14 phrases confident people always say

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Confident people are not full of themselves—they’re simply self-assured.

And you can easily tell it based on what they say to themselves and to others.

Here are some favorite phrases of confident people:

1) “I’m worthy.”

Just because someone is a confident person doesn’t mean they’re necessarily confident 24/7. They still need to take the time to reaffirm themselves and maintain their confidence.

So they would constantly remind themselves of their worth daily, especially when they’re feeling particularly stressed, challenged, or even depressed.

When people aren’t treating them right, they’d quietly tell themself “I’m worthy of respect” or “I’m worthy of love”. And when someone is lying to their face, they’d tell themselves “I’m worthy of trust”.

And because of this, their self-confidence becomes stronger day by day.

2) “I deserve good things.”

The world is full of people who hate those who aspire to be better. People who say things like “You’re too ambitious!” or “Learn to be content!”.

When faced with people like these as well as their own demons guilting them for dreaming big, confident people keep their spirits high by reminding themselves that they do deserve good things.

Because why don’t they? Everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams, after all.

3) It’s alright if I mess up.”

People who suffer from low self-confidence are often just scared. They’re scared that they will no longer deserve good things in life if they mess up and fail.

Confident people know this. This is because people who are genuinely confident weren’t always that way—they all have struggled with insecurity and triumphed.

They know that if they are to get things done and keep their head held high, they must accept that failure is just a part of life, and that it’s alright if they mess up.

And in the end, it’s better to have tried and failed than to have never tried and forever live in regret.

4) “I can do it.”

Confident people know their abilities and their limitations. So when they’re tasked to do something that they’re clearly good at, they’d say “yes” without hesitation.

They know better than to fidget and go “I’m not sure” or “Euhh, I’ll try” when asked to do something that they can do.

Why would they? They know they can do it well!

This is the reason why confident people get a lot more opportunities than those who are equally good but are lacking self-confidence. People would want to work with someone who KNOWS they’re good.

5) “I don’t know.”

It’s easy to mistake arrogance for confidence.

The way you can tell if someone is confident or merely up to their neck in pride and delusion is that the confident person will happily admit when they don’t know something.

A confident person has nothing to prove, and isn’t afraid of looking “dumb” or lesser simply because they don’t know something.

Everyone is all too eager to present themselves as experts in all the big topics, like reproductive rights or the war in Ukraine.

But not them—if someone says something they know little about, they’ll back off and ask for more information instead of pretending that they know more than they do.

6) “Wow, you’re great!”

Just as it’s easy for confident people to admit that they don’t know or can’t do something, confident people are also more than happy to give genuine praise.

After all, why should they refrain from giving praise? Is it because the achievement wasn’t “remarkable enough”, or that it would make them feel bad about themselves?

Confident people don’t suffer from insecurity and fragile egos, and for that reason, they have no issues with giving people the praise they deserve.

7) “No.”

Sometimes setting boundaries and saying no is the hardest thing one can do. And yet confident people manage to have an easier time at it than everyone else.

That’s all because they know their worth. They love themselves, they know their needs, they know their limitations, and most of all they know they deserve to enjoy life, too.

So when their friend asks to “crash” in their apartment when they just want to rest, they’d say “Sorry, not possible today.”

Or when their colleague would ask for help when they’re already tired, they’d say so without feeling bad.

8) “Thank you!”

When you give a compliment to a confident person, they’d smile and say “thank you” instead of doubting your intentions or thinking you’re just faking it.

And if you ARE faking it, well… joke’s on you, because the confident person doesn’t care either way!

Insecure people, on the other hand, have the opposite reaction. If, say, someone says that they’re cute, they’re more likely to get upset instead of just accepting the compliment.

Their insecurity drives them to think that people are just making fun of them, and not that people actually think they’re cute.

9) “Please teach me.”

As I have alluded to several times before, the more confident you are, the more comfortable you are embracing your flaws and limitations.

That’s why when a confident person needs to do something they know they’re not good at, they have no issues walking up to someone who knows better and saying “I suck at this. Can you help me?”

After all, if they want to get things done, they could do worse than to be taught by someone who knows better.

10) “What are your suggestions?”

A confident person will welcome the opinions and suggestions of those around them, without caring if what they get supports their own side or not.

In fact they would actually welcome people who will openly challenge what they have to say, and in so doing make sure that they know what they need to change, or if there’s an entirely better idea they can try doing instead.

Having no reservations about asking people for their suggestions and opinions is why confident people always pull ahead.

11) “Don’t do that to me.”


Someone who is a bit short in confidence will undersell their worth and happily let people trample all over them.

But in contrast to that, the confident person knows how to assert themselves and knows plenty about what kind of treatment they should and should not be getting.

They don’t just stay quiet when someone “borrows” their favorite pen often. They would stand their ground and say “no, please use your own pen.”

After all, why can’t that other person get their own pen? Seriously.

12) “I’m not fine.”

Most confident people are in touch with their emotions, and find no shame in saying their emotional state as it is.

If they’re sad, angry, frustrated, or feeling any negative emotions, they won’t say they’re fine when they truly aren’t.

Despite how people may like to frame it as such, emotions—be it having them or showing them—aren’t signs of weakness, and there’s no reason for them to be kept hidden away.

13) “I’m sorry.”

It’s much easier for self-confident people to acknowledge their mistakes and ask for forgiveness because they can separate their mistakes from their self-worth.

There’s nothing wrong with being imperfect and making mistakes. It’s just part of what it means to be human.

What is wrong to them, however, is to make mistakes and then for one reason or another refuse to acknowledge them.

14) “Anything is possible.”

A confident person is the kind of person who would say that the cup is half-full, and yet at the same time acknowledge that it’s a little less full than it should be.

They’re realistic optimists, believing that anything is possible—so long as people aren’t careless about how they try to get it done.

And the very first step to getting something done is to BELIEVE that it can happen. What’s awesome is that oftentimes, these things come true entirely because of their sheer willpower.

Last words

The words you say to others and whisper to yourself can have a pretty big effect on how you see the world around you, as well as on your relationship with yourself.

If you want to be more confident, try to reframe your thinking by saying phrases that confident people always say.

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