15 personality traits of kind people that often go unnoticed

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It’s no secret that we can find kind people almost everywhere. Kindness doesn’t distinguish age and ethnicity. 

Kind people are true to themselves and make an effort to keep being kind, even when it’s difficult. 

They come from all ages, ethnicities, and nationalities. Most importantly, we can learn a lot from them. 

Let me tell you how to spot a kind person in your life and identify kindness within yourself. 

15 heart-warming qualities of kind people

1) Honesty is important to them

By “honesty”, I don’t mean the kind that hurts others without a care. When someone insults you and claims to be honest about it, it doesn’t mean there’s kindness behind it. 

Using honesty as a weapon is, simply put, being cruel without reason.

Now, when kind people are honest, you know their word means a lot to them. They’re not passive-aggressive, in fact, they search for the best way to put things into words. 

This doesn’t mean they won’t call people out if needed. Here’s the keyword: needed. Politeness will always prevail, though.  

A while ago, I noticed I was using cruelty to excuse my shortcomings. I started making a conscious effort to be kinder to others and myself as well. I made an effort, and it paid off wonderfully because my self-esteem was better than ever. 

2) Kind folks are generous

Generosity is an underrated positive trait. If you’ve ever met someone truly generous, you’ll know. These are the type of people that you can count on even if they’re not getting anything after helping you. 

Generous people know that good things and moments are meant to be shared, so they do it without question. They give their time and money without hesitation to the people they love, and often to folks they don’t even know. 

3) They’re optimistic about life

I used to only notice the negatives in my life. As a consequence, I was always short on money, time, and friends. 

It was only when I started trying to see the positives that I realized how much I was missing out on. As a result, I also started noticing all the great people that surrounded me, even if I hadn’t been the best version of myself I could be. 

I don’t care for gossip or complaints now. I process my emotions in a different, healthier way. A crucial first step was to start spending my time with positive people

They helped to open my eyes!  

4) Kind people give great compliments

Praise is something that we all need. Whether it’s our clothes, our hair, or even our apartment, it’s not easy to forget when somebody compliments us. 

That’s why kind people make an effort to notice something about the other person and compliment it. It makes them feel seen and special. 

They’re also not afraid to give constructive criticism, but only when it’s necessary. 

5) They give their best and a bit more

Going the extra mile when doing something, especially something boring, will stay with the other person. 

I still remember the friends who helped me when I needed money and the people who stayed with me through a scary doctor’s appointment. 

When kindness is the motivation behind an action, the moment is unforgettable. 

6) Kind people practice compassion

But what do I mean when I say “compassion”?

Easy: comforting others not from a place of superiority but by trying to understand what they’re going through. Kind people are great listeners; most importantly, they give helpful advice without making us feel bad for needing it. 

We all should develop compassion, and we can do so by listening to what the other person is trying to say without judging. Then, we can support the other person. 

7) Consistency is key for kind people

This ties in with what I’ve said before: kind people are true to themselves. Usually, your first impression of them is positive, and if you get to know them better, this doesn’t change. 

They’re consistently kind, not only when it’s convenient. 

Fortunately, practicing kindness and letting it become second nature is easy. You have to start by noticing the opportunities to be considerate. Then you can start to prioritize the positive side of every interaction you have.

8) Being kind mean being confident in your skin

Being confident doesn’t mean being conceited. Also, being humble doesn’t mean making self-deprecating jokes all the time. 

Kind folks know their strengths and weaknesses, and they recognize them without seeking validation from others. We’re all a work in progress, and that’s more than okay. 

9) Kind people are well-mannered

What I mean by this is that kind people don’t forget their manners. Holding the door for someone else, waiting to eat until everyone is served, and moving out of the way when it’s necessary are small ways to be kind. 

Remember that actions speak louder than words, and this is why kind people have great manners

10) Kind folks are open to new things 

Meeting new people and getting to know them requires kindness, not only for them but for yourself. Socializing can be challenging, but self-acceptance is key. 

For kind people, everything is an opportunity. They will take on every challenge with a smile, from learning a new language to starting to volunteer for an organization; they will enjoy every new task, even if they don’t succeed at first. 

11) They take an interest in other people

If you’ve met a kind person –I hope you have!– you know what I mean by this. They remember the details of the things you love. Their gifts, for example, are your favorite every time. 

This is their way of forming and keeping great relationships with the people they meet. Kind people don’t do this for a hidden agenda; they have a sincere wish to make a positive change in the life of others. 

12) Kind people are driven by passion

Passion can be something positive when channeled healthily. It gives us the impulse we need to keep going when things get difficult. 

I won’t lie, I’m not the best version of myself every day: I’m still learning. But I know that “practice makes perfect”, and my passion is an improvement. This is why I keep trying! 

13) They try to be on time

Being a few minutes late is nothing to worry about, and it doesn’t mean you’re not kind. But part of being kind is knowing that people’s time has value. 

Being on time means you are considerate: you won’t leave others waiting for you. It also helps with organization and discipline. 

I come from a place where being on time isn’t very common, so I recognize the value of it even more, and I try to practice it every day. 

14) Kindness often equals authenticity

There’s no need to pretend you’re something different than what you want to be seen as a kind person. You don’t need to put on an act or smile to folks you don’t even like, and you stick to your own set of values. 

Kind people stay true to themselves and are not afraid to express themselves authentically. 

This, in turn, makes people trust them more easily. It’s the best way to make new friends. 

15) Kind people aren’t afraid to forgive

The act of forgiveness isn’t something to bestow on the other person. It’s mostly something for yourself: living with anger isn’t healthy. 

Sometimes it’s best to walk away and preserve our own peace of mind, thus, forgetting with ease and moving on. 

I did that with a couple of folks who were not great for my self-esteem. Even though I don’t hate them, I realize how much better off I am with friends who support me through everything. 

Why is it worth it to be kind? Some scientific facts

It’s no secret that being kind isn’t a piece of cake. Sometimes you’re simply not in a great mood, and others can get on your nerves. It’s even harder to do so online, where you don’t have the “real-life” consequences of being unkind

However, research has shown that being kind is always worth it, not only for our mental health but for our physical health as well! This study shows that we’re better off when we do kind actions. 

Yet, another study shows that being kind to others helps lower blood pressure, among other health benefits. I love these facts because they scientifically prove that being kind has more benefits than we imagined. 

Finally, kindness can help people overcome difficulties. For example, some people with a fear of going to the doctor can get over it when the healthcare providers are kind to them. 

Other benefits of being a kind person

Take a look at these positive side effects you’ll feel after you’ve done something kind: 

  • You’ll have an energy boost;
  • Better mental health;
  • Longer expected lifespan;
  • Less inflammation in the body;
  • Better and healthier relationships;
  • Better self-esteem.

Do you see what I mean now? Take a moment to be kind to yourself and others. It’s worth it. 

Clifton Kopp

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