15 psychological signs someone likes you at work 

Workplace romances have their own set of challenges, but they can also be one of the most rewarding relationships you could have.

However, it’s tough to know for sure if your co-worker sees you as more than a colleague.

Here are 15 psychological signs that someone at your office wants to deepen their connection and relationship with you.

Let’s dive in.

1) They find reasons to talk to you

When looking at psychological signs, this is probably the most obvious one!

When your co-worker wants to be more than friends, they’ll always find reasons to talk to you.

It will start with workplace matters and them coming to you with questions on how to accomplish certain tasks. Even after you’ve explained everything, the person might try to keep the conversation going and steer it to personal matters.

Now, in some cases, the person might just be friendly and want to get to know you better.

However, if you find that they only go treat you in this manner and are not getting to know all your other coworkers on the same level, then there’s a good chance they want to be more than friends.

2) They talk about being single a lot

Another common psychological sign that someone at work likes you, is that they will drop hints about their single status.

When they’re chatting to you, the person will mention quite a few times that they are single and looking for a relationship.

This is a major hint they’re interested in you romantically and are saying they wish you would be that person for them.

Sometimes it’s difficult for a co-worker to come right out and tell you how they feel since workplace romances are shunned by companies, and it could jeopardize their position in the organization.

So it’s important to pick up on the hints they’re throwing, especially if you are interested in them being a potential partner to you as well.

3) They always catch your eye and smile at you

If someone at work likes you, they’ll often catch your eye at meetings or in the break room. It’s almost as if they’re sharing an inside joke with you.

You’ll also generally find them smiling when they do look at you, like a kid caught with their favorite treat.

This will happen frequently and in many different settings. In most cases, others will also begin noticing this person looking at you.

It’s not easy for many people to look directly in the eyes of those they’re chatting to, so if this person is constantly catching your eye, then they definitely feel something for you and is another psychological sign that someone at work lilies you.

4) Bringing you food or coffee

Buying coffee or treats for co-workers is not uncommon, especially if they’re a dear friend; however, if someone is always buying food, coffee, or other goodies for you, then they might see you as more than a friend.

There will be certain subtleties in the way they do things for you. For example, they might go out of their way to cook or bake something for you because you mentioned liking it.

They will also remember the specifics of what you like and how you take your coffee. In some instances, the person might even start eating and drinking items you like so that you have things in common.

People show their feelings in different ways, but it’s common knowledge that food is the gateway to the heart. So, if a co-worker keeps bringing or buying you treats you might want to take a deeper look at the relationship.

5) Contacts you outside of work

A common psycholocial sign that someone at work likes you is that they try to contact you outside of work hours. They will also try to chat to you about things that are not necessarily work-related. 

Most co-workers become friends and chat to each other about personal matters, but in this case, you’ll find them wanting to have long conversations and sharing some intimate secrets with you. 

The person will also message you frequently and share with you things they’re seeing or experiencing in real-time. 

Often the conversation will involve them bringing up partners or relationships, and they’ll often express their surprise that someone like you is single. If you’re in a relationship, they might talk about how they would treat you in certain situations if they were your partner.

6) Wanting to sit with you during lunch

When someone likes you, they will take every opportunity they can to be around you. This often actualizes as them sitting with you every lunch break. 

They will take their breaks at the same time you do, even if it’s inconvenient for them. Even if you have lunch with a group of people, you’ll find that this person pays more attention to you and tries to engage you in conversation whenever possible. 

They will also sit as close to you as they can and may even swap seats with others to be nearer to you. 

Again with this sign, others will often notice the person’s behavior and even comment on it. When they do, you’ll find that the person doesn’t admit that they don’t have feelings for you or may just smile when statements about the two of you are made. 

7) They are always eager to help you

Eager beaver syndrome is another psychological sign that someone likes you at work.

This person is always there for you whether you’re dealing with a difficult personal or workplace conundrum. 

They listen to you talk about your issues even if you talk about the same matter for hours, and they’re always eager to help you solve them. 

When someone likes you, they become very protective of you and want to see you happy. Because of this, they will go over and above to ensure you reach a resolution. 

You’ll often call them your “therapist” since you know they are someone you can go to with whatever troubles you’re facing. 

The relationship they share with you is also something they don’t share with others, and you’ll often notice that they’re not as eager to help others with problems.

8) Side with you during office spats

Everyone gets into office spats now and then, with each person always feeling that they’re correct in the situation. 

This often divides the office, and people take sides depending on who they agree with. 

Another huge psychological sign that someone likes you at work is the fact that they will always take your side during an office spat, no matter who the fight is between. 

You’ll find them front and center defending you and also sitting down with you afterward to let you express your feelings

They’ll sympathize with you and try to make you feel better in many ways. You can tell that they care about you, and you have their unyielding loyalty.

9) They give you sweet nicknames

Another big psychological sign someone likes you at work is them giving your an enduring petname.

It’s their way of making a personal connection with you and showing you they see you as more than a co-worker

Often they’ll only reserve these nicknames for you and may even mention them to others or call you the name on social media sites. 

Some of the nicknames may just be descriptive words, such as “beautiful,” and you’ll often find the names progressing in a more romantic nature. 

People that work with the two of you may even think that you’ll are dating based on the names this person calls you. 

So, if you’re at this stage with someone at work, maybe it’s time to bite the bullet and ask them if they have feelings for you! 

10) They remember special days and things you say

Someone who likes you will remember special days like your birthday and may even plan events to ensure it’s memorable. 

They also pay close attention to what you say and might remind you of something you mentioned a while ago. 

In most cases, the person will even recall special events of your family members and close friends. It’s their way of showing you they would like to have a bigger role in your life. 

It’s especially noticeable if they only seem to be paying attention to you and not to others in the office.

11) They like all your posts on social media and tag you in things

A co-worker that likes you will do everything they can to get your attention, including flooding your social media feeds with likes, comments, and tags. 

They do this because they want you to know they’re thinking of you all the time and also to show others the role they have in your life. 

Often they will tag you in posts while you’re at work, so they can see your reaction when you open them. People who like you love having inside jokes with you and will also find multiple ways to start a conversation with you. 

You may notice that some or most of the posts may be hints about them wanting to be in a relationship with you or have a very romantic nature. 

The posts will also have lots of compliments about your beauty, intellect, or other qualities the person finds attractive about you. 

In such situations, it’s necessary to read between the lines, especially if they’re not blowing up anyone else’s social media notifications. 

12) You can tell by their body language

The most common psychological signs someone likes you at work is the way their body reacts to you.

While many are tight-lipped when it comes to their feelings, their body language often gives it away. 

If a co-worker likes you, they’ll stand very close to you when talking or even at office events and meetings. In some instances, they may even brush up against you because they’re so close. 

You’ll also notice that they can and will keep eye contact with you for long periods. 

Other body language signs include them standing up taller when you’re around and parted lips when you’re having a conversation or when they’re looking at you. 

The energy will be extremely intense when they’re around you, and you’ll feel it in your gut that this person definitely sees something more than a colleague when they look at you.

13) Your co-workers tell you this person likes you

It usually happens that others can see things about us and our lives that we can’t see. It’s the same when it comes to workplace romances or crushes. 

Our co-workers will pick up on the signs that someone like us before we do. 

You’ll get people saying you and that person look cute together and mentioning the way they treat you vs. the way they are with everyone else at the office. 

Co-workers may also mention that this person talks about you all the time when you’re not around. 

If more than a few people have already said to you that they think this person likes you, believe them. 

14) Their friends give them knowing looks or nudges when you enter

Another obvious sign that someone at work likes you is how their friends act when you’re around. 

If the person’s friends smile, smirk, wink, nudge, or playfully jab this person every time you enter their vicinity, then it’s highly likely they know this person likes you. 

If you suspect someone at work likes you, try to take your focus off of them and watch their friends’ behavior. Chances are, the people close to them will give it away before they do. 

15) They tell you that you would make a good partner

In addition to them talking about how single they are, you’ll find them frequently talking about you and what a good partner you would make. 

When they’re discussing their ideal partner with you, they might mention qualities you have and even describe a physical appearance that matches yours. 

You might also notice them glancing at you a lot when talking about what they want in a romantic partner. 

At first, it may seem like a compliment, but if it goes on for a while, they’re throwing hooks your way and hoping you take the bait. 

The person will also be able to give you specific reasons why you’d be a perfect partner. You can tell they’ve been paying special attention to you. 


If someone at your place of work has exhibited one or more of the signs, then it’s clear they’re secretly hoping to move out of the colleague zone.

Workplace romances can be more challenging than other types of relationships, but if two people really like each other, they’ll make it work.

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