8 personality traits that show you’re a warm and friendly person

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Do people always feel comfortable and at ease around you?

Are you the type of person who can strike up a conversation with anyone and make them feel welcome?

If so, you might be a warm and friendly person.

These 8 personality traits show that you have a natural ability to put others at ease and create a sense of belonging.

1. You’re encouraging

We’re all familiar with that friend who constantly tries to one-up you.

If you tell them about something you’ve achieved, they immediately bring up something they’ve achieved.

If you’re excited about a new business idea, they’ll put your idea down and call you crazy.

To them, life is about competition.

They feel better about themselves when they put someone else down to make themselves look better, even if that person is their friend.

But if you’re the type to encourage others, and celebrate other people’s successes without thinking about yourself, then you’re not only a great friend to have, but you’re also probably a pleasant person to be around.

We all need cheerleaders in life, and we’re more excited to share our big dreams and plans with those who know will be happy for us rather than negative or naysaying.

Encouraging people are quite frankly uplifting to be around.

Compare that with those who critique or habitually pick apart your good ideas.

It’s kind of a no-brainer over which you’d rather be, right?

2. You’re not judgmental

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

It’s never being judged, especially snap judgments that come from people who don’t take the time to understand you or your circumstances.

But in contrast, warm and friendly tend to be non-judgmental people.

After all:

Being around people who are non-judgmental is refreshing because you feel freer to be yourself.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t rush to judgments or make assumptions about others based on your own biases, then you’re probably a warm person other people like to spend time with.

People feel good around you because they feel accepted and supported.

You’re empathetic and able to see things from other people’s points of view, which makes them feel heard and respected.

3. You’re a good listener

Who would have thought that truly listening to someone else when they speak could be quite so challenging, or is it just me?

It feels so easy to fall into the trap of simply waiting for your turn to speak or absent-mindedly half focus on what someone is telling you — whilst the other half of your brain is busy deciding what you will make for dinner.

Yet we all appreciate good listeners in our lives. They are sympathetic and attentive. They don’t interrupt or interject. They allow us to air our problems and find our own solutions, simply by offering an ear to us.

Because people with the most pleasing personalities tend to have a genuine interest in other people, they are present, ask questions and show us that we have their undivided attention.

So if you’re able to listen to people intently without interrupting or judging them then you’re probably a warm and friendly person.

4. You try to be the bigger person

It’s not easy always being the more mature person in the room. There are times when even YOU would find yourself tempted to stoop to their level and fight fire with fire.

There would be that part deep inside of you that would go “why do I have to always be the understanding one?”

And your response to that would be that an eye for an eye makes the world go blind.

Instead, you want to be helpful, kind, and understanding, and you believe in treating others with respect and compassion.

5. It’s easy for you to forgive

Being able to forgive others is an important part of being a warm person.


Because when someone is able to forgive others, it shows they are willing to let go of negative feelings and move on from conflicts or misunderstandings.

This helps create a more positive and harmonious environment and makes it easier for people to get along and work together.

Now don’t get me wrong:

You’re not perfect, and you don’t expect others to be either.

In fact, you expect them to be loaded with flaws so anything “bad” that they do doesn’t surprise you.

But this is also why it’s easy for you to forgive. You understand that everyone is human and capable of making mistakes.

And of course, you don’t hold grudges.

You’re not a doormat—to forgive is not necessarily to forget. But you do know that forgiveness is one of the best gifts you can offer another person to put their heart at ease.

6. You don’t put on a fake face

We live in modern societies that put a big emphasis on presentation and appearance.

Marketing conferences teach how to make a good impression, and corporations train employees how to seem pleasant or appeal in just the right way.

That’s not to mention dating and other fields, where people are expected to live up to some magic ideal that will supposedly make them more attractive or a more desirable partner.

As a warm person with a kind heart, you don’t bother with all that guff. You care about social norms, sure, but you don’t hide or fake who you are.

In fact, being genuine and authentic is often a key part of being warm and friendly.

People who are warm and friendly are generally accepting and understanding, and they tend to value honesty and authenticity in themselves and in others.

Faking who they are would go against these values and could lead to a lack of trust and authenticity in their relationships.

7. You recognize your blind spots

Being a rare person with a warm and friendly personality makes you able to admit your own faults.

You know what you don’t know and you admit it.

There’s no ego involved because you know that the price of pretending to know everything and always being on your game can be very high.

At a job it could be major mistakes, lost time and profits, or injury; in a marriage, it could be betrayal and major arguments; among friends, it could be a loss of faith in you as a buddy or a good gal pal.

So you recognize your blind spots and state them right upfront.

If your friend asks you if you want to golf and you don’t know how you just admit it; if your boss says he wants a report on oil futures and you have no idea of the first place to start you just be upfront and tell him it’s not your bag.

8. You don’t feel superior

One of the most convincing signs you’re a warm and friendly person with an authentic personality is that you don’t feel superior.

You really, truly don’t.

This is because you’re accepting, understanding, and empathetic, which makes you more open to seeing others’ perspectives and less likely to judge or look down on others.

Life’s thrown you enough experiences and you’ve met enough people to know that ideas like being better than someone really have no ultimate meaning.

You just don’t see life that way. You see it as a collaboration, and you see potential learning experiences potentially around every corner.

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