If someone has these 5 powerful traits, they have an alpha personality

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What does it mean to have an alpha personality?

It’s not about jawline or looks, and it’s not about social status or money.

It’s about what you do day by day and how you express yourself. 

Let’s take a look at the key traits of the alpha personality

1) Assertive

Every alpha is assertive.

Assertiveness is not about a loud voice and big gestures as some stereotypes would have it.

True assertiveness may actually be quite quiet and understated.

It relies on somebody knowing what they want and what they expect and holding people to that.

Assertiveness can manifest in many different ways and situations but it comes down to self-confidence.

The potential downside of this is becoming overly pushy, but the upside is that if an alpha uses their assertiveness for positive aims it makes them a great asset.

There are times when nobody knows what to do and confidence is waning all around, and there are times when even an alpha doesn’t know what to do.

But when the alpha taps into his or her inner confidence, it comes out as assertive and decisive.

That’s just the way they roll.

The alpha trusts their judgment and is decisive as they move through life.

This earns them respect and makes them a valuable part of any team.

2) Leadership

The next key trait of every alpha is leadership ability.

Alphas like to lead and take the reins in a situation.

Whether this is while on a family vacation or at work while discussing and planning a project, the alpha is able to take the lead.

They are also willing to own their own mistakes and take responsibility for what they do, which grows their respect.

Similarly to the last trait, the downside here is that the leadership instinct can lead to being bossy and inflexible.

The upside, however, is that confusing or chaotic situations can be taken over by a decisive and responsible alpha in ways that benefit everyone and actually come as a relief to those without leadership skills.

3) Purposeful

Next up in terms of the important traits of an alpha personality is purposefulness.

It’s all well and good to be decisive and willing to take leadership, but the question is why?

True alphas don’t just crave power for the sake of it, nor do they assert themselves and take the reins just for fun.

They have a plan, which is why people often want to follow them and get inspired by them.

Alphas have a why never just a how.

For example, while an ambitious colleague may wish to become partner at the law firm in order to get rich and bulk up his CV to get more promotions, the alpha has an actual reason beyond short-term personal interest.

For example, perhaps the alpha wants to become partner in order to actually restructure the company and line it up with a broader vision for becoming more relevant, effective and profitable.

The true alpha rarely has a shallow short-term vision and far prefers a stronger purpose that takes a longer look down the road.

4) Hearty

The word hearty isn’t used nearly enough these days.

We may talk of eating a “hearty bowl of soup,” but what about a hearty fellow or a hearty lass.

The alpha is a hearty guy or girl. The alpha has a lot of energy and a sense of wellbeing and walks into a room with gusto.

He or she has goals, values and vision, and people respond to that but also the their presence itself.

The fact of the matter is that not everybody has the same level of presence or has the same kind of vibrational impact when they walk in a room.

Alphas get noticed even when they don’t want to be.

True alphas aren’t always scowling or looking like some action star out of a blockbuster film.

They smile, shake hands and walk confidently but not in a way to show off.

They are hearty, in other words.

They look after their body and mind in order to feel good in their own skin and they bring that feel-good vibe into their daily life and interactions.

This ties into the last key trait of any truly alpha individual.

5) Anchored

Every true alpha is anchored.

Like a boat in the harbor, the alpha always has a firm base that he or she acts from.

It may differ by individual, but no matter what the alpha is not acting out of random impulse, temporary desires or fleeting emotional states.

They know that these kinds of emotions and ideas come and go and are not a solid anchor for deciding what to do.

Instead, the alpha bases their stability and outlook on reliable anchors that can stand the test of time, starting with their own self-worth.

In addition, their sense of determination and surety may come from additional anchors such as their core values, their job, their family, friends and community.

No matter how introverted or extroverted, the alpha always has a firm grounding and anchor for his or her actions.

This leads to many beneficial outcomes:

  • Courage instead of recklessness
  • Decisiveness instead of impulsiveness
  • Long-term planning instead of short-term planning 

The alpha is anchored and that is why they are so powerful.

A note about alphas

Being an alpha male or alpha female is all about what you do.

Having high self-esteem and a solid plan for your objectives in life is one thing.

But to enter alpha status it’s necessary to put those plans into action.

The alpha personality knows what’s needed and goes for it. They’d rather do what’s necessary first and ask for permission later.

In a world of followers, the alpha is a true leader.

The key to actualizing your inner alpha is all about holding confident beliefs about yourself that are backed up by action and purpose.

It’s not that you try to look or act a certain way so people think you’re impressive or great, it’s that you naturally come across that way.

It’s not just that you think you’re competent, it’s that you know it.

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