50 powerful affirmations to unlock your true potential

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Do you feel hopeless?

Like, no matter what you do, you’ll always be stuck in the same place…and that you’ll never be able to achieve your dreams?

Well, it’s time to make a change.

And I can’t think of a better way to start it right than by reciting affirmations.

In this article, I will give 50 powerful affirmations that can unlock your true potential.

50 affirmations to unlock your true potential

1. I am born to succeed.

2. I am in-charge of my life.

3. The best is yet to come.

4. The world needs my skills and talents.

5. Anything is possible.

6. I am meant for greater things.

7. I am becoming the best version of myself.

8. I deserve to have whatever it is that I long for.

9. My past doesn’t define my future.

10. I am writing my life story.

11. I am ready to live my best life.

12. My dreams are within my reach.

13. I am evolving.
14. I am making my future self proud.

15. I am my own hero.

16. I am unleashing my superpowers.

17. I deserve happiness.

18. I am following my life purpose.

19. I am getting better and better at what I do.

20. I am a person of action.

21. I have so much to give others.

22. I am unstoppable.

23. I follow the beat of my own drum.

24. I am living a rich life.

25. Everything I need is already within me.

26. The only person who can save myself is me.

27. I am not born to be mediocre.

28. I will honor the things that make me unique.

29. I am one tough cookie.

30. My future is looking bright.

31. I am taking the steps in the right direction.

32. I am making my ancestors proud.

33. The world is waiting for me to unleash my true potential.

34. I am responsible for sharing my gifts.

35. I am slowly getting out of my shell.

36. I deserve to be seen.

37. I deserve to be heard.

38. I am confident in my abilities.

39. Everyone is excited for me to reach my dreams.

40. I am becoming more like myself.

41. I am a person who’s full of courage.

42. I’m invincible.

43. I am supported and well-loved.

44. I am not alone in my journey.

45. The universe is rooting for me.

46. I can achieve anything I set my mind to.

47. I am an inspiration to others.

48. The world will roll in ecstasy at my feet.

49. Nothing can stop me from getting what I want.

50. I am starting to live a life that I can be truly proud of.

The benefits of affirmations

  • First and foremost, it’s cheap and easy to do. It takes like 10 minutes, tops, and you don’t even have to spend a single cent.
  • Second, science has proven that affirmations work. By training your subconscious to be more positive, you’re changing the way you think, and therefore changing the course of your life little by little each day.
  • Third, the benefits are long-lasting. Given that you recite your affirmations consistently and wholeheartedly, you WILL enjoy the benefits in the long term.

Reasons why many of us don’t realize our true potential

There are many reasons why we’re not able to live out our life purpose, and many of them are just beyond our control.

It’s not our fault that we’re born into a war-torn country, for example. And that there’s nothing we can do about losing our legs to an accident. Life just happens.

But a lot of the things holding us—I daresay 90% of more, even—are there because of our shortcomings. And this means that if we were to put our mind into it, we can definitely do something about them.

Of course, if you want to start fixing those shortcomings, you should deal with their root cause… which just so happens to be a lack of self-confidence for most of them.

And you’ll be surprised. Even procrastination and depression can be quite deeply tied to our sense of self-confidence.

The thing is that when we convince ourselves that we can’t do great things, we’ve more or less ensured that we can’t.

This is why reciting affirmations is such a good solution to unlocking our true potential.

They help you constantly remind yourself of your worth, as well as help you handle change and setbacks much more gracefully.

If you doubt me, there are studies that support this.

So go find a quiet place, connect with yourself, and slowly fight off the voice in your head that says you can’t achieve great things. Trust me—you still can.

Tips when reciting affirmations

1) Examine yourself well to find the right affirmations.

Before you get started, get a piece of paper or pull up your note-taking app of choice and then write down a list of what you perceive to be your flaws. This includes criticisms that others have given to you.

When you think “I’m unworthy”, ask yourself why you feel that way and write down the reasons why.

Do you think you’re ugly or lazy? Do people keep telling you about how you have a bad taste in fashion, or that you simply can’t cooperate with your colleagues?

Be acquainted with these flaws. Try to understand them. And then try to challenge and answer every single one of them. Write down everything that you can think of.

This can help guide you towards which affirmations work best for you, as well as reinforce the connection between your troubles and the affirmations.

2) Say your affirmations over and over.

Don’t expect that your affirmations will have a deep, profound effect on you immediately.

You’re trying to undo some extremely deep-seated insecurities and hurt, and the best you can do is to chip away at it little by little.

You simply can’t undo all of that in the span of a few weeks or a few months. Sometimes, such as with insecurities and traumas that have clung to us since childhood, it can take years.

So speak to yourself kindly thrice a day or more. What’s important is that you simply keep reinforcing your affirmations over and over to make it have enough effect on your subconscious.

Eventually you’ll find yourself being more at peace with yourself—and a little bolder, a bit more confident.

And it’s this slow, subtle change that affirmations help make happen.

3) Words aren’t enough.

A lot has been said already about how repeating affirmations and dispelling your insecurities go a lot to helping you build your self-worth.

But unless you reinforce your words with actions, then words will remain that—words.

If you want to truly move forward and make the most out of affirmations, then you should also pair affirmations with action.

That means sending out job applications.

That means therapy.

That means getting up early in the morning to work on your dreams instead of waiting for your dream life to just magically happen.

Affirmative action like this does a lot to lend weight behind the affirmations you keep telling yourself over and over again.

Last words

Affirmations are powerful.

While they are by no means a one-stop cure-all solution to an unhappy life (and definitely not a fast one), they are the secret ingredient to reaching your true potential.

With how deeply intertwined our problems are, don’t be surprised if, in teaching yourself to be confident about yourself and your potential, you suddenly find that you’re not as “lazy” and depressed as you used to be.

That is how affirmations truly unlock your true potential—through slow, but holistic growth for the better.

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