14 psychological signs of female attraction (full list)

A woman wouldn’t always tell (or show) you that she likes you. She’ll try to hide it, but some of her actions will say otherwise.

It’s just a matter of being on the lookout for these 14 psychological signs of female attraction.

Let’s jump right into it!

1) Her voice gets pitchy

If a woman likes you, she will raise the pitch of her voice – oftentimes unconsciously.

According to experts, it’s because she wants to stand out. She believes that by sounding differently from others, she may successfully grab your attention.

Note: this is not exclusive to women, though. Men may also try to deepen their voice when talking, all in an attempt to appear more ‘attractive’ to ladies.

2) She mirrors your behavior

If she somehow acts or speaks like you, it’s a clear psychological sign that she likes you.

You see, when a female adores you, she’ll adopt (albeit unconsciously) some of your behaviors and mannerisms. It’s her attempt to feel more aligned with you – or perhaps, bond with you.

It’s all because women are highly tuned into the signals a man’s body is giving off…

They get an “overall impression” of a guy’s attractiveness and think of him as either “hot” or “not” based on these body language signals.

3) She’s breathing faster

No, she’s not short of breath. It’s just that she likes you. And, no matter how hard she tries to hide it, her mind (and body) are making her do otherwise.

Case in point: her fast breathing rhythm.

Explains Dr. Reginald Ho in a CNN report:

“The brain sends signals to the adrenal gland, which secretes hormones such as adrenaline, epinephrine, and norepinephrine. They flow through the blood and cause the heart to beat faster and stronger.”

And, when her heart beats faster (because you’re around), it has a harder time pumping blood throughout the body.

This can lead to several symptoms, one of which is shortness of breath. In turn, her body will prod her to breathe faster.

See how the mind and body betray the feelings she’s been trying to hide?

4) She gets shy when you’re around

You know for a fact that she’s an outgoing person. She has no problems when it comes to talking to your other workmates/schoolmates.

But when it comes to you, she suddenly clams up.

See, she’s become self-conscious and fearful you’ll reject her. She wants to make a good impression, so she won’t risk doing anything that’ll make you think differently of her.

5) She keeps on blinking

Notice how she keeps on blinking – a lot – whenever you’re talking to her? See, it’s not because she’s got something on her eye.

She likes you, and her excessive blinking is a sign that she’s unconsciously showing it.

According to Dr. David Givens of the Center for Nonverbal Studies:

“rapid eyeblink (or ‘eyelash flutter’) means you’ve raised the blinker’s level of psychological arousal.”

In other words, she’s blinking a lot because she really likes you!

6) She fidgets constantly

Most of us do this – fidgeting when we’re anxious (excited even.) The same can be said when a woman likes you. She wants to make a good impression, and it’s deeply affecting her nerves! Her tendency: to act all fidgety when you’re around.

So if she keeps stroking her arm or fiddling with her jewelry, it’s a definite psychological sign that she likes you.

7) She’s attentive

So you told her – in passing – that you got a new dog last week. The following day, she gives you a new collarbone for your new pet.

Thoughtful, right?

Well, it’s because she likes you.

She’s listening to everything you’re saying, no matter how insignificant you might think it is. And, to top it all off, she’ll show a grand gesture (such as giving you a gift) to show you that she indeed listened to what you had to say!

8) She asks a lot of questions

Does she keep on asking a lot of questions whenever you’re around? Well, this inquisitive nature is a psychological sign of attraction.

Again, it’s her attempt to bond with you. Likewise, it may be her way to fish if you’re seeing/dating someone right now.

She knows it’s disrespectful to go after another lady’s man, after all!

9) She’ll keep the conversation going

When a female is attracted to you, she’ll make sure that the conversation goes on – and on – and on.

That’s why she keeps on asking you a lot of questions (among many other things.)

For example, once the convo dies down, she’ll make sure to introduce a new topic so you’ll keep on talking – and talking. So don’t be surprised if she keeps on texting/talking to you ‘til the wee hours of the morning!

As one article explains:

“If a girl likes you, all your good qualities will be magnified to her. Therefore, she’s more likely to laugh at your jokes.”

10) She’s always creating a clear path for you

Picture this: you’re talking somewhere and she begins to move things from the table sideways. Before you know it, the flower vase and the silverware that once took center stage are now bunched at the side.

See, it’s not because she wants the location to be clean and uncluttered. She’s clearing a figurative path because she likes you.

In her mind, this will bring her closer to you – there are no obstacles left in the way, after all! That way, she can reach out to you (and maybe even hold your hand) when the time is right.

Sneaky, eh?

11) She’ll *nudge* you to make plans

She wants to spend as much time as possible, so she’ll nudge you to make plans as often as you can.

For example, you told her a few weeks ago that you should ‘catch up soon.’ And before you even get a chance to text her, she’ll initiate the conversation by asking you how/when you’ll catch up soon.

12) She’s always ‘free’ for you

She may be the busiest bee you’ve ever known, but if she likes you, rest assured that her calendar is always free for you.

And it’s not because she hasn’t got anything to do, it’s just that she’s willing to push things around her schedule to accommodate you.

Heck, she’s even flexible enough to meet your interests and needs!

She might not like hiking per se, but if you want to do it next week, she’ll do her best to get into it!

13) She isn’t afraid to divulge some of her secrets

If a woman lets you in on some of her secrets, it’s a sign that she likes you.

See, it’s all about trust. It’s her way of showing you that she trusts you. Likewise, she hopes that by doing this, you’ll trust her just as well.

14) She’s wary of the women around you

Notice how she looks at the other women talking to you with much contempt?

Or how she treats them with a cold shoulder?

Obviously, it’s because she likes you.

Even if you’re not officially together, she wants to make it clear that she was there first. Women can be quite territorial, you know.

In other words, it’s her way of telling them to back off!

Raychel Ria Agramon

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