People who grew up in a highly competitive environment often have these 12 distinct traits

Growing up in a hyper-competitive environment can provoke quite different reactions. 

These generally fall along becoming even more competitive or resisting and becoming much more anti-establishment and relaxed.

Let’s take a look at the signs that somebody grew up in a highly competitive climate. 

1) Ambitious and goal-oriented 

Those from a competitive background have a strong drive to achieve and succeed in various aspects of life. 

It is almost as if they still hear the voices of their parents echoing in their head telling them to go further so more, earn more and be better. 

Their ambitious nature comes from their background. They can’t take a real break or let up on themselves. They always need to be better.

2) Resilient and mentally tough

On the positive side, highly competitive people who grew up in a highly competitive background are very resilient. 

They can take a number of setbacks and disappointments along the path to their goals because they are very committed to what they want to achieve. 

They also tend to take failure and stride and try to learn from it instead of taking it as a personal rejection.

3) Highly motivated and energized

A constant need for motivation to strive for excellence is another thing that characterizes those who grew up in a competitive environment. 

Those who grew up in a highly competitive environment are extremely motivated. 

They dream of glory and whatever field they are pursuing, whether that is athletics, career or personal happiness. 

They are always trying to find a reason to try even harder.

4) Adaptable and flexible

Flexibility in adjusting to changing circumstances and finding solutions is another key aspect of those who grew up with the heat on. 

High adaptability is another characteristic of those who grew up in a highly competitive environment. 

Because demands were put on them from an early age they had to learn to adopt their own expectations and norms to outer expectations. 

Whether those expectations came from an authority figure on a team, their parents, or other leaders in the community, they are used to adapting to challenges and scaling up their efficacy to meet new standards.

5) Strong work ethic

A dedication to hard work, often going above and beyond expectations. This relates to the previous point as well. 

Those who grew up in a very competitive environment have a strong work ethic.

Even if they were born with very intense innate talents, they had to work hard from a young age to keep improving and had the attitude that there is no such thing as “good enough.”

They are always striving to get better and keep improving and this gives them far above average work ethic.

6) Competitiveness in every area

A natural inclination to compete, whether in personal or professional spheres. 

Highly competitive environments tend to breed highly competitive people, although in some cases a background where there was too much pressure and expectations.

It can lead to some resistance and somebody who runs away from their high pressure environment and seeks something more low-key and forgiving.

7) Timeliness and meeting deadlines

A commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering results promptly. Those raising a competitive environment were often timed or assessed in various ways that involved measurement.

They continue this trend later into life, holding themselves to a high standard of punctuality and meeting deadlines.

Being late is something yeah being late is something they dread and they always do their best to meet a deadline and be on time.

8) Innovative thinking

A tendency to think creatively and find innovative solutions. Innovative thinking is another hallmark of those who grew up in a highly competitive environment.

They may have been tasked with athletic Feats or intellectual prowess, but either way they were told to come up with new solutions to Old problems.

Whether that was running faster or writing a math test with less mistakes, they learned to come up with new approaches to solve all dilemmas and were praised for solving things in their own way as long as they got a result.

9) Networking skills

A knack for building and maintaining valuable connections

Those raised in a deeply competitive background were told to be honest with themselves even if it hurt. 

They assess their own performance and progress with brutal honesty and have continued that habit throughout life.

They are unable to lie to themselves or pretend that they are succeeding more than they are, and for this reason they are highly introspective and reflective about what they are succeeding at and where they still need improvement.

10) Stress-handling skill

Those who grew up in a demanding environment are better at handling stress than most other people.

They already had an above average stress load placed on them from a young age, and learned to adapt to that climate.

For this reason stress in their work and personal life doesn’t wear them down quite as quickly as it does to the rest of us.

11) Relaxed and anti-discipline

Now we come to the flip side of those raised in a competitive environment who may rebel against it. 

A highly competitive environment can make some folks become extremely relaxed. 

Opposite to those who continue the pattern of being extremely high-octane and competitive, these individuals seek a break. 

Once the parental pressure is off and they don’t feel they have to live up to the expectations, they chill out and try to go with the flow. 

Namaste, bro.

12) Anti-establishment attitudes 

Those who grow up in a highly competitive environment can sometimes develop quite anti-establishment attitudes. 

This is their form of rebellion:

They don’t want to live up to the standards anymore and they resist pressure and expectations they feel from society and others. 

They may also have issues around authority and problems taking orders. 

Rather than make them more competitive and disciplined, their upbringing made them annoyed with authority and those who claim to have a right to tell them what to do. 

Thoughts on a highly competitive upbringing

Those raised in a highly competitive environment tend to exhibit the kind of strict and disciplined traits noted above. 

They are used to performing at a high level and expecting the most of themselves. 

Others, on the other hand, will go the opposite way and become more resistant to authority and competition, going with the flow and resisting attempts at top-down authority. 

It really depends a lot on each unique individual in terms of which way the competitive background tends to shape them.

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