People who radiate positivity have these 7 special personality traits

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Have you ever met someone that you just feel good around?

Like you can laugh with them, genuinely smile when around them, and leave their presence with an overall feeling of contentment?

Genuinely positive people are usually quite easy to spot.

Their positivity is inspiring and infectious. So we typically leave their presence feeling better about anything and everything – no matter how we were feeling before we met them.

Being a person who radiates positivity usually stems from how you act, think, speak, and behave.

If you want to see if you’re that kind of person, or want to figure out whether someone you know is good for your life, check out these 7 personality traits of people who radiate positivity!

1) An ability to think on their feet

Positive people are quick on their feet. Not literally, of course, but figuratively.

Essentially, when something bad happens, they can shift their thoughts at a moment’s notice to adapt to the new situation.

Like if they’ve organized for their group of friends to visit a bar, and upon arrival it’s closed, they don’t pout and let it ruin the evening.

Instead, they keep their energy high and quickly find somewhere else to go.

You’ll notice that this happens when anything goes “wrong” for them.

No matter what it is, whether it’s losing their job or meeting an awkward silence, they don’t get bogged down by the situation and dwell on it.

Instead, they immediately look for a new way to move forward – without even thinking about it.

2) Impeccable tact

Another special trait of someone who radiates positivity is impeccable tact.

They can broach any subject, ask any question, or make any observation without causing upset.

As Isaac Newton said, “Tact is the art of making a point without making an enemy”.

Like if someone has recently broken up with their boyfriend/girlfriend, a positive person just knows how to respond sensitively about the matter.

Someone without any tact at all might say, “They were awful anyway and you’re better off without them”.

But a positive person with tact may say something more like:

“It’s an awful situation and I’m sure there was good and bad in the relationship. But you deserve to be treated well and I know you’ll find this one day.”

3) An ability to strike up a good conversation with anyone

When you imagine a person who radiates positively, what’s the first image of them in your head?

Is it them chatting away with a smile on their face? Because that’s what I imagine!

People who radiate positively can spark a conversation with anyone. And when they do, the conversation is uplifting and engaging.

They don’t start all conversations with a complaint or a negative comment.

Like a moan about the weather or a complaint about how bad their job is.

Instead, they talk about something positive, like how good of a job someone did in that meeting recently.

Or ask someone how they’re getting on with learning Spanish or starting indoor climbing.

Ultimately, they can make conversation easily and the conversation is generally a happy one, rather than a negative rant.

4) A natural appreciation for life

People who radiate positivity notice the world around them and have no qualms about sharing their love for the little things in life.

You’ll notice it in the way they behave when walking through the woods or entering a new building for the first time.

They may stop to (quite literally) smell the roses when walking through the park.

Or they may be looking around a new building to take it in. And say aloud specific compliments about how nice the reception, bar, seating area, etc. is.

And the appreciation is genuine, not false. Their eyes light up when they look around or talk about a certain thing, and they speak in an upbeat way.

5) A knack for words and saying the right thing

People who radiate positivity always seem to know the right thing to say.

They have a knack for words and know how to make someone smile or feel good about themselves.

Like if someone is sharing something about a hobby of theirs, they know when to ask follow-up questions, when to smile, and when to say something nice.

Or if someone is opening up about some past traumatic event, they make the right facial expressions, have a look of genuine care on their face, and say something considerate in response.

Just because they radiate positivity, that doesn’t mean they always say things like, “You’ll be fine!” or “It could be worse!”.

Which, let’s face it, often makes us feel worse.

Instead, their response will be much more heartfelt.

Like saying, “I’m so sorry you’re going through this, but I just know how strong you are and that you’ll get through this”.

6) Openness and vulnerability

Usually, you’ll notice someone’s positivity when they talk about something personal.

Like a hardship they went through – whether that be grief, trauma, heartbreak, or losing a job.

Ironically, your positivity shines through the most when talking about bad things that have happened to you.

When someone is open and shows their vulnerability, and has a positive outlook on the past, you can see their strength.

And their positivity about the trauma of their past is infectious and inspiring.

7) Unshakable inner confidence

Having confidence doesn’t mean you’re the loudest person in the room.

Quiet confidence – inner confidence – simply means being secure in yourself.

It means feeling comfortable and content standing in a room full of people, regardless of whether you’re speaking or not speaking.

It means that no matter what others say about you, you can let it go if it’s not something that benefits you or something you believe in.

This can be seen in the small ways, like if someone criticizes your outfit (that you love). You don’t run home and change, burn the outfit (not literally, of course), and never wear it ever again.

Instead, you simply shrug it off, know in your head that you feel good wearing what you’re wearing, and get on with your day.

Or in the bigger ways, like if someone criticizes the way you speak, you can shake it off and think about what they may be going through to feel the need to criticize you in such a way.

People who radiate positivity feel good about themselves and think highly of themselves, no matter what.

And no one can take that away from them, no matter what is said or done.

Final thoughts

People who radiate positivity are great friends, partners, and colleagues.

They have a certain air of confidence about them and you usually feel good when in their presence.

If you have one of these people in your life, or are one yourself, you’re doing pretty good in life.

What makes a person positive lies in their behavior and the things they do and say.

And while many people have these special traits come naturally to them, anyone can change their behavior to become more positive.

If you want to become a more positive person, give some of these behaviors a try!

While it takes time to change your mindset and daily habits, it can be done with a bit of patience, practice, and time.

And when you spread joy more easily, both you and the people around you will feel better for it!

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