6 personality traits that show you have a kind heart

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There are many kind-hearted people in this life, who strive to make a positive impact on those around them and the wider world. 

Kind-hearted people have sincere, pure intentions to simply help others and to leave the world in a better place than they found it. These sorts of people show up in all walks of life – they might be charitable workers or healthcare workers, they might be writers and poets or painters…

In other words, kind-hearted people can show up anywhere. So, what are some of the most common traits of good-hearted people? Read on to discover the six most common traits.

1) They stand up for others

Good-hearted people don’t like to see others in compromised positions – especially when they’re in a disadvantaged situation. 

An example of this is bullying. 

Someone with a good heart is likely to take it upon themselves to stand up for another person who is being bullied and isn’t able to defend themselves.

For example, my youngest brother is a really kind-hearted person. He was a big kid, so the bullies never picked on him… But there was another kid in his class who was a constant target as he was disabled. 

As someone with a big heart, he hated seeing this and it became his duty to stand up to the bullies. 

He told the bullied that they would have to deal with him if they messed with the other kind. And can you guess what happened? Because of my brother’s size, the bullies backed off and stopped messing with the kid.

My brother wasn’t told to step in and say anything, but because he has a kind-heart he couldn’t help but do the right thing, which was to tell the bullies to stop being menacing. 

His kind-hearted nature meant that he felt compelled to stand up for someone who was struggling.

2) They’re good listeners 

More often than not, good-hearted people are great listeners

They are the kind of people that truly listen to what you have to say without casting any judgment and, best of all, they don’t butt in before you’ve finished talking! 

Good-hearted people are the sort of people that get the truth out of you and take the time to listen to where you’re really at; they’re always there when you need someone to vent to.

I’m lucky to have best friends that are such good-hearted people: these friends always let me talk until my heart’s content and they truly listen to me. It could be ten minutes or ten hours. The thing with good-hearted people is that they love to listen and to show that they care about another person. 

They’re happy to give you as long as you need.

Good-hearted people want others to know that their thoughts are valid and that they deserve to be heard – because the truth is we all deserve to be heard! 

What’s more, because kind-hearted people are such great listeners and they’re present in your conversation, they actually remember the things you tell them.

3) They will be there in times of need

Kind-hearted people aren’t only around just for the fun times. They will actually be there for another person when they are in a time of need – whether that’s following a break up, during a personal health crisis or if there’s been a death in the family. 

Good-hearted people show up for others because they don’t like seeing others in a difficult spot…. They show up to make other people feel less alone in their struggles.

In other words, you can count on a kind-hearted person to be there for you in times of need.

What this looks like we’ll be unique to the situation – it could be a card and flowers, it could be a care package with your favorite snacks, or it could be a long letter expressing their love and care.

4) They don’t judge 

Kind-hearted people aren’t judgmental, plain and simple.

It is unlikely that you’ll find a kind-hearted person judging someone for how they look, what their family is like or how they dress. 

Kind-hearted people are much more interested in finding the good in another individual and in spending their time getting to know who someone really is – rather than judging others on superficial things and jumping to conclusions.

More often than not, the people who are the most judgemental in life are the most unhappy. 

There is no chance that a good-hearted person would look at someone and make a nasty comment – whether it’s about their weight or the color of their skin. Simply put, good-hearted people have kind, big hearts!

5) They empathize with others 

Kind-hearted people have a greater sense of empathy

These sorts of people are able to try and put themselves in the shoes of another person, even if they are not fully able to understand their situation. 

For example, if a friend loses a parent, a kind-hearted person doesn’t need to have lost their parent in order to be able to empathize with what the other person is going through.

In this situation, a good-hearted person would let their friend know that they will be there for them, and that they are so loved and supported by them. They will affirm that they’ll be ok and get through things.

Simply put, empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone else’s shoes and to feel how they would feel. Empathizing with a friend means having the ability to not judge them… and it’s what kind-hearted people are ace at!

6) They try to lift others’ spirits

Kind-hearted people often take it upon themselves to lift the spirits of others, not for any other reason than to see another person crack a smile. 

This could take so many shapes.

Kind-hearted people might let a stranger know that they love their style, they might comment on an up-and-coming artist’s social media to say they think that they’re awesome or they might remind a friend about their recent accomplishments.

And the most amazing thing of all? All of these actions come about because the kind-hearted person wants to raise the spirits of another. 

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