The top 13 qualities of someone with a beautiful personality

First impressions can often be deceptive.

Just because someone comes off as attractive doesn’t mean that they’ll automatically be a nice person.

Their luscious hair and designer clothes may be used to lure the next person they’re going to take emotional advantage of.

So can you avoid getting entangled with these kinds of people?

Their true colors shine through not by their appearance, but by their gestures and behavior.

Even people that may not be the most eye-catching could unexpectedly become an intimate friend because of their personality.

Try to spot these traits of a beautiful and awesome personality to avoid falling for someone’s appearance.

1. They Practice Healthy Self-Love

Someone who does not treat others well may not be treating themselves well.

Their outward behavior ultimately becomes a reflection of the insecurities that they have yet to come to terms with.

Their love of themselves may be lacking, which shows their lack of love for others.

Likewise, if someone loves themselves too much, it can also be damaging to their relationships.

They grow selfish and narcissistic, disregarding the needs of others and prioritizing themselves constantly.

While putting oneself first can be a healthy practice, it can be a delicate balance.

People with a beautiful and awesome personality have accepted themselves — their flaws and past regrets — and showed themselves compassion.

It’s this compassion that they then freely share with whomever they meet.

2. They Are Modest

People boast for a number of reasons.

They may want to establish some form of dominance in the conversation or cover up insecurity that they have.

Boasting doesn’t always have to be negative — if done correctly.

There’s nothing wrong with expressing how proud you are forgetting that promotion or having traveled abroad.

What becomes a social turn-off is when someone is intentionally trying to one-up another’s person’s story with one of their own.

People with beautiful personalities feel no need to boast and exclaim all their accomplishments to the world.

They aren’t looking to impress anyone. Instead, they genuinely want to share how proud they are of their own efforts.

3. They Can Laugh At Themselves

We all make mistakes.

There’s bound to have been a time when you were halfway towards your destination when you remembered that something was left at home.

In those moments, we could feel a number of emotions — anger, frustration, disappointment.

But what if instead of punishing ourselves for it, we laugh it off?

While everything is important, nothing may actually be too serious.

There’s always a space to laugh at our mistakes, take it in our stride, learn, and move on.

There’s no need to get frustrated at things that have already happened.

We’re naturally drawn to people who don’t take themselves too seriously.

It shows a humble heart and a positive spirit, which can both be contagious.

4. They Are Kind To Others

The most explicit sign of who someone really is is how they treat waiters, janitors, or anyone that earns less than them.

When someone comes off as attractive but becomes unnecessarily rude to waiters and janitors, their behavior taints their entire physical appearance.

They instantly become less attractive without doing anything to their hair or shoes.

On the other hand, someone with a beautiful personality shows respect to everyone, regardless of their social status.

They seem more trustworthy because they’ve shown their care for people that they might not even know.

5. They Can Lend Their Ear

Listening and being listened to is one of the most important aspects of conversations and building relationships.

When someone listens to us, we feel validated in a way; our voices are heard — as opposed to when we’re speaking to someone who interrupts us with their own thoughts every few seconds, which can be emotionally and mentally draining.

People with beautiful personalities set their egos aside to be present in your conversation. They nod and lean in.

Although they may not have supercomputers for minds, they try their best to remember every detail that you share with them.

They listen and make us feel truly heard.

6. They Are Open To Trying New Things

We all have our hobbies.

We’ve grown to take comfort in their familiarity.

But what happens is that we tuck ourselves into that comfortable corner, afraid to try anything new because we might not be good at it or it’ll be a waste of our time; not to people with beautiful personalities, however.

They see life as an adventure. Uncertainty can be scary, but it can also be exciting.

They dare to try enrolling in classes that they’ve always been interested in but somewhat hesitant to join; the adrenaline fuels their excitement.

To them, life is a buffet that’s closing in a few hours; they want to try as much as they can to make their time worth it.

7. They Are Interesting And Unique

Social media has allowed more and more people to stay updated on the latest trends.

People have a natural want for belonging in a group, so they go along with these trends.

But when everyone’s following the latest thing, people begin looking like one another.

It becomes difficult to tell who exactly it was that you met at a party that one time because there were countless other people wearing the same pair of shoes.

In conforming to the trends, people lose what makes them unique.

People with beautiful personalities embrace what makes them odd.

They own their quirks. It’s in being unapologetic about who they are — standing out from the crowd — that makes people admire, respect, and remember.

8. They Leave A Positive Lasting Impression

People that have attractive physical features make good first impressions.

They already seem like someone we want to be around from the get-go.

But after a while, if their personality isn’t as magnetic as their looks, they’re much easier to be forgotten.

They might ultimately blend in with the other attractive people that we’ve met before.

But someone with a beautiful personality isn’t likely to be forgotten.

Their behaviors and gestures positively affect the people that they meet — but they aren’t too concerned with their legacies.

They try to be the best person that they can be for others whenever they can, which makes them more unforgettable.

9. They Are Thoughtful Of Others

People with beautiful personalities don’t forget about other people.

Lunchtime at the office can be much like how it was in school; we ask around to see who’s available to eat with and where everyone wants to go.

Groups will invariably form and everyone goes their separate ways for an hour.

There’s always going to be that one person that pulls out their packed lunch and eats at their desk alone.

While others might ignore them, a person with a beautiful personality might invite that person out to join the lunch.

A beautiful personality is a welcoming personality.

10. They Have A Positive Attitude Towards Life

Injuries, sudden deadlines, increases in rent, loss of money.

There are going to be moments in our lives that we won’t anticipate.

It’s easy to get angry at the world for these inconveniences.

But someone with a beautiful personality is more understanding.

They view these not as obstacles in their path but challenges to overcome.

They’re the glass-half-full type of people, but they try to still keep their feet on the ground.

They still have to work their way through the mountains of stress that everyday life can hurl at us — they just perceive it differently.

11. They Are Patient And Forgiving

We are bound to meet people that will test our patience.

While it can be tempting to throw our keyboards at clients that still aren’t understanding projects after the 5th clarifying email, there are some that can hold themselves back.

They’re patient and understand that allowing themselves to be overcome with emotion might not be the best course of action.

These people aren’t an enlightened few.

They still feel those feelings — they just act despite them. Instead, they empathize with others to try to work something out together.

Then, when things are cleared up, they don’t hold any grudges. They forgive and forget.

12. They’re Happy By Themselves

Being alone with your thoughts can be a daunting experience if you haven’t tried it.

There’s also the stigma of enjoying restaurants and watching movies by yourself.

People might feel embarrassed being alone for fear that others might call them lonely.

But to those with a beautiful personality, it isn’t loneliness — it’s solitude.

They’re able to enjoy their own company because they’ve learned to accept themselves.

They’re perfectly capable of enjoying time alone or with others.

13. They Recognize Their Limitations

Someone with a beautiful personality doesn’t try to be someone they aren’t.

They don’t try to blend in or be something just because someone close to them might’ve told them so.

People with beautiful personalities have learned to accept their flaws and shortcomings. If they know that they aren’t good at math, they won’t try to be a data analyst just because that’s where the money is.

These people can be difficult to come by.

It isn’t always obvious if someone has one or not.

Beauty is also entirely subjective; what you find attractive may be a turn off for others.

What’s important is that when you do meet someone with a beautiful personality, you stick by them.

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