7 phrases only happy people use, according to psychology

A lot of people think happiness just kind of falls into our laps, like when we land a dream job or find the perfect partner. 

But in reality, happiness is a choice we make every single day to keep ourselves feeling good about life and steer clear of negativity. 

Interestingly, the words we use to express ourselves play a significant role in this. They serve as a clear indicator of our emotional state and whether we are embracing a happy mindset.

Here are seven phrases that genuinely happy people toss into their everyday chats:

1) “I am blessed”

It’s no coincidence that positive psychology hails gratitude as the cornerstone to managing negative emotions and increasing happiness. 

The first thing my psychologist asked of me when I first started seeing her was to keep a journal and to jot down 5 things I was grateful for daily.

It was a truly humbling experience that made me realize how good I’ve got things going for me despite all the tough emotions I was going through in that period.

Sometimes, we just need a reminder of all the things we’re blessed with, like good health, loving family and friends, supportive partners, etc.

Happy people make it a habit to count their blessings.

They also recognize the small acts of kindness they receive from others and don’t shy away from expressing their gratitude with a simple “thank you!” or “I’m blessed to have you in my life.”

This causes a ripple effect.

By focusing on what you have rather than what you’re missing, happy folks wire their brain to be more attuned to positivity

So, if often catch yourself in the blues, take a moment to reflect on the things you’re grateful for. You’ll find that doing so can naturally lift your spirits and make you feel happier.

2) “Things are going great!”

Sometimes, a little tweak in our choice of words can change the way we feel.

Let’s consider the classic daily question: “How are you doing?” 

Instead of the usual “I’m okay,” upbeat folks make sure to let their feelings of contentment and joy shine through.

You might catch them saying something like, “I’m doing fantastic!” or “Everything’s just peachy!”

Here’s the thing: when we opt for more positive words to describe our mood, it can actually impact how we feel, even if we’re adding a touch of sweetness to reality.

Happy individuals understand that if there’s no significant reason to be genuinely upset, we have to seize every opportunity to express gratitude and celebrate the positive aspects of life, even if it involves adding a touch of positivity to the ordinary.

3) “A part of me feels…”

Happy folks get that words have serious power, so they steer clear of negative ones and of absolutes when talking about their feelings.

They know that life isn’t just black and white.

So, when they’re feeling a bit down, they skip the “never,” “all,” “none,” and “always” kind of talk. It’s all about keeping the door open for a bit of hope. They get that how you feel in one moment doesn’t sum up who you are. 

Instead of going all-in on the blues, they might say something like, “A part of me feels a bit off today.” It’s like giving a nod to the fact that it’s just a passing vibe.

In a nutshell, these cheerful folks embrace life’s shades and nuances, ditching the extreme language along the way.

4) “It would be great if…”

Happy people are hopeful people.

Instead of diving into the pit of complaints, they go for wishful thinking.

When things aren’t going their way, they don’t nag. Nope! They whip out positive phrases like, “It would be great if…” such and such happened.

These guys know the secret to keeping things bright and hopeful, even when the going gets tough. 

5) “Tell me more”

Happy people maintain a focus on the present moment, and they engage in conversations with genuine curiosity and a desire to understand others. 

When happy people hear about someone’s experience or story, instead of just saying, “That’s great,” they drop the golden phrase: “Tell me more.” 

It’s not just a compliment; it’s an invitation to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of the tale. By asking for more details, they not only make people feel heard but also unlock a whole world of insights. 

It’s like a double win – making the other person feel appreciated and gaining a richer understanding of their experiences. 

Happy folks know that the real magic happens when you go beyond the surface and truly connect with someone’s story. 

So, “tell me more” becomes their secret weapon for turning everyday conversations into meaningful connections.

6) “I’m proud of you”

So, here’s the deal: happy folks are just more giving and supportive. 

You’ll notice that those who are content with their lives are super eager to cheer on others’ victories. 

They don’t hold back when it comes to showing love for someone else’s milestones and breakthroughs – they’ll straight-up declare how proud they are of your achievements.

I used to scratch my head, wondering why my mom couldn’t get excited about my little wins in school, like getting to the finals of an art competition or snagging an A on my tests. 

Then it hit me: she wasn’t in a good place herself. Tangled up in her own cloud of sadness, she didn’t have the energy to fake the support.

7) “I’m looking forward to…”

Have you noticed that happy folks always seem to be saying, “I’m looking forward to it”? It’s like they’ve got this contagious excitement about the future that just makes you want to join in on the good vibes.

So, picture this: you’re chatting with a happy-go-lucky friend, and they’re all like, “I’m looking forward to the weekend,” or “I’m looking forward to trying out that new restaurant.” 

It’s infectious, right? 

They’re basically telling you they’ve got this positive outlook, and they’re pumped for whatever’s coming their way.

Final thoughts

Choosing happiness is a decision you make. 

It requires effort to rewire your brain, directing your focus towards the positive aspects of each day, especially when things get tough. 

However, once you develop this habit, even the small effort of being mindful about your choice of words can significantly contribute to making you a more content person.

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