10 personality signs that show you’re a classy person

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Contrary to popular belief, being classy is more than just what you wear or how posh your accent is; it’s how you present yourself and treat others. 

There are, in fact, a number of personality traits that put you firmly in the classy category!

So if you’ve ever wondered whether you come across as a classy person or not, this article will clear up any doubts you might have…

Here are the top 10 personality signs that show you’re a classy person:

1) You’re humble 

When was the last time you saw a classy person boasting about themselves? 

If you have class, you most definitely have a good degree of self-awareness

This means you know not to shout out about your successes, which could potentially make people around you feel bad about themselves.

You’re aware of how you come across and what effect you might have on others.

That’s why you stay humble. You accept compliments with grace and politeness, but rarely toot your own horn, especially not in public! 

2) Your etiquette is on point

Speaking of politeness, if you’re a classy person, you’re probably known for being well-mannered and pleasant to be around

You certainly don’t forget your “please” and “thank you’s”…and holding the door open for the person behind you is just second nature! 

Having good etiquette isn’t something of the past as some people may think. It also isn’t linked to whether you went to a posh boarding school or a local state run institution. 

If you value and respect others, and have dignity for yourself and think about the way you present to others, you’ll know that basic etiquette can take you a long way.

All of these are signs of being a classy person.

And talking about dignity…

3) You treat others with dignity 

Another sign you’re a classy person is that you treat everyone you meet with dignity. 

Rather than make a scene in public, you prefer to deal with troublemakers in a quieter, private manner. 

You avoid gossiping about people. You respect people’s privacy. Most importantly, you give people the dignity they deserve. 

Whether you’re speaking to the shop floor cleaner or a CEO, you make eye contact, listen intently, and take on board what people have to say. 

4) You value yourself 

But just as you value making other people feel good in your presence, you also value yourself!

And rightly so – a classy person is someone who is confident in their own skin. They know what worth they bring to the table, so they’re not easily swayed by negative comments or rejection from others. 

Valuing yourself looks like:

  • Taking care of your health (mental and physical)
  • Enjoying “me-time” without the need for constant company 
  • Refusing to be treated with disrespect 
  • Treating your mind and body as a temple
  • Having strong boundaries and standards in place 

So if you do the above, there’s a good chance not only do you value yourself, but you’re a pretty classy person too! 

Now, we touched upon treating your body as a temple, let’s explore that a bit further…

5) You take pride in your appearance 

Another sign you’re a classy person is you carry yourself well. 

You’re not necessarily doing it for attention or to show off, but you know the importance of making a good first impression

And on top of that, you know how good you feel on the inside when you make an effort on the outside! 

That’s why you: 

  • Walk tall with your shoulders pulled back
  • Wear flattering clothing
  • Are well groomed (good hygiene, clean teeth, regular haircuts)
  • Eat/drink and sleep well
  • Exercise to keep in good shape

Most people make the mistake of thinking classy people only wear designer clothes, but that’s not true. 

When you carry yourself well and treat your body like a temple, you don’t have to wear expensive shoes or flashy jewelry. It’s all about your presence and the energy you exude!

6) You act with grace 

When you act with grace, you avoid “bad behavior”

Let me explain that a bit further…

You’re conscious of how you react to others – rather than being pushy, rude or loud, you prefer to be kind, soft, and elegant. 

You know that you don’t need to shout the loudest to get what you want. Simply being polite and warm natured tends to get you further! 

This is a key sign of being classy

You’re emotionally intelligent enough to react appropriately to whatever is thrown your way; you handle it with grace. 

But that’s not all, a major part of being emotionally intelligent is being able to put yourself in the shoes of others, which leads me to my next point:

7) You’re empathetic 

Being empathetic is another personality sign that shows you’re a classy person

When you can relate to other people and make them feel heard and understood, you’re showing them you have this powerful capability – you make people feel important. 

You see, being classy isn’t just about what you present on the surface, it’s about how you connect with others. 

And being empathetic is the ultimate way to form bonds and connections with people, even if you don’t necessarily like them or agree with them.

You’re classy enough to still interact with good manners and an open heart! 

8) You’re a well-rounded individual 

A classy person is usually able to converse well with others. But to be able to have interesting conversations, you need to have something to talk about. 

That’s why most classy people travel, have passions or hobbies, or are well-educated/trained in their respective fields.

That’s in no way to say that you have to be rich or university educated to be classy, but rather that you need to have some life experience to be a good conversationalist! 

But that’s not all…

Being a well-rounded individual means you work hard, and play harder. You have a balance in your life, and expose yourself to new experiences. 

All of this contributes and adds to your classiness…but it also boosts something else:

9) You exude confidence

When you do all of the above, it’s only natural that you’ll ooze confidence. 

Classy people are known for their confidence – it doesn’t have to be loud or in your face. 

In fact, most classy people are what I like to call “quietly confident”…you don’t see them being the loudest at the party.

Oh no, on the contrary, they’re the ones who speak the quietest but have the biggest impact! 

Just by being in their company, other people start to feel better about themselves. 

And a lot of that comes down to the fact that when you’re confident, you’re secure enough within yourself to just be YOU. You’re authentic and you give others the space to be the same! 

So, would you consider yourself a confident person? Do you stay true to yourself?

If so, you may very well be a classy person!

10) You have self-control 

Now, a classy person is many things,  but having self-control is what holds everything together! 

To act with grace, treat others with dignity, and remain humble and empathetic on top of that doesn’t always come easily…

That’s why if you resonate with the points above in this article, you’re a classy person without a doubt. 

Here’s the thing…

Self-control means you aren’t a slave to your emotions, nor do you overreact in tough situations. You’re able to exercise the three C’s:

  • Cool
  • Calm
  • Collected

And when you have those qualities, no matter what life throws at you, your classiness shines through.

So, now we’ve covered the top 10 personality signs that show you’re a classy person – feeling good about yourself? 

I hope so! 

And if you’re not quite there yet, don’t worry. Make a note of every point you don’t quite relate to, and work on it! No one was born classy, but there’s nothing stopping you from becoming more elegant and classy over time!

Kiran Athar

Kiran is a freelance writer with a degree in multimedia journalism. She enjoys exploring spirituality, psychology, and love in her writing. As she continues blazing ahead on her journey of self-discovery, she hopes to help her readers do the same. She thrives on building a sense of community and bridging the gaps between people. You can reach out to Kiran on Twitter: @KiranAthar1

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