign that you have inherent leadership qualities. 

5) Seeing the talents of others 

If you find that the talents of other people are obvious to you, it’s a big sign that you’re born for some kind of leadership role. 

It’s not just that you appreciate people and their contributions. 

It’s that you see their specific skills and abilities and how they could help the mission. 

Whether you’re leading a country, a family, a company or a church choir, you notice the talents of other people and where they can best fit. 

You might not realize it, but this discernment is a real leadership sign

6) Networking with winners

Noticing people’s talents and where they might fit is a remarkable skill that most leaders have. 

There are many benefits to this kind of discernment and the biggest of all is that they know who to have on their team. 

If you find that you are drawn to winners and high-power people, then make no mistake: you were born to lead in some capacity. 

Leaders like doers. They like people who are great at what they do, inspiring people, unique people. 

7) Learning as you go 

We all have a different way of learning. 

While it’s true that leaders plan ahead and always have various strategies, one of the strongest signs of a natural born leader is that you learn as you go. 

You don’t take a break and read some books and then come back. 

You don’t hit the pause button and then start over. 

You learn on the job. You learn in the relationship. You learn as you go. 

Whether or not you realize it, this willingness to evolve as you go and pick up skills and learn is extremely valuable and is a core trait of every effective leader

8) Anticipating problems 

Being negative is never a good idea, but keeping in mind what challenges and problems may arise is always a good idea. 

If you find that problems rarely hit you by surprise, then you have definite leadership qualities. 

That’s because leaders always tend to be one step ahead.

They prepare, they think, they meet up and discuss issues. 

Whether it’s increased crime in the neighborhood or how to improve collegiality at the office, a leader is on the ball and aware of problems that exist or will be coming up down the road. 

9) Problem solving

If and when those problems do show up, you’re prepared or at least willing to confront what’s facing you. 

If problem-solving has always been a skill you’ve had then there’s no doubt you have been born with natural leadership qualities

This can be a big responsibility, because when times get tough then other folks look around for somebody who knows how to resolve the situation. 

That might well be you!

10) Self-respect 

Nobody becomes a leader who doesn’t fundamentally respect themselves. 

They may become a tyrant or a horrible boss, but people without self-respect are never effective or respected leaders. 

If you find that you’ve always had a solid sense of yourself and respected yourself, it’s a good indication that you’re a natural born leader. 

That’s because all true leadership starts within yourself as self-discipline, self-love and leadership. 

11 )Learning from mistakes 

Leaders learn from mistakes

If you find that mistakes make you more curious and determined than sad and hopeless, then you have the constitution of a true leader. 

Natural born leaders learn from mistakes. 

This isn’t just a Hallmark card slogan, it’s for real. 

You really think back and look honestly at mistakes you’ve made and see what lessons can be learned. 

They aren’t always mistakes that were your fault, either, they may be mistakes like trusting somebody too easily or committing to a relationship too quickly with the wrong kind of person. 

12) Paying it forward

Every true leader is not in it for themselves. 

When you say the mission comes first they’re speaking seriously. 

That’s why you pay it forward and help other people out with their dreams as well. 

Real leaders, innovators and pioneers do not jealously guard their success and power. 

If you’re a natural born leader you’re the same way. 

You share your power and help give others a boost up the ladder. 

You want everyone to win. 

Leading the pack

Being a leader doesn’t make you better or stronger than anyone else. 

The truth is that being a leader actually places a greater burden upon you. 

The true leader is one who serves others and lessens their load. The true leaders takes the reins and assumes responsibility when nobody else wants to do so. 

The true leader is called to service and action by his or her very nature. 

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