12 unique personality traits that make you unforgettable

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Some people are more memorable than others. 

That’s because they’re unique and unforgettable. 

Here’s how to be one of them. 

1) Humor 

The first and indispensable ingredient of being unforgettable is being funny

We’re not all born with a big funny bone, but there are effective ways to improve your sense of humor. 

It’s all about pointing out humorous observations at the right time and having a unique and hilarious way of looking at life. 

The more perceptive and quick-witted you are, the more you make people laugh and remember you well. 

2) Self-esteem

Self-esteem is a very powerful factor in being memorable. 

I have met people who were so confident and in love with life and themselves that they positively glowed. 

The energy radiated off them and spread like a contagious force. 

It’s far more than being “happy” or “positive…”

In fact too much positivity and being upbeat can make people feel you are seeking attention or even being insincere. 

Self-esteem and belief in oneself is something different. 

It often manifests as a quiet confidence and a can-do attitude, as well as stability and calm when crisis or hardship occurs. 

People always remember that! 

3) Embrace your uniqueness 

Many people are trying to be accepted and validated. 

They try to be like somebody else, dress like somebody else and listen to the music that “other people” like. 

They lose their real core uniqueness in the desire to be accepted or feel like they belong. 

Those who are memorable are invariably those who have truly individuated, meaning they truly own themselves and their uniqueness. 

They aren’t just ok being different, they actually love it. 

The more you embrace your quirks and who you really are without shame or a need for validation the more people will be drawn to you and never forget their interactions with you. 

4) Passion

I’ve met many people who were fairly apathetic or didn’t have strong interests, but I couldn’t tell you all of them because I don’t remember. 

It’s the same with you:

People will remember your passion. 

“Oh, that’s the guy who loves sailing and is obsessed with nautical stuff!”

“Yeah! The lady who is doing yoga training and knows so much about holistic living!”

Your passion and focus on what you love have made you memorable!

5) Stylishness

If you’ve ever met a very stylish person then you likely remember them. 

They always stood out and made an impact with their presence. 

Whether it was their clothing, accessories, hats or hairstyle, they were visually remarkable. 

If you wear clothes that express who you are and make a statement then people are going to remember you crystal clear.

6) Anecdotes 

Many of the most memorable people I’ve met are those I recall because of their amazing anecdotes. 

They told such funny, surprising, scary and engaging stories about their lives and experiences that they were unforgettable. 

If somebody tells you something that especially catches your interest or makes an impression, you’re going to remember them. 

Think of a few of the most dramatic, hilarious or interesting experiences in your life and condense them into brief stories that you tell people.

Nobody will forget you again. 

7) Kindness

There’s a tendency to think of kindness as being the same as being “nice” or friendly. 

It’s actually more than that:

Kindness is about actually caring and going out of your way to connect with and help others

This could be a kind word or the number of a friend of yours who works in a field they want to work in. 

Kindness is all about caring for real, and showing it. People never forget kindness, especially when they’re in a moment of crisis. 

As Sira Mas writes:

“As much as you would love others to be nice to you, remember that others need kindness too. Be the person who brightens someone else’s day.”

8) High honesty

Those who tell the truth are respected and well-liked, but being honest isn’t necessarily especially memorable. 

What’s memorable is to be especially honest.

Being especially honest is about telling the truth and refusing to lie or mislead somebody even when you easily could. 

For example, traveling through Ukraine prior to the war I left my wallet in the back of a taxi after being dropped off at the bus station. 

Before I realized I’d even lost it after about 10 minutes this guy came back to me at the station and handed me my wallet: “hey, you lost this.”

He didn’t want any reward or praise, he just gave me the wallet. 

I didn’t have his license number or any way to have found him, he came back of his own volition and because he was especially honest. 

I’ll never forget that guy!

9) Brutal honesty 

The next form of honesty that will make you extremely memorable is brutal honesty. 

Mind you this can be misused or used in such a way that it’s very hurtful, and I recommend avoiding that type of brutal honesty. 

After all, we want to be remembered in positive and nostalgic ways, not remembered for being a major jerk!

But brutal honesty can be summed up as using the shortest and truest expressions to say what you think. 

If somebody asks whether you like the restaurant you’re both at, for example, and you’re not enjoying it that much you would say something like “not really.”

This kind of brutal honesty and using only a few words to say how you actually feel will make you extremely memorable for those who meet you.

10) Intense gaze

It may sound basic, but your gaze itself is highly powerful and memorable. 

James Blunt wrote a worldwide hit song called “You’re Beautiful” about meeting the eyes of a beautiful woman on the subway who made a strong impression on him. 

The song still brings audiences to tears. 

To a certain extent, our gaze is not our choice, although we can choose to convey certain emotions or desires through our facial expressions. 

We can’t control the connection someone may or may not feel with us or how they react to the color of our eyes, the shape of our face or our general “vibe.”

But we can control the practice of making more direct and prolonged eye contact. 

Whether it’s business, romance or any other aspect, making strong eye contact makes you memorable because we as humans are evolved to pay particular attention to the eyes and to remember those who look at us intensely or for a long period. 

Simple and effective. 

11) Flirt tastefully 

So many people flirt with little to no subtlety. 

This is boring and forgettable. 

But people will always remember someone who flirted with them in a memorable and subtle way. 

This includes the aspect of eye contact that I wrote about earlier, but can also include many other approaches. 

Maybe it’s sending somebody the perfect romantic, slightly suggestive song at just the right moment and the stars align…

Maybe it’s wearing an outfit that you know is one of their favorite colors and creates a strong seductive impression… 

Whatever your techniques, if you find ways to demonstrate interest that are classy but still suggestive, nobody you flirt with is ever going to forget you. 

You’re unforgettable…

Being unforgettable is an art and a talent. 

If you cultivate the personality traits above, you’re well on your way to becoming a truly unforgettable individual. 

Nobody who crosses your path will ever struggle to remember who you were again, and the memory of you will be bright as day for them when they see you again. 

You’re unforgettable!

Remember to make every moment count! 

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