People who have a contagious zest for life usually adopt these 9 daily habits

Living a life infused with zest and enthusiasm is not the exclusive domain of a select few. It’s a choice that anyone can make, regardless of their circumstances.

Those who exude this infectious energy have a particular way of viewing the world, which is largely shaped by their daily habits. It’s not about having an endless supply of external resources, but rather, a boundless reservoir of inner strength, creativity, and resilience.

These individuals don’t just happen upon positivity and passion; they cultivate it with intention. And the good news is that you too can learn from their practices.

Here are some daily habits adopted by those who live life with a contagious zest.

1) Embrace creativity

Creativity is not a privilege reserved for artists, writers, or musicians. It’s a universal human attribute that fuels innovation, problem-solving, and personal expression.

People who live life with an infectious energy understand this. They don’t confine creativity to occasional art projects or brainstorming sessions. Instead, they weave it into the fabric of their everyday lives, making it a daily habit.

These individuals see every decision as an opportunity to tap into their creative potential. They view every challenge as a chance to think outside the box and come up with novel solutions.

This daily dance with creativity keeps their lives vibrant and dynamic. It fuels their curiosity, keeps them engaged, and adds a splash of color to even the most mundane tasks.

But cultivating creativity doesn’t just happen. It requires intentionality, openness to new ideas, and a willingness to take risks. It means stepping out of comfort zones and inviting in the possibility of failure as part of the journey of discovery.

2) Cultivate authentic relationships

Forming deep and meaningful connections with others is a cornerstone of a life lived with passion and zest. It’s not about having a large social network, but about fostering relationships that are authentic, supportive, and fulfilling.

Every day, I make it a point to connect with the people in my life in a genuine way. Whether it’s a heartfelt conversation with a friend, a thoughtful gesture towards a colleague, or simply being present with my family, these moments of connection add richness to my life.

I believe in communicating with honesty, empathy, and respect, even when it’s challenging. I strive to understand others’ perspectives and to express my own feelings and thoughts with clarity and kindness.

At the end of the day, it’s through our relationships that we grow, learn, and experience the joy of shared humanity. And it’s a daily habit that those with a contagious zest for life tend to adopt.

In the words of Brené Brown, a research professor at the University of Houston who has spent her career studying courage, vulnerability, shame, and empathy: “Connection is why we’re here; it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives.”

3) Foster self-awareness

A zestful life is often characterized by a deep sense of self-awareness. Those who seem to radiate positivity and passion have a clear understanding of who they are, what they value, and how they interact with the world around them.

This clarity doesn’t come from fleeting moments of introspection but from a consistent commitment to self-exploration and personal growth. It involves confronting fears, challenging limiting beliefs, and cultivating self-compassion.

In my journey, I’ve discovered that one crucial aspect of fostering self-awareness is acknowledging and embracing one’s vulnerabilities. And here’s the interesting part – it’s not about trying to ‘fix’ these perceived weaknesses but about turning them into catalysts for growth and empowerment.

In one of my videos on YouTube, I delve into this concept through the lens of Imposter Syndrome. This phenomenon, common among high achievers, is often viewed negatively, as a hindrance to success. But what if we could flip the script?

What if we could see feeling like an ‘imposter’ as a sign of deep self-awareness that can drive a more profound exploration of personal and professional capabilities? What if we could use it as a tool for authentic growth rather than seeing it as a flaw to be fought?

Take a moment to watch this video where I delve into these ideas in more detail:

Fostering self-awareness is not a quick fix; it’s an ongoing process that requires patience, honesty, and courage. But it’s a habit worth cultivating for those who wish to live life with genuine enthusiasm and zest.

And if you find this perspective resonates with you and you’d like to explore living life with more purpose and freedom, I invite you to join over 20,000 others by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Together, we can embark on this journey of self-discovery and authentic living.

4) Embrace obstacles as opportunities

Life is not without its share of challenges and setbacks. Yet, those who seem to emanate an infectious zest for life have one thing in common – they don’t view obstacles as roadblocks, but rather, as opportunities for growth and learning.

It’s an approach to life that doesn’t sugarcoat difficulties or shy away from discomfort. Instead, it’s about acknowledging the struggle, diving headfirst into it, and emerging on the other side stronger and more resilient.

Every setback, every failure, is seen as feedback—an invitation to reassess, adapt, and evolve. It’s about finding the seeds of creative possibility within every challenge and using them to fuel progress and innovation.

This habit asks for a significant mental shift. It requires stepping away from the instinct to avoid pain or hardship and instead choosing to lean into it with curiosity and openness.

But here’s the truth – life isn’t always easy. It can be messy, unpredictable, and downright tough sometimes. Yet in these moments of adversity, we find our greatest opportunities for growth.

5) Align actions with core values

Living a life brimming with enthusiasm and zest isn’t about chasing external markers of success or trying to fit into societal norms. It’s about aligning your actions with your deepest values, about striving for a sense of authenticity and integrity in all that you do.

This alignment isn’t always easy. It requires a deep understanding of your core values and the courage to make choices that reflect these, even when it goes against the grain. It’s about having the conviction to stand up for what you believe in, regardless of external pressures or expectations.

One area where this alignment becomes critical is in our financial decisions. Prosperity isn’t merely about accumulating wealth; it’s about using money as a tool for positive change, aligning our economic choices with our deepest values.

In this raw and honest exploration of entrepreneurship, I delve into the often overlooked aspects of being an entrepreneur. It’s not all about glamor and wealth; it’s also about resilience, persistence, and staying true to your values even when faced with challenges:

Aligning actions with core values may be challenging and uncomfortable at times, but it’s a daily habit that fuels a life lived with passion, integrity, and a contagious zest for life.

6) Seek discomfort

In a world where comfort is often equated with happiness, it might seem strange to suggest that seeking discomfort is a habit of those with an infectious zest for life. Yet, this is precisely what many vibrant individuals practice daily.

This is not about seeking discomfort for the sake of it, but recognizing that growth and transformation often occur outside our comfort zones. It’s about understanding that discomfort is a signpost of change, an indicator that we’re pushing our boundaries and challenging ourselves in meaningful ways.

Whether it’s trying out a new skill, engaging in difficult conversations, or challenging our own assumptions and biases, these uncomfortable experiences can lead to profound personal growth. They help us to become more resilient, adaptable, and open to new perspectives.

In a society that often encourages us to avoid discomfort at all costs, choosing to embrace it can feel counterintuitive. However, by consciously stepping into discomfort and viewing it as a catalyst for growth, we can live more authentically and passionately.

As I always say, true empowerment comes from taking full responsibility for our lives – including facing the discomfort that comes with growth and change. So don’t shy away from discomfort. Instead, seek it out, embrace it, and see how it fuels your zest for life.

7) Cultivate a positive relationship with money

Money is often viewed as a source of stress, a necessary evil, or even the root of all evil. But those who live life with an infectious energy usually have an entirely different perspective. They cultivate a positive relationship with money, seeing it as a tool for facilitating their values and promoting positive change.

It’s not about amassing wealth for the sake of it, but about aligning their financial decisions with their deepest values. They view money as a means to support their creative pursuits, invest in their personal growth, contribute to causes they care about, and create a life that resonates with their authentic selves.

This approach to money requires financial literacy and conscious decision-making. It’s about understanding your income and expenses, making informed choices about spending and saving, and investing in ways that align with your values.

Cultivating a positive relationship with money is not just about financial security. It’s about creating a sense of purpose and fulfillment, knowing that your financial decisions reflect who you are and what you stand for.

8) Invest in personal growth

Investing in personal growth is not always a priority in our busy lives. Yet, those who exude an infectious zest for life recognize the importance of this investment. They understand that personal growth is not an optional extra but the foundation on which a fulfilling life is built.

Personal growth may involve formal education, but it’s often more about self-directed learning, introspection, and experiential learning. It might mean reading widely, attending workshops or seminars, engaging in regular reflection and mindfulness practices, or seeking out mentors and coaches.

Investing in personal growth also involves challenging limiting beliefs and stepping outside comfort zones. It’s about embracing vulnerability and openness to new experiences.

By making this investment a daily habit, individuals can continually evolve and adapt, deepening their understanding of themselves and the world around them.

9) Practice gratitude

Gratitude is more than a feel-good buzzword. It’s a powerful practice that can shift our perspective, enhance our well-being, and infuse our lives with a sense of abundance.

Those with a contagious zest for life often make it a habit to practice gratitude daily. They take time to appreciate the big and small blessings in their lives, from the beauty of a sunset to the love of family and friends.

But practicing gratitude is not just about appreciating the good times. It’s also about finding reasons to be thankful even in the face of adversity or hardship. It’s about recognizing that every experience, whether joyful or challenging, is an opportunity for learning and growth.

By making gratitude a daily habit, we can cultivate a positive outlook, deepen our appreciation for life’s gifts, and fuel our zest for living.

Embracing the zest for life

The habits we’ve explored in this article aren’t just arbitrary practices adopted by those with an infectious zest for life. They are deeply rooted in a belief system that values authenticity, creativity, self-awareness, and personal growth.

These habits are about more than just feeling good in the moment. They’re about fostering resilience, embracing challenges, and living in alignment with your core values. They’re about making conscious choices that reflect who you are and what you stand for.

Whether it’s embracing creativity, cultivating authentic relationships, fostering self-awareness, aligning actions with core values, seeking discomfort, cultivating a positive relationship with money, investing in personal growth, or practicing gratitude – each habit is a step towards living a life infused with enthusiasm and zest.

As we navigate the complexities of life, it’s crucial to remember that our habits shape our experiences. The consistent choices we make each day can either drain our zest for life or fuel it.

If you’ve found these insights valuable and want to continue exploring how to live a life of purpose and authenticity, I invite you to join over 20,000 others by subscribing to my YouTube channel. Here’s to embracing the habits that fuel our zest for life!

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Justin Brown

Justin Brown is an entrepreneur and thought leader in personal development and digital media, with a foundation in education from The London School of Economics and The Australian National University. As the co-founder of Ideapod, The Vessel, and a director at Brown Brothers Media, Justin has spearheaded platforms that significantly contribute to personal and collective growth. His deep insights are shared on his YouTube channel, JustinBrownVids, offering a rich blend of guidance on living a meaningful and purposeful life.

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