20 phrases that will make you sound classy and intelligent

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Do you want to come across as ultra classy and smart?

I assure you that after reading this article you will have a number of new verbal arrows in your quiver to use everywhere you go. 

Try out the following phrases and you’ll immediately notice a difference in how you’re perceived and treated by those around you. 

1) “I’m pleased to meet you.” 

What do you usually say when you first meet someone?

These days many of us just say something like “hey” or “what’s up.”

Try switching it up.

Say “I’m pleased to meet you,” instead. 

You’ll sound classy, smart and like a person who’s well worth speaking with and getting to know.

Because you are … right?

2) “You’re entirely right.” 

Want to agree with somebody or something you’ve just heard?

You can say “yeah, true,” but it’s kind of basic.

Try this one on for size:

“You’re entirely right.”

It sounds classy, right?

That’s because it absolutely is classy. And it makes you sound like you went to Harvard.

No offense if you actually did go to Harvard (I’m more of a Yale man, myself).

3) “Give me a moment.” 

Need some time to get something done or think something over?

“Hold up!” 

“Wait up!”

Instead of these, try classing it up with “give me a moment.”

You might sound like a dowager countess in your own ears, but trust me:

To everyone else you sound classy as hell. 

4) “I was pleasantly surprised.” 

How do you say that you liked something?

Say, for example, that you’ve seen a film or gone to a concert that really exceeded your expectations.

“It was fire, bro.”

“So legit, damn!”

You can say either of those things, and they may be well received in the right context, for sure. 

But if you want to know one of the phrases that will make you sound classy and intelligent, try “I was pleasantly surprised.”

Classy. Cool. Understated. 


5) “Never judge a leopard by his spots.” 

The saying to never judge a leopard by his spots means to not judge by outer appearances. 

That’s a good philosophy to go by in life. 

Appearances can often be deceiving, something con men and sleazy people know very well. 

This saying is classy and shows that you have some unique insights into life and something to say.

6) “Mark my words.” 

Want to emphasize that something will happen or that something you have said will come true or be recognized one day for its importance?

Say this.

It’s classy, it’s smart and it’s frankly badass.

You’re showing that you stand behind what you say and you’re confident in it coming true. 

You’re speaking your peace and then putting the mic down. 

You’re being a classy, intelligent individual. 

7) “Quite apart from that…” 

Want to change the subject?

Usually you might say something like “well, what about…?”

Yes, you can say that. 

But instead, try “quite apart from that.”

It’s classy, it’s bold and it switches the subject with no easy U-turn.

8) “On a different note…” 

Another way to switch topics or move onto a new issue?

Try “on a different note…”

You may not play violin or any instrument at all, but you have the ability to change the subject. 

Furthermore, you have the right to pitch changing the subject. 

9) “I’m feeling under the weather.” 

When you’re sick, it’s easy to say “I feel crappy,” “I feel like sh*t” or just “I’m sick.”

Instead, try saying this.

When you say you’re under the weather it’s a very classy and understated way to say you feel terrible without being too direct about it. 

The next time you’re hugging the toilet bowl and feel awful and your boss asks when you’re coming in, say you’re “feeling under the weather.” 

10) “Perhaps we could reach an arrangement.” 

One of the fastest ways to sink a deal is to be over-eager. 

If you want to express interest but not immediately commit, try using the phrase above. 

Not only does it sound classy, it also makes you sound smart and strategic. 

You’re saying that you’re interested while also signaling that you’re not yet fully sold. 

It’s a great opening line when you’re keen on something but still haven’t gotten the terms you want. 

11) “That makes me rather uncomfortable.” 

Many of us are prone to hiding when something makes us uncomfortable, or downplaying it. 

But one way to express your displeasure while still remaining very classy and smart is to say the above phrase. 

It can be used to turn down somebody who’s flirting with you or to get more space on the subway system if a person is crowding too close to you. 

12) “I beg your pardon…” 

Saying “excuse me” is perfectly fine in most cases. 

But if you want to class it up further and sound twice as chic, try saying “I beg your pardon.”

This is an antiquated phrase, for sure, but it still sounds just as classy as the first time some British lord or lady used it. 

13) I’m not particularly fond of…” 

When you dislike something or want to also express displeasure, this phrase is a good one you can drop. 

It’s used more in the sense of taste, however, so when being asked about your opinion on something. 

It could also be used, for example, when discussing what you potentially want to order on the restaurant menu with a friend or date…

…Or when explaining why you prefer not to travel in a certain place or area.  

14) “It’s crucial to understand that…” 

When trying to point out something vital, this is a very good way to do so. 

You can make it clear that a subject or piece of knowledge is very important by saying this. 

Phrasing it in this way makes you sound very classy, savvy and on the ball. 

After all, it’s pretty hard not to take something seriously that’s “crucial.”

Whoever you talk to is going to want to hear you out… 

15) “You’re not half as smart as you might imagine.” 

Now and then you need to take someone down a peg. 

That’s where this phrase comes into play and can be a really savage put-down that’s still classy as heck. 

Try it out the next time somebody is trying to verbally push you around or say ignorant things. 

You’ll get a nice buzz. 

Just make sure to deliver it with the perfect wry flourish. 

16) “Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are.” – Gianni Versace

If you want to sound classy, smart and stylish, who better to quote than iconic Italian fashion designer Gianni Versace?

Drop this line when somebody asks what your style is or what trends you think are cool. 

They’ll be stunned. 

17) “Being male is a matter of birth. Being a man is a matter of age. But being a gentleman is a matter of choice.” -Vin Diesel

If you want a good joke while out on a date, why not quote legendary action star Vin Diesel?

What better source for talking about true manhood?

Try it out and see how your date reacts. 

18) “Do it big, do it right, and do it with style.” – Fred Astaire

Tap dancing sensation Fred Astaire knew how to light up the dancefloor and he also had some wise advice. 

Use this as a motto or a personal maxim. 

It’s also an ideal quote and phrase to use when explaining your life philosophy or how you like the projects or endeavors to go that you get involved in.

19) “Not all who wander are lost.”

You may have seen this line on a few tattoos or heard it around a time or two. 

It’s actually from the fantasy writer J.R.R. Tolkien, whose legendary Lord of the Rings and Hobbit books continue to be massively renowned to this day. 

The line means that a nomadic and adventurous life isn’t only a matter of being lost and can be a proactive, empowering choice

This is a line for the wanderers and the explorers who always seek new horizons.

Use it the next time somebody asks you why you don’t get your life more “together.”

20) “Brevity is the soul of wit.” – William Shakespeare

 This line is from Shakespeare’s timeless classic Hamlet and it will do nicely for any occasion where you’re giving an opinion on what’s funny or not. 

Asked about a comedian or what you find funniest?

Say this. 

It essentially means that short and sweet is the way to be funniest and get the most sincere laughs from your audience. 

Do you agree? 

I know I’ve definitely heard some really long, complicated jokes that definitely dragged on a bit… 

Phrasing it right

Making these phrases a part of your vocabulary is a wonderful way to come across classier and smarter

At the end of the day, it’s about far more than just saying a few words. 

It’s about really feeling and being in tune with the words so that saying them is just the icing on the cake. 

Good luck out there, and keep it classy!

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