15 phrases only authentic people use, according to psychology

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Social media has a way of blurring the lines between real and putting on a show.

Almost everyone is showing off the best parts of their day, making it hard to spot the real from the rehearsed.

So, how can you tell if someone is being genuine?

Neuropsychologist Dr. Theo Tsaosldes identifies some pointers on what it means to be truly authentic

We have gone through his input and translated this into phrases that only authentic people use.

Let’s get started!

1) “I need some time to think this over”

According to Dr. Tsaousides, an authentic person makes sure their actions match up with what they truly believe and feel. And he says this often means having to consider things thoroughly and thoughtfully.

Authentic people don’t react on the spot for this very reason. They pause and consider their feelings and thoughts.

Authentic people would rather do things right than do things in haste. 

They take their time to make sure they don’t say something they might regret later or that they don’t act in a way that doesn’t fit who they really are.

2) “I’m not comfortable with this”

After they’ve thought things through and realized it doesn’t sit right for them, you can trust an authentic person to voice this out.

As Dr. Tsaousides points out, authentic people express their true feelings and boundaries, and along with that comes respecting their own limits.

One non-negotiable thing for real people is that they stick to what feels right for them, even if others might not agree. This is why you’d often find that authentic people are the ones brave enough to say this phrase out loud. 

And it’s one of the things I really admire about authentic people:

They’re just not afraid to show who they are, even if that means standing alone sometimes.

3) “That hits home for me”

If they’re not shy about admitting something isn’t a good fit for them, they will also not hesitate to tell you if something resonates with them.

When something you’ve said or done clicks with their thoughts and feelings, authentic people often use this phrase to let you know.

Dr. Tsaousides attributes this to one key trait of authentic people: their awareness of their inner experiences and values.

This is one of the things that helps authentic people build real connections with others

Think about it:

It creates a connection based on genuine shared feelings and beliefs, not one curated for the ‘gram.

5) “Can we explore this idea more?”

What if they’re on the fence about something?

Authentic people won’t be quick to dismiss or accept it.

The reason for this again goes back to Dr. Tsaousides’ input on authentic individuals wanting to align everything they say and do with their values and beliefs.

This phrase shows how authentic people genuinely care about making informed decisions. They won’t accept things at face value and instead they dig deeper to understand things better.

And it doesn’t end there.

This phrase also demonstrates a key trait of an authentic person: open-mindedness. 

Part of them wanting to understand things fully is also seeing different sides of a story before making up their mind.

6) “I appreciate your perspective”

Speaking of different viewpoints, Dr. Tsaousides highlights that even when they disagree, authentic people still show respect and value for other’s opinions.

And this isn’t just about being polite. It’s about their genuine interest in understanding where the other person is coming from.

Authentic people aren’t threatened by differing opinions. Instead, they welcome them.

It’s an open-mindedness that helps them become more empathetic and understanding.

7) “Thank you for your patience”

Dr. Tsaousides adds another telltale sign of authenticity:

Recognizing and appreciating the role of others in personal interactions.

So when they take their time to thoroughly think about things, expect an authentic individual to express their gratitude for your patience. 

When they thank you for the patience you gave them while they went into careful thought, they’re showing not only gratitude but also respect for your understanding and kindness.

8) “This didn’t turn out as I expected, but that’s okay”

What do authentic people do when, even after all that careful thought, they end up making the wrong decision? 

They admit it!

According to Dr. Tsaousides, authentic people are adaptive. They recognize and accept the difference between expectations and reality.

When things don’t go their way, they don’t put up a front. 

They don’t pretend they’re fine when they’re not. 

They don’t mask their disappointment either.

Instead, they face the truth and accept it for what it is.

This beautiful trait is what keeps authentic individuals grounded, and it’s also the same trait that gives them the drive to move forward.

9) “I changed my mind”

On the topic of adaptability, Dr. Tsaousides reminds us that people (including all of us) aren’t the same person in every situation. 

But unlike those who might adapt superficially to fit in or avoid conflict, authentic people adapt to the situation in a way that remains true to their core values. 

They are willing to change their minds based on new information or changing circumstances – all without compromising their principles and beliefs. 

10) “I’m sorry, I was wrong”

Dr. Tsaousides says you know you’re dealing with an authentic person when they’re also unafraid to admit they did you wrong. He says it’s part of their habit of aligning their actions with honest self-assessments.

They value truth over looking good or being right. 

And this is why a lot of authentic people also turn out to be the most trustworthy ones. 

Think it over:

Aren’t those who have the courage to be honest enough to own up to their mistakes the same people you can count on to be real with you?

11) “Let’s find a common ground”

Referring back to our expert neuropsychologist’s input, he believes that when it comes to conflict, authentic people are all about solutions that respect the values of all parties involved.

So, it’s not uncommon to hear this phrase when dealing with authentic individuals.

For authentic people, compromise doesn’t mean giving up who they are. It simply means working together to find the best way forward – without compromising anyone’s principles. 

12) “I need help with this”

Authentic people are self-aware, according to Dr Tsaousides. 

And that includes seeking help when needed.

They will not “fake it till they make it.”

If given a choice between doing it right or pretending to appear competent, trust that an authentic person will always go with the former. 

It’s part of their plus factor as authentic individuals – they know that asking for help is a strength, not a weakness.

13) “This isn’t easy for me to say, but..”

Just like they can put aside their pride to acknowledge they need help, they’re also brave enough to display their vulnerable side with phrases like this.

When someone starts a sentence with this phrase, it means they’re about to reveal something personal and difficult. 

Authentic people have no hesitation in doing this because they value being open and honest, even when it’s uncomfortable for them.

They know that expressing difficult feelings may be challenging, but it’s an important part of building trust and forming deeper and more genuine relationships. 

14) “I need my me time”

One thing that hit me hard was when Dr. Tsaousides’ emphasis on the importance of authenticity as a must have for a balanced and healthy life. 

And it really makes sense. After all, being authentic means recognizing and honoring our own needs.

So when someone says, “I need my me time,” they are not saying they’d rather be alone than be with you or others. Instead, they’re simply putting their mental and emotional well-being first. 

They aren’t afraid to express their need for personal space because they understand that it helps them stay true to themselves. 

15) “I’m not perfect, and that’s fine”

Here’s one final thought to ponder on, courtesy of Dr. Tsaousides:

Authenticity “is a liberating force that empowers us to take a path in life consistent with who we truly are.”

In other words, he’s suggesting that authenticity frees us to live a life that genuinely reflects who we are.

So when someone says they’re not perfect and they’re okay with it, that’s a sign of their authentic nature. It shows they’re real and honest about their flaws.

Authentic people understand that perfection isn’t possible, and they don’t pretend to be otherwise. 

They’re more than comfortable admitting their imperfections because that’s what makes them relatable and genuine.

Final words

Well, that’s our take on the phrases authentic people use, backed by input from psychology. 

These phrases highlight the traits of authentic people who value honesty and self-awareness.

They’re unafraid to show their vulnerabilities, admit their mistakes, or ask for help.

When you hear these phrases, it’s a sign you’re dealing with someone who values being true to themselves.

And with that, we end with this food for thought:

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.” — Carl Jung.

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