12 things highly perceptive people notice about others

Some people are much more perceptive than others. 

They notice small details and crucial things about people that everyone else misses. 

Here are twelve things highly perceptive people notice about others. 

1. They notice people’s ‘vibe’

The first of the things highly perceptive people notice about others is their “vibe.”

Vibe is a kind of vague word. It means the feeling that a person puts out subconsciously. 

Somebody’s vibe may not be something they choose or are even aware of, but it is a kind of spiritual energy that radiates out. 

Highly observant folks pick up on somebody’s vibe right away. 

They may get a “good” or “bad” feeling about somebody faster than others due to picking up on that person’s vibe and reaching a feeling about that person. 

2. They notice microexpressions

The next of the things highly perceptive people notice about others is their microexpressions.

Microexpressions are small involuntary expressions that many people miss. 

For example, somebody sees a jacket they really want to buy in a store and their eyes widen slightly and nostrils flare subtly. 

These symptoms of immediate desire are missed by many, but not by the perceptive person. 

They pick up on the subtle and immediate expressions somebody has:

Slight twitches around the eyes, nostrils flaring, biting of the lips, a sharp intake of breath they try to hide, a scrunching of the nose in confusion. 

Microexpressions tend to be extremely rapid and often replaced by the “official” chosen expression someone chooses to portray, which is why they’re so key at getting insight into someone’s real intentions and emotional state. 

As Dr. Paul Ekman explains:

“Micro expressions are facial expressions that occur within a fraction of a second. 

This involuntary emotional leakage exposes a person’s true emotions.”

This brings up the next point…

3. They notice people’s subtle body language cues 

Highly perceptive people are very attuned to body language. 

They notice what people are saying with their body whether or not they’re saying it with their mouths. 

Body language is often subconscious and shows so much about what somebody is thinking, feeling and projecting into the world. 

The way we stand, eye contact, fidgeting, orientation of the body and so much more tells us many things about what’s going on inside someone’s psyche. 

Highly sensitive people pick up on this right away. 

4. They notice what people don’t say

The next of the things highly perceptive people notice about others is that they notice what people don’t say. 

We can all pay attention to what somebody says, and even learn to read between the lines. 

But extremely perceptive people can also tell when somebody is dancing around a subject or avoiding something. 

They notice what isn’t said even more than what is said. 

When somebody is speaking about a subject but conspicuously leaving out an important part of the issue, the perceptive person immediately notices and wonders why. 

They also notice the opposite as well… 

5. They notice things people repeat without realizing it

Elderly people are well known for sometimes repeating the same thing many times without realizing they’ve already said it. 

But everyone does this at times. 

Highly perceptive people notice when somebody is repeating smaller micro details within their sentences or what they are saying. 

For example a person keeps returning to the relaxing nature of taking a holiday, or the attractiveness of his wife. 


They pick up on these repeated details and file them away. People usually repeat things a lot because it’s part of a desire or insecurity they have.

6. They notice how people treat others

The next of the things highly perceptive people notice about others is how they treat others. 

They notice the subtle cues and behaviors that people use around other people. 

This includes their word choice, their facial expressions, their body language towards others and their general attitude. 

It’s not just how other people treat those close to them. 

You can tell a lot by how somebody treats their waiter, for example. 

Highly perceptive people notice this. 

7. They notice details of people’s grooming and style

The next of the things highly perceptive people notice about others is details about how they look after themselves. 

What image are they trying to convey or not caring about conveying?

How are they dressed and what level of intention or consciousness does it show in terms of style?

Are they trying to look or seem a certain way? 

This can tell you a lot!

8. They notice subtle attempts to manipulate or gaslight them

The next of the things highly perceptive people notice about others is any attempt by those people to manipulate or gaslight them. 

In the heat of the moment or while talking to somebody we respect or whose approval we seek, it’s easy for many of us to miss these cues. 

Highly perceptive people don’t miss them.

They can immediately tell when somebody is trying to take advantage of them, pressure them or trick them. 

They can also see their own reaction and fight back against an instinct to go along with the manipulation impulsively. 

9. They notice somebody’s core values 

The next of the things highly perceptive people notice about others is their core values. 

They intuit and conclude about somebody’s core values from their behavior, what they say, how they treat others, and what they’re focused on. 

They can see what somebody is focused on, and whether or not they’re happy or sad, angry or forgiving, the observant person notices what fires up this person. 

They can see the core values that get this person to care and become involved. 

10. They notice people’s hidden fears 

In addition, another of the related things highly perceptive people notice about others is their fears. 

They can see from somebody’s words and behaviors what they are trying to avoid or are scared of. 

Highly perceptive people pick up on inner emotions that aren’t outwardly displayed. 

They can hear the note of real fear creep into somebody’s voice when they talk about the growing crime rate in their city. 

They can hear the fear when they make a “joke” about not enjoying heights. 

They can also tell when somebody is exaggerating their fear for real or just doing it for attention or laughs. 

11. They notice small signs of attraction or interest 

Next in the things highly perceptive people notice about others is IOIs (indicators of interest). 

When somebody is showing IOIs around them, they pick up on it. 

When somebody is subtly rejecting them and throwing them indicators of disinterest or dismissal, they also pick up on it. 

Whereas others may rush into a situation and come out surprised by what happens, the observant individual is less taken aback. 

He or she has already noticed that somebody is potentially into them or not. 

12. They notice when somebody is pretending to be OK

Lastly in terms of the things highly perceptive people notice about others is they notice when people are wearing a mask. 

Many times people express surprise about finding out a seemingly happy person is actually deeply depressed or that a “nice” guy was actually a psychopath or deeply troubled. 

Highly perceptive people don’t have that issue. 

They pick up on it right away and notice repressed anger, emotions and issues bubbling beneath the surface. 

They don’t necessarily judge it or jump to conclusions, but they can definitely see the pain under the surface of many people’s outer masks that say “thanks, I’m fine.” 

The art of noticing 

The art of noticing is all about being in the present moment and keeping your eyes open. 

Highly perceptive people notice the things that many others miss because they pay full attention to the people around them. 

They are perceptive people watchers and rapidly notice many details of the people who speak and interact with them. 

The art of noticing comes down to wanting to notice. 

Keep your eyes open and you never know what you’ll find.


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