10 personality traits of a truly loyal man (who won’t cheat)

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Loyalty is a personality trait.

A man who’s not a cheater would never cheat—not even if your relationship is rocky and pretty girls are throwing themselves at him.

On the other hand, a man who’s prone to cheating would cheat even if your relationship is going great (and you’re the best girlfriend in the world).

If you’re looking for a truly loyal man, here are 10 things that usually go hand-in-hand with loyalty.

1) He’s self-assured

Most cheaters I know are the ones most insecure about themselves. They’re not confident of their looks, or their careers, or their talents.

It doesn’t matter if they’re actually successful. If they FEEL they’re not successful, they’ll always feel like there’s something missing in their life.

This is why when someone makes them feel good about themselves, it’s hard for them to shoo them away.

After all, someone who’s thirsty can’t resist an ice-cold glass of water.

It’s sad because they think they’re in love with the other person, but really—they’re just in love with how they make them feel.

So if you want a man who won’t cheat, find someone who’s not so insecure—someone who doesn’t need validation that they’re awesome (because they already know they are).

2) He’s NOT passive-aggressive

Some men cheat because they have resentment towards their partners.

Perhaps they feel powerless because their girlfriend is so controlling, or they feel undesirable because their wife doesn’t want to have sex with them anymore.

But instead of addressing the issues with their partner, they pretend everything is fine.

When this happens, their resentment gets stronger and stronger until one day, they end up hurting their partner in other ways.

Most of them are not even aware that they’re doing it. Doing something that could hurt their partner just feels so damn good.

That’s why, if you truly want a loyal partner, it’s important to find someone who’s skilled in direct communication, compromise, and conflict-resolution.

Look for someone who prefers to be honest with their feelings because they’re most likely to be the ones who’d never cheat.

3) He’s respectful (and not just to you)

A loyal man is someone who truly respects others.

You don’t have to tell him what to do (and not do) because he cares for the welfare of his friends, family, and even strangers.

He won’t deliberately hurt, offend, or backbite anyone. And at work, he won’t cut corners or steal credit.

Stepping on others is just not his thing because he believes that the world would be a much better place if we only learn how to respect one another.

Someone who genuinely cares about others would find it hard to cheat on you because he knows it’s not right. He doesn’t want to hurt you because he cares for you as a person.

4) He knows how to keep his word

A cheater has no problem making grand promises and breaking them.

For a cheater, words are just words…and he’d justify his missteps by saying “Well, I tried to do it anyway but it’s just hard. I’m only human.”

On the other hand, a person who’s loyal is the type who keeps his promises.

That because he’s a person with integrity—that he’s the type who doesn’t want to disappoint others by making them lose trust in him.

If this is your man, don’t let him go.

5) He can’t keep a secret from you

A loyal man would feel extremely uneasy hiding things from you.

It can be as simple “secret” as him eating the cake you saved for yourself or him overhearing your friends talk negatively about you.

He’d fidget and fumble and he literally won’t be able to sleep unless he confesses all of these things to you.

In other words, keeping secrets from you is torture FOR HIM.

If he’s this type of guy, you got yourself a keeper because it’s unlikely that he’ll cheat on you.

Or, let’s say that he would, you would definitely find out right away.

A cheater, on the other hand, can sleep soundly and go on with his day, week, or year without telling you things you should have known since Day 1.

6) He knows how to communicate his needs

When he needs something from you—whether it’s more hugs, more time, or that you help him around the house—he’d express it.

He doesn’t care if it sounds like he’s demanding, he’d rather communicate those things as early as possible so you both can do something about it.

Hold on to this kind of man.

He values your relationship enough that he’d actually make himself sound whiney.

He’s doing this because he doesn’t want that one day he’d wake up losing his feelings for you just because he has so many unmet needs.

You don’t want to be with a man who, in his attempt to seem manly and cool, would never express his needs.

They’re the type who’d start distancing themselves emotionally until they become too distant it’s so easy for them to cheat.

7) He knows how to communicate his frustrations

So not only is he good at expressing his needs, he also expresses his frustrations in a healthy manner.

He’d sit you down and tell you of the things that upset him, in the gentlest way possible.

He does this so the two of you can still work on your differences and try to be better for one another.

Some men cheat because they’re not happy with their relationship anymore. If only they learned to work on it instead of just letting the “small” frustrations pile up.

8) He doesn’t get bored easily

Some men cheat simply because they’re so bored with their life.

They’re bored with their work, with their relationship, and most of all— they’re bored with who they are.

That’s why when some “adventure” comes along, they’re more than willing to come along for the ride.

After all, they’d do anything just so their life is exciting again.

That’s why, it’s wise to look for a partner who doesn’t get bored so easily.

So take a look at your guy. Is his routine predictable and yet he’s content? Does he have hobbies? Does he find joy in the everyday?

Then, keep him. The likelihood of him cheating on you is close to none.

9) He knows how to set boundaries

There are so many good men out there who end up cheating simply because they don’t know how to set clear boundaries with women.

When a female colleague playfully flirts with them, they don’t have the heart to stop them.

It’s probably because they want to be gentlemanly or they’re just nice. But shooing women away seems to them like an asshole gesture.

While being with a true gentleman who’s friendly is great, you have to make sure he knows how to set clear boundaries.

So if he says “No” to you sometimes, don’t feel bad. It’s a sign that he’s not a people-pleaser who can’t set limitations.

And if he says “No” to others?

Then give him plus points. He just might be the kind of guy who’s less likely to cheat.

10) He doesn’t like breaking rules

Does he respect traffic rules? Does he throw his trash properly? Does he follow instructions?

Does he do the right thing even if no one will find out?

If he respects rules and he doesn’t want to get in trouble for breaking them, then he’s likely a truly loyal man who won’t cheat.

He has integrity.

So even if he’s unhappy in your relationship for whatever reason, he’d rather have a clean break-up than cheat on you.

Last words

There’s no guarantee that your partner will not cheat on you.

But if you see most of these traits in a guy, it’s time to calm down and just trust him.

The likelihood of him cheating on you is significantly lower than if you’re with a man who’s the total opposite.

So if you’re still dating around and you absolutely want your next guy to be truly loyal to you, then look for someone with all the traits in this list.

And if you’re already in a relationship with one, keep him forever. Truly loyal men are rare.

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