9 personality traits that make you more interesting than you think

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Do you often find yourself surrounded by people who want to know more about you?

It can’t be just because you’re having a perpetually good hair day. It’s your personality.

Interesting people have a bottomless arsenal of engrossing stories and a natural magnetism that appeals to everyone.

You might not realize that your charm is off the hook and wonder what’s with all the attention.   

That’s one riddle that’s easy to solve.

Here are 9 personality traits that make you more interesting than you think.

I bet you’ve cornered the market on at least a few of the attributes below.  

1) Curiosity

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but as far as humans are concerned, it’s a trait that pays dividends.

Curious people ask questions and show genuine interest in others, making conversations more interactive.

They also exude positive energy thanks to their zest for exploring new ideas.

Doesn’t that describe an interesting person in your book?

2) Thirst for knowledge

Having a thirst for knowledge shows a willingness to learn and grow.

If you’re keen to expand your horizons and improve yourself, it means that you have varied areas of interest.

You might be well-versed in history, science, pop culture, or more niche subjects that can appeal to those around you.  

Whatever your expertise, you’re likely a delight to talk to.

Think about it. You already have insights into various topics.

As long as you’re willing to share them with others, you’re fun at parties for sure.

3) Openness

Openness fosters an inviting and approachable demeanor.

When you’re open to new experiences and people, you have a welcoming aura that automatically attracts others.

I was once at a baby shower for a friend, and I ended up chatting with this girl I hadn’t previously known for almost an hour.

We didn’t stick to surface-level topics. We went deep.

At one point, I asked her why she felt like she could be this vulnerable around me. After all, I’ve only met her that day.

She replied that I seemed receptive and non-judgmental.

She needed someone to talk to – and sometimes, it’s easier to reveal personal struggles to a stranger than to someone you know.

Maybe it would have made a better story if we had forged a friendship, but I haven’t seen her since.

Somehow, though, I feel like this makes that encounter even more special.

4) Creativity

Do you paint? Write? Make music? Scrapbook?

Engage in any sort of creative activity on a regular basis?

Congrats! You’re probably more interesting than you think.

Creative individuals see the world in unconventional ways. 

They have the ability to uncover new angles and possibilities in everyday situations.

This fresh perspective intrigues others, sparking admiration.

Moreover, creative people tend to be great storytellers, able to craft captivating narratives at the drop of a hat.

Not only are you interesting, but you may even inspire others to explore their creative side.

5) Honesty

Honest people are upfront about your thoughts, feelings, and intentions. 

This leads to deeper and more meaningful conversations.

They’re not afraid to share a controversial opinion or give a straightforward answer instead of beating around the bush.

When you’re seen as trustworthy, others are more inclined to confide in you and seek your advice or companionship.

What sounds more engaging: having a conversation with someone who recites platitudes and only tells you what you want to hear?

Or connecting with an individual who stands their ground and gives you their honest take on the subject at hand?

I thought so.

6) Productive laziness

I’m not talking about laziness in thinking or lack of motivation.

I’m referring to the productive type of laziness that leads to innovation.

There’s a quote by Bill Gates that illustrates this point: “I choose a lazy person to do a hard job. Because a lazy person will find an easy way to do it.”

In short, laziness can be the mother of creativity.

When faced with a task they’d rather avoid, lazy people come up with out-of-the-box solutions to make it more efficient and enjoyable. Just take a quick look at this Reddit thread.

Is your laziness pushing you to solve issues in a crazy yet helpful way?

Then you’re definitely more interesting than you think.  

Stop seeing it as a shortcoming.

7) Enthusiasm

While laziness can lead to good ideas, I’ll admit that enthusiasm is preferable.

Enthusiastic people are actively engaged in their activities or hobbies.

This engagement is contagious, so interactions with them are more dynamic.

Have you ever talked to someone really passionate about a particular subject?

The sheer joy in their eyes makes them endlessly appealing.

I love movies to the point where I could talk about my favorites for hours on end.

The downside?

This passion can sometimes cause me to escalate into a bona fide rant.

Once, as I was hanging out with a boyfriend, I was going on and on about the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

I realized I’d been the only one talking for a while, so I apologized and suggested we change the subject.

He told me that he thinks it’s great that I have so many insights and that he finds the fact that I get so invested very interesting.

Reader, I blushed.

8) Humility

If I had to pick between chatting with an arrogant person or a humble one, I’d pick the latter without giving it a second thought.

Humble individuals are approachable and easy-going.

They don’t flaunt their achievements, talk down to you, or feel the need to showcase their superiority, even when they have plenty to brag about.

And they do. 

Humility is frequently accompanied by a commitment to continuous learning and self-improvement.

It also goes hand in hand with empathy.

You know the conversation will be anything but dull.

9) Authenticity

Authentic people don’t put on facades or pretend to be someone they’re not.

This genuineness makes them more relatable, as well as more interesting, since they don’t shy away from being vulnerable when the situation calls for it.

A few signs that you’re an authentic person:

  • You know who you are and what you stand for
  • You’re willing to share your imperfections with others
  • You express your true self even when it’s difficult or uncomfortable
  • You openly talk about your quirks, fixations, and interests
  • You don’t feel the need to conform to societal expectations or standards

Does that describe you?

Then you’re substantially more interesting than you think.

Bottom line

One thing to remember: every person is interesting in their own way.

While having the personality traits on this list helps you stand out, your uniqueness is what draws people to you.

Those who find you boring can’t see your spark. It’s their loss.

But if you want to become more engaging, you can start by working on developing the personality traits above.

Minus the laziness, of course.  

I wouldn’t want to get blamed for that. 

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