20 psychological signs someone is thinking of you 

As we form deeper connections with others, it’s only natural to wonder whether they think of us as much as we think of them.

But how can we know for sure?

Well, the human body has a few telltale signs, and you might have experienced one or all of them at some point. Unless you plan on contacting a psychic or suddenly developing telepathic abilities, here are some surefire ways to know someone is thinking of you.

1) They appear in your dreams

Most often than not, when someone is thinking of you, they will appear in your dreams. However, this doesn’t mean everyone who materializes in your nighttime adventures is thinking of you.

Generally, if a person who you haven’t thought of or contacted in a while appears in your dream, then they’re definitely thinking about you.

When we sleep, our mind is more receptive to the energies of others. All logic leaves our thoughts, and if someone is thinking of you incessantly, your brain will receive that message and transmit it to you through a dream.

So, have you dreamt of an estranged flame lately?

2) Random urge to contact someone

You’re in your living room watching a gripping series when you suddenly feel the need to call or message someone immediately.

It’s a strange feeling because there’s nothing urgent you have to say to them, nor were you thinking of them a minute ago. This is probably because they were thinking of you, and subconsciously you picked up on it.

Chances are when you do call that person; you’ll hear, “No way! I was just thinking about you.”

3) You hear their name

This might be strange for some, but many have experienced it. You hear the person’s name, almost as if someone is whispering it to you.

This happens when two individuals have developed a strong connection between them. It seems to transcend everything physically possible.

If you frequently hear someone’s name, that person is definitely thinking about you and what you mean to them. The most common occurrence of this happening is between soulmates or soul families.

4) Memories of them pop up on social media

Now, it’s quite normal for social media networks to send you a notification of what you did last year on the same date however, if you’re getting more notifications than usual and all of them include a specific person, then that person could be thinking about you.

This is especially true if the memories evoke a strong emotion and make you feel like you’re with the person again.

When two people share a thought, the energy around it is amplified and may result in physical manifestations such as memories popping up on your social feed or your gallery opening up to a specific picture.

5) Non-stop hiccups

This one is also a bit strange, but if you’ve ever had seemingly incurable hiccups, then chances are you’re on someone’s mind.

No amount of water or holding your breath gets rid of these hiccups. You may also have a feeling as if this is no ordinary diaphragm spasm.

Possibly an old wives tale, but there are many who reported having hiccups only to be later told by someone they know that that person was thinking about them.

It could also occur when someone is talking about you a lot or mentioning your name.

6) Seeing someone who looks like them

When someone is thinking about you, you could start seeing people who look like them wherever you go.

If it happens once, and you think, wow, that person looks like “insert your person’s name,” it could be chalked down to coincidence.

But if it happens more than three times, that person is definitely thinking about you.

In some instances, the people you’re around don’t even need to look similar to the person whose thinking about you. They could simply have the same color hair or identical eye shapes. You will be drawn to these features specifically and remember the person whose thinking of you.

7) Red and itchy ears

Believe it or not, your ears could be a huge indicator as to whether someone is thinking of you. Warm flushes, redness, and itchiness are all signs that someone out there has you on their mind at that moment. However, please be aware that these are also symptoms of medical issues, and you should have a doctor rule out any problems first.

Red or itchy ears have been an age-old sign that someone is thinking of you and has been proved right on many occasions. So, the next time you experience it out of the blue, just know you’ve made a lasting impression on someone.

8) Unexplained tingling or strange sensations

Tinglings in any part of your body or strange sensations such as chills and twitches are other signs that someone is thinking about you.

They generally occur out of the blue and very rarely. But if you do experience them, you can go even deeper and record your emotions or mindset when they happen.

The emotion you start feeling during or immediately after these sensations could be what the other person is feeling and thinking about you.

9) Bouts of sneezing or coughing

Sneezing and coughing are common symptoms of a cold or something people deal with during allergy season.

However, if you’ve experienced an unexplained series of coughing or sneezing that seems to come out of nowhere, then you might be the object of someone’s thought.

The mental waves they’re projecting outwards reach you and can manifest in many ways. Coughing and sneezing are one of those methods.

The next time you encounter something like this, you might want to check your phone log or messages since it’s a strong sign someone is thinking about you and has been for a while.

10) Your mind goes blank for a while

As humans, we live in a culture of constant interaction and activity. Our minds can race through 6.5 thoughts per minute on average, and in most cases, that number increases significantly.

If you’ve ever gone from a moment of overthinking to a completely blank mind, then someone out there is thinking about you.

The energy producing their thoughts is so powerful that it penetrates your mind. It’s like someone knocking on the door of your subconscious.

After you get past the weirdness of the experience, you can remain in that stillness, and your brain may pick up the name or face of the person thinking about you.

11) Choking in the middle of the night

Now, this can be scary when it happens, and you should always seek medical attention if it doesn’t stop within a few seconds, but choking in the middle of the night is a sign that someone’s thinking about you.

During the day, we’re often busy with tasks, but at night, we’re able to think about things and people that mean a lot to us. Those thoughts lead to overthinking, and the person we’re thinking about may pick up on this.

If they’re asleep, this energy jolt could wake them in the form of choking for a second or two.

So, if you’ve ever experienced this, now you know why!

12) Right eye twitches

Another physical sign that someone is thinking about you is right or left eye twitches.

It usually lasts for a little while and then stops; however, it can occur for longer periods if the person thinking about you increases their intensity.

If this happens to you and you want to know who the person is, spend a minute completely silencing your mind, and you’ll likely see the person’s face appear in your mind’s eye.

13) Overcome with emotion

We get overcome with emotion in many circumstances and for numerous reasons. Emotions are what make us humans and offer guidance into our feelings about people or situations.

If you’ve ever been overcome with emotion for no reason, then you might be picking up on someone else’s. This is one of the abilities of being an empath.

However, if there’s no one around you, then you might be feeling the emotions of someone who is thinking about you.

14) Intuitive knowing

Sometimes you just know! You have a feeling that someone is thinking about you because your mind is receptive to their energy. This happens with people who care about each other a lot and have built a deep connection.

If you ever have this feeling, perhaps it’s time to give that person a call to let them know you received their “message.”

15) Repeating numbers

Repeating numbers or angel numbers are a definite sign that someone of thinking about you, especially if that number is 222, 333, 444, 000, or any variations of these numbers.

Pay attention to what’s on your mind when you see these numbers. If a specific person comes to the forefront, then that’s the person thinking of you.

In some cases, it could be someone who has already passed on, in which case, know that their soul is still watching over you.

16) Spotting a feather

Finding a white feather is another sign that someone is trying to contact you or thinking of you.

Usually, you stumble across it in the most unexpected places, and if the person is thinking about you constantly, you’ll find the feathers more frequently.

The feathers don’t always have to be white but generally have some white in them.

17) Goosebumps

Goosebumps usually occur due to changes in weather or emotion, but if they spontaneously pop up, then it could be because someone is thinking about you.

It may not be as common as the other symptoms, partly because some people don’t always notice when it’s happening.

18) Phone malfunctions

Phones are notorious for acting up in weird and problematic ways, often at the worst times. However, if you see sporadic disruptions to your scrolling, it could result from too much energy around you.

You may find your phone dialing a certain person’s number or opening up to their Instagram page.

This is because that person thought of you and perhaps didn’t know how to start a conversation.

19) Discomfort during meals

Sitting down to a delicious meal is something most people look forward to. Disruptions are not really welcome, but sometimes we have no control over them.

If someone is thinking of you, it could manifest as discomfort during a meal. An unexplained feeling like you just can’t go on eating.

Most of the time, people will rule it as indigestion, but if the feeling goes away relatively quickly, then it could actually be something more (like someone thinking of you).

20) Reminders of them suddenly appear

Everyone in our life is connected to us through a treasure chest of memories. That little coffee shop on the corner where you first met, the song that played during your first kiss, these are unique to each person and the one they share it with.

Now, it’s only natural that you’ll come across memory and be reminded of someone once in a while. But if you consecutively receive reminders of one person, in particular, they probably have you on their mind.

In fact, your person might even be thinking about the same places or items you’re coming across. It’s beautiful how interconnected we all actually are!

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