8 phrases a woman will use when she is secretly in love with you

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You’re smitten by a woman, you’re pretty sure she feels the same, but you can’t quite decipher the signs.

You’ve analyzed every conversation, every glance, and every smile, but you’re still not certain.

Sometimes it’s not even a grand declaration of love that you’re looking for.

You just have this nagging intuition that she’s secretly in love with you, even if she hasn’t quite said it out loud.

Here’s how to crack the code.

These are the 8 phrases a woman will use when she is secretly in love with you.

Even if she’s trying to keep her feelings under wraps, these phrases will give her away.

1) “I trust you”

Trust is a cornerstone of any meaningful connection, platonic or romantic.

When a woman says “I trust you”, it’s more than just a casual phrase.


Well, it means she’s letting her guard down, allowing you into her world on a deeper level.

This level of trust isn’t something she’d share with just anyone. It’s reserved for someone special, someone she might be harboring feelings for.

If a woman you’re close to is confiding in you and expressing trust towards you, there’s a good chance she’s secretly in love with you.

This simple phrase could be her way of subtly expressing her feelings without saying the words outright.

Pay attention to it, because it’s one of the first signs that she sees you as more than just a friend.

2) “You make me feel safe”

This phrase hit me like a ton of bricks when I heard it for the first time.

It’s a phrase that goes beyond the superficial, cutting through to the core of a woman’s feelings.

When a woman tells you that you make her feel safe, it’s her way of acknowledging that she feels comfortable around you, that she can let her guard down and be herself without any fear of judgment.

You see, this isn’t something she would casually say to someone she sees as just a friend.

It’s a phrase that signals a deeper emotional connection, one that could very well be love.

If she’s telling you that you make her feel safe, it might be because she’s secretly in love with you. This is her way of hinting at her feelings without putting them out there too explicitly.

3) “I love your company”

This takes me back to a conversation I had with a close friend.

We were hanging out as we usually did, when she said something that made me pause. “I love your company,” she said casually, as we were laughing about some shared memory.

Initially, I brushed it off, treating it as a friendly compliment. But then it happened again and again. Each time we met, she found a way to tell me how much she enjoyed our time together.

That’s when it clicked. This wasn’t just about friendship anymore. She was using this phrase to hint at something more.

When a woman says, “I love your company,” she’s not just talking about the fun times you share.

In essence, she’s expressing her appreciation for you on a deeper level, signaling that your presence in her life isn’t just enjoyable, but meaningful and significant.

4) “I understand you”

This phrase can seem deceptively simple, yet it carries a world of meaning.

Women, on average, have a higher emotional intelligence than men.

They are naturally more attuned to understanding feelings and emotions, both their own and those of others.

By using this phrase, she’s signaling that she’s been paying close attention.

She’s been actively listening and empathizing with:

  • Your experiences
  • Your feelings
  • Your hopes and dreams

This depth of understanding isn’t something that is shared lightly or with just anyone. It’s a sign of emotional intimacy that often hints at deeper feelings.

In short, if a woman in your life is consistently showing that she understands you at this level, she might be secretly in love with you.

This could be her way of subtly expressing her feelings without directly saying the words.

5) “I’m here for you”

Being there for someone isn’t just about physical presence.

Wondering why?

It’s about emotional availability, support, and unwavering loyalty.

She’s not just offering her time or her help. She’s offering herself – her support, her understanding, her commitment.

This is a phrase that goes beyond friendship. It’s a promise of emotional investment and it speaks volumes about how she feels about you.

If she’s frequently reassuring you that she’s there for you, regardless of the situation or time of day, it could be a sign that she has deep feelings for you.

This might be her way of showing her love without explicitly saying so.

After all, it’s a subtle hint, but one that speaks volumes if you’re willing to listen.

6) “You’re different”

Let’s be honest, when a woman says, “You’re different”, she’s not just casually throwing around compliments.

You see, she’s acknowledging that you stand out from the rest, that there’s something about you that’s unique and captivating to her.

Having said that, this isn’t a phrase she’d use lightly or with just anyone. It’s a clear indication that she sees you in a special light, different from others in her life.

Just think about it.

This phrase is a compliment of the highest order and one that could be hiding deeper feelings. Pay attention when it’s said, as it can reveal a lot more than what meets the eye.

7) “I miss you”

Even the simplest phrases can carry a world of meaning when they come from the heart.

“I miss you”, it’s not just about the physical absence. It’s about the emotional void that your absence leaves in her life.

In other words, it’s a clear indication that your presence matters to her, that you hold a special place in her life and her heart.

If a woman frequently tells you that she misses you, even if you’ve only been apart for a short while, it could be a sign that she’s secretly in love with you. 

In a nutshell, this is more than just an expression of longing, it’s an admission of the importance and impact you have on her life.

8) “I care about you”

This phrase might seem common, but it’s one of the most powerful expressions of feelings a woman can offer.

Saying that your well-being matters to her is a big deal.

Put simply: She’s invested emotionally in you and your happiness.

It’s a phrase that goes deeper than mere friendship. It’s an expression of love that’s often overlooked because of its simplicity.

If a woman is consistently expressing that she cares about you, it could be a sign that she’s secretly in love with you. 

This phrase is more than just an affirmation of care, it’s an admission of love, hidden behind simpler words.

It’s a phrase that might seem ordinary, but when said with real emotion, it can reveal extraordinary feelings.

Final thoughts

In our quest to decipher another’s feelings, we often overlook the simplest signs – phrases that are said with sincerity and emotion.

These words, though ordinary, can reveal extraordinary feelings when spoken from the heart.

If you find that these phrases resonate with your experience, it’s likely that the woman in question harbors deeper feelings for you.

This revelation does not have to be daunting but can be viewed as an opportunity for deeper connection and understanding.

It’s essential to approach this with sensitivity and respect.

Conversation is key – open, honest dialogue can help clarify things for both parties involved.

Keep in mind that these are just indicators and not definitive proof. Everyone expresses love differently.

After all, the most reliable sign of love is consistent respect, care, and genuine interest.

Lucas Graham

Lucas Graham, based in Auckland, writes about the psychology behind everyday decisions and life choices. His perspective is grounded in the belief that understanding oneself is the key to better decision-making. Lucas’s articles are a mix of personal anecdotes and observations, offering readers relatable and down-to-earth advice.

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