21 phrases that make you sound more mature than you are

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None of us always say the right thing.

But if we focus on how we talk, we can earn more respect and draw people in.

Here are the top phrases that make you sound more mature than you are. 

1) “I understand” 

Whether or not you understand, this is a very mature thing to say. 

It just is. 

Whenever somebody says this to me, I feel reassured and calm. 

I feel like at the very least they respect me. And that’s a good thing!

2) “Let me think about it” 

When you want to turn something down or aren’t feeling it very much, this can be a very good option.

After all, who can fault you for wanting to think something over?

Whether it’s a telemarketer or a person asking you out, this is the conversational equivalent of a pause button. 

3) “You’re absolutely right”

This is a classy way of saying you find somebody correct

It makes you sound more mature and also serves as a great social lubricant. 

After all, who doesn’t like being told they’re right about something? 

4) “May I help you?”

Instead of saying “need help?” or “can I help?” this form of “may I help you?” is a bit more formal and classy. 

You’ll come across as more mature and sophisticated. 

Plus it’s technically grammatically correct, so that’s a plus, too. 

5) “That must be difficult” 

This is an effective way to signal empathy and that you care what somebody is saying

It shows sympathy without presuming to understand exactly what it is that somebody is going through. 

In this way, you signal that you care without assuming you truly get it. 

6) “Let me look into it”

This is the kind of thing that’s often said in customer service when an issue needs to be resolved. 

If it can’t be done right away, then you say you will look into it. 

This is a polite thing to say, as long as you actually mean it! 

7) “I’ll get back to you on this”

This is on the same level as the previous statement and is a good way to show that you’re engaged with resolving something but need some time to do so. 

As in the previous case, however, be sure that you are actually going to resolve or answer what’s being asked instead of just using this as an excuse. 

8) “I’m not sure I understand”

If you’re not understanding what’s being said, this is an excellent way to express your confusion. 

It hints that you might understand but aren’t certain, and invites the person speaking to clarify further about what they mean. 

This is a mature and subtle way to ask what somebody means. 

9) “Can you explain more of what you mean?” 

This is a mature way to express that you basically just don’t understand. 

But instead of saying you’re clueless or have no idea what’s being talked about, you ask for “more” to be explained. 

This makes you come across as mature and confident even if you’re actually just quite confused and lost. 

10) “Do you want to talk about it?”

When somebody is going through a hard time, this is a respectful and mature way to ask if they want to discuss it.

They may not want to or they may be grateful to know you’re open to talking about it more. 

Either way, this is a great phrase to have in your repertoire for when you want to emphasize your empathetic side. 

11) “Let me tell you about what helped me”

When asked to give advice or feeling the urge to encourage somebody who’s down, this is a great way to give them some inspiration. 

You’re coming across as mature by indicating that you understand what works for one doesn’t necessarily work for all. 

But you’re willing to share something personal to someone in need, and that’s what counts. 

12) “Here’s what I’m feeling…”

Saying what you are feeling in a given situation is a very refined and helpful thing to do. 

You’re taking responsibility for what you feel and being self-aware while not blaming it on anyone else.

You’re also inviting them to state what they feel while showing that you have high emotional intelligence and are willing to discuss emotions in a mature fashion. 

13) “The way I see it is…”

This is on a similar note. You’re not blaming or attacking anyone. 

You’re simply stating how you see it. 

Somebody may find the way you see it wrong or misguided in some way. But they can’t deny that you have been honest about how you see it. 

14) “I disagree with you and here’s why…”

When disagreeing with somebody, the immature and insecure person will take it personally or indirectly show that they don’t agree. 

If you want to sound more mature, you’re better off just being direct.

By also explaining why your view is different you make it clear that this isn’t about proving the other person “wrong” as it is about explaining the roots of your own beliefs or conclusions. 

15) “Let’s talk it over”

This is a way to ratchet down the pressure when things are getting tense. 

No matter how dramatic an argument is getting or how much of an impasse you have reached, this is the equivalent of saying “hold on” and starting from the beginning. 

You may be on a different page than someone, but in this way, you’re letting them know that you’re open to talking it through. 

16) “Let’s sleep on it”

This is another way of turning down the temperature a lot on a big decision or even disagreement. 

You allow whoever else is involved in the situation to take a breather, as well as yourself. 

You allow yourself time to think something over before anything drastic is done. 

17) “We just grew apart” 

What you say or don’t say about past relationships is entirely your business. 

But one thing you can be sure of is that going into too much detail with too many people about what went wrong is likely to bring you down and create a negative feedback loop. 

Using the phrase above eliminates blame and is very generic. It also makes you sound more mature and less needy about discussing whatever drama or heartbreak went on.

18) “Are the terms negotiable?” 

When negotiating in business or even discussing a quote or price that isn’t fixed, this is the ideal phrase to come across more mature than you are. 

You’re much more likely to obtain a favorable result.

That’s because phrasing it this way shows you are smart, competent and mature and that you’re not going to be easy to hoodwink into any unreasonable or overpriced agreement. 

19) “One of my colleagues/clients”

You could talk about your coworkers or pals or buddies or workmates, but using the term “colleague” or “client” for those you work with is much more mature sounding. 

No matter what field you work in, using these kinds of words makes you come across much more mature and increases the respect that people will accord to you as a result.

20) “I really appreciate your…”

Showing appreciation for somebody is a mature and classy thing to do. 

Hopefully, this is genuine appreciation for somebody, but frankly, it’s a good idea even as a nicety. 

For example, if you’re giving a speech for your business you can’t go wrong in having a long list of colleagues and partners you appreciate. 

21) “I’d like to introduce you to…” 

This is a classy way to introduce somebody. 

You come across as mature and being a well-connected individual who knows how to network. 

This is always a good thing! 

Coming across more mature 

The above phrases will help you come across more mature than you are. 

Regardless of your age, these distinguished and refined ways of speaking will boost outer perception of your level of responsibility and competence as well. 

In business and your personal life, try out these phrases for a real and noticeable change in how you’re received by those around you.

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