If someone uses these 16 phrases, they have a really positive outlook on life

The world can be a dark place, and sometimes it’s hard to know what to do about it. 

The words we say are one way to shine a point of light, no matter how small. 

Here are the key phrases that highly positive people use on a regular basis. 

1) “You got this”

This is a very encouraging thing to hear. 

Whether it’s being said by a coach, a friend or a parent, it’s the kind of phrase that a positive, can-do person says and has the ability to make us really believe. 

When somebody says this it is their vote of confidence and the equivalent of a pat on the shoulder and a “go get ‘em!” 

It makes a big difference. 

Knowing somebody believes in us is a big boost.

2) “You deserve this”

Many of us have problems with imposter syndrome and feeling like we don’t deserve our success. 

Sometimes getting what we want can leave us feeling like we’re out of place or not truly belonging in the winner’s circle. 

It takes a great individual who understands that we all deserve success and that we should never apologize for winning. 

This is also a way of feeling recognized for what we’ve accomplished and seen for the hard work we put in. 

3) “You really impress me with…”

This is another of the phrases really positive folks use to give others their support.

The more specific this is, the more powerful its effect. 

For example:

“You really impress me with your gift for languages, I can’t believe you learned Icelandic!”

Knowing that you’re seen and that life’s accomplishments aren’t invisible is one of the ways in which very positive people build others up and create mutually beneficial and affectionate connections. 

4) “Look at how far you’ve come!”

This is a very uplifting thing for somebody to say!

All too often we lose sight of how far we’ve come and it takes a special person to remind us that we’re stronger than we realize. 

When somebody says this they are encouraging people and giving them heart for what they’ve accomplished. 

Realizing how far you’ve come is a big boost and making somebody realize this is a valuable gesture of support and encouragement.

5) “You can count on me”

When you hear this from somebody, you know that they wouldn’t be saying it if they didn’t mean it. 

Knowing you have friends and allies you can rely on is a blessing indeed. 

It can be so confusing knowing who to trust or who to call up when you have a real crisis. 

By letting people know they’re around and backing them, positive people keep widening the circle of trust. 

Even if you don’t think you’ll need help, knowing you have somebody cheering in your corner comes as a big relief.

6) “One step at a time”

This is another very encouraging thing that positive people say. 

It means exactly what it sounds like: life can be a struggle with lots of setbacks, but if you focus on the next step ahead of you and have patience and determination you will make progress. 

Never forget your own value and keep putting one foot in front of the other. 

The person with a positive outlook on life reminds themselves of this and other people they come across! 

7) “Life is beautiful”

This is definitely a phrase that very positive people like to say. 

While they don’t hide or deny the ugly aspects of life, they choose to focus on the beauty. 

Even a terrible day can be made much better by absorbing the rays of the setting sun in a deck chair. 

As the poet John Keats memorably wrote:

“Beauty is truth, truth beauty,—that is all

Ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.”

8) “I’m excited about the future”

The future is the giant question mark hanging over all of us and it’s understandable that it makes us all feel more than a little anxious at times. 

But for the highly positive individual the future is something to get excited about. 

It could involve whole new chapters of life, new places to visit, deepening of friendships and relationships or even changes in career!

It could be more of the same but just very interesting and enjoyable nonetheless! 

They know it could hold all sorts of twists and turns, but they’re generally pumped to see what comes next. 

9) “Today is going to be a great day”

This is an affirmation that many people say to themselves or also to other people. 

It’s both a hope and a confirmation that they’re going to do whatever is in their power to make today great. 

It’s also a promise that whatever challenges that arise they will do their best to take care of them and keep on plowing through. 

Saying and believing this is one of the power moves of a person with a rosy outlook on life.

10) “Yesterday was just one bad day, not a bad life”

When a bad or terrible day happens, it’s important to acknowledge it. 

But this is one of those phrases that is open about having awful days but also acknowledges that all things pass. 

Yesterday may have been the worst day of your life, but no matter how much damage it did, today is still a new day. 

11) “There’s always a silver lining”

The idea of a silver lining is a powerful concept. 

Even on your darkest days there’s a point of light, even in the depths of hell there’s some promise of eventual salvation. 

There can be times when the silver lining isn’t seen until years or even decades later. But it’s usually there, even in the times that rock us to the core.

Despite the storms of life, there’s always a silver lining. 

12) “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”

Maybe you just had to declare bankruptcy or broke up with the love of your life. 

Nobody said that life would make sense or even leave you standing. 

But sooner or later when you’re pushed to the wall you’ll have to make a decision to keep going or quit for real. 

That’s when positive people use pep talks like this. 

13) “The truth will set you free”

This is actually a passage from the Bible (John 8:32) about following Christ, but it’s also something that people say when they have a very positive outlook on life. 

If you think about it, it’s a very idealistic and spiritual view of the truth as something cleansing, powerful and meaningful. 

It encourages us to be truthful with ourselves and with others in order to find out the real purpose of our lives and follow it.

14) “That’s what I love about…”

Positive people have a secret:

They focus on what they love and appreciate more than on what they hate and dislike. 

It sounds so simple, and it is. 

They have things they hate like any of us, but by talking about what they love, positive folks swing the conversation in empowering and exciting directions. 

15) “There’s beauty where you least expect it”

Positive people see beauty all around them and sometimes even where others fail to see it. 

This isn’t about denying harsh reality or suffering, they see that, too. 

But noticing beauty where others see only a boring street or an old car lot is the hallmark of a person who sees the positive angle under ordinary things. 

16) “Every mistake has an upside”

When we make mistakes and suffer setbacks we tend to focus on the suffering and disappointment, which is natural. 

But very positive people also take a look at the upside of mistakes. 

No matter how much it sometimes seems like mistakes are all bad, the positive person finds that silver lining. 

Shine on

The phrases above are hallmarks of positive, high-energy people

It can’t hurt to add a few to your own stock of things you like to say. 

Shine a light on everyone around you by saying the kinds of things that can really brighten up somebody’s day. 

The best part is you’ll feel a lot better, too… 

Always remember that the most positive phrases come from an authentic enthusiasm for life, not forced positivity or happiness…

Don’t be a glass half full kind of person

A popular saying teaches that life is all in how we look at it. 

Looking at a cup of water that’s partly full we can choose to see that as the glass being half empty, or half full

In other words, we can focus on what’s missing or on what’s still there, on the positive or the negative. 

But there’s actually a deeper way to look at the glass half full metaphor. 

As Russell Crowe’s character Jake Foley says in the 2022 film Poker Face

“Don’t be glass half empty or half full people, but those who know that the glass can always be refilled.”

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