20 phrases kind people use to show they genuinely care

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Life can be tough.

The world is filled with obstacles and challenges, some difficult and some dreadful.

There’s lying, cheating, and stealing out there. There’s still slavery, genocide, and war to contend with as well.

If you’re like me, you need some help putting it all in perspective and introducing balance into your life. Otherwise, it can be easy to spiral down into the doldrums.

Luckily, there are people out there who are truly rays of sunshine

They express their kindness to show you that someone is thinking about you and truly cares how you are. They brighten up the world through what they say and do and help us all remember to turn our frowns upside down.

Here are 20 phrases kind people use to show they genuinely care that will help you recognize a really solid-gold person when you meet one.

1) “I’m here for you.”

What a relief it can be to hear these words.

If you’re in a situation where you really don’t know what to do and you need help, someone showing you this kind of support is a real blessing.

The best part is that it’s non-specific, but they mean it that way – this is an offer of whatever you need whenever you need it, and it shows they genuinely care about your well-being.

2) “Can I help you out?”

How many times do we tell people our problems and get no response at all?

But kind people aren’t going to leave you hanging after you’ve poured your heart out. They’re going to do what they can to help you because they really care.

So when they ask you if they can help, you really can take them up on it. In the future, you’ll be in a position to pay back the favor.

3) “How are you really doing?”




These are the standard answers when someone asks how you’re doing, and generally, they’re the only ones anyone wants to hear.

But a truly kind person who cares about you wants to know the truth.

With this phrase, they’re simultaneously showing they care and offering you the chance to unburden yourself, which is really something special.

4) “You’re not alone.”

When you’re really struggling, and the walls seem like they’re closing in, you can feel lost on your own in a harsh world.

So it’s such an amazing thing to hear that you’re not alone. 

Whether the person saying this means to offer you their own support or just to let you know that other people share your struggle, it’s a real kindness to offer to someone who truly needs it.

5) “That sounds really hard.”

This is the sort of thing someone will say when they are actively listening to you.

That means they’re paying attention and participating in the conversation.

It can make you feel heard, which, for some people, is all they really need at that specific time.

6) “Do you want to talk?”

This phrase is another wonderfully kind offer.

We all know how holding things in can be a horrible burden and turn us sour from the inside.

We often search hard for people we can talk to, but they can be few and far between.

So when someone actually makes the offer!?

It’s such a kind way to show they really care.

7) “You made my day.”

There are so many times in our lives when we don’t feel appreciated.

But when someone says this, it changes everything.

It means that they’ve really seen you, and something you did had a real impact on them.

This might happen more often than you think, but it takes a truly kind person to make a point of telling you.

8) “You’ll get through this.”

This phrase is a variation on “This, too, shall pass,” and just hearing it can be a real comfort.

Whether your situation is a normal struggle or you’re weighed down by grief, it’s important to simply be reminded that time heals all wounds.

These negative feelings won’t be around forever, and there is some hope for the future to look toward.

9) “I’m not going anywhere.”

Well, OK, this might not be what you want to hear from an ex you’ve told to leave you alone.

But from a kind soul, this means something else.

It means that they’re offering their unending support for as long as you need it.

It just lets you know that they’re in your corner, and they’re going to stay there until you’ve punched your way through your hard times.

10) “Take all the time you need.”

When you’re struggling with problems, the last thing you need is more pressure to resolve them quickly.

Some things simply take time and can’t be rushed, at least not without causing you further grief.

A kind person knows this and will try to help you remember that you should take as much time to sort things as it’s going to take.

11) “You’re stronger than you think.”

I think we all sometimes forget how resilient we can be.

Especially when we’re feeling beaten down by grief, sadness, or stress, we can do with a reminder of what we’re capable of. 

So it’s such a sweet and caring thing for someone to tell us that we have it within ourselves to beat these blues and go on living.

12) “It’s OK not to be OK.”

Most social situations – work, parties, relationships – go smoothly when everyone is happy and healthy.

But when this isn’t the case, things can quickly fall apart. Most people just don’t know how to deal with someone who’s dealing with really serious burdens.

A truly kind person who genuinely cares about you will understand that life isn’t always sunshine and lollipops. They know that you have to work through negative emotions as part of the process to get through them, and that’s OK!

13) “I want to hear about your day.”

I think we all want to talk about our daily experiences, but often, we don’t have someone who wants to listen or has the time for it.

What an incredible offer it is, then, when someone goes out of their way to ask us about how things went.

It’s a green light to tell your story without worrying that you’re going to bore the other person to tears.

14) “I trust you.”

We don’t always get a chance to hear this great phrase.

Even people who we really think do trust us, or at least should, don’t always tell us explicitly.

But a kid person knows that saying it out loud makes all the difference, so why should they hold back from giving the gift of trust? 

15) “I’m happy for you.”

Not everyone is going to be happy for you when you’re happy yourself.

Maybe lots of people at work were gunning for that same promotion.

Maybe people are jealous that you were able to get such a good deal on your new house.

Whatever it is, a person who genuinely cares about you isn’t going to stew in jealousy. They want you to do well and feel happy when you’re happy.

16) “You can do it.”

What a great confidence boost this phrase is!

And yet, it’s amazing how infrequently we get to hear it.

These four little words are like our own little cheering squad supporting us and pushing us to succeed.

17) “Don’t ever change.”

Want to know if someone really likes you for the person you are?

If they say this, you’ll know for sure. 

With this phrase, they’re letting you know that you’re great the way you are, and they really appreciate you.

How nice is that?!

18) “Take mine.”

A kind person who cares about you is going to be generous with you.

They won’t mind making sacrifices for you or giving you whatever they have just to ensure your happiness.

So whether this is their umbrella, their sandwich, or their car keys, this person is there to hand you whatever you need when you need it.

19) “Take good care of yourself.” 

We often say goodbye to others by saying “Take care,” but normally we don’t really think about what this means. It’s just a parting phrase.

But when someone goes out of their way to say it the long way, they really mean it.

They want you to look after yourself and practice self-care because you deserve it.

20) “You’re one of a kind.”

It’s not that often that a simple phrase can make us feel so special.

But this one surely can.

It’s such a kind way to tell someone that you think they’re fantastic and important to you.


These 20 phrases kind people use to show they genuinely care aren’t just one-way, you know!

Try to use them yourself with people you really care about, and you’ll see just how much they can brighten up someone’s day.

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