People who glow from the inside share these 10 beautiful traits

Have you ever met someone who simply radiates joy?

Like if they were in a Disney movie, they’d have rays of sunshine beaming out of them and animals would follow them everywhere?

These people exist more than we realize. It’s just hard to spot them outside of the movie theater.

In fact, you could be one – and you just don’t know it yet!

How? Take a look at these 10 beautiful traits people who glow possess to find out:

1) They have a kind nature

First things first, people who glow from the inside out have kind souls. Ever heard the expression that someone is beautiful on the inside?

It’s supposed to mean that someone is kind-hearted and an all-round lovely person.

When someone is kind to you, it makes you feel good. And when you feel good, do you feel like you’re glowing? Or at least feel warm inside?

Well, that’s what it means to glow. It means your insides feel warm, fuzzy, and full of love – and it radiates out of you like a little ball of sunlight.

So if you’re a kind person who looks out for others, is supportive, and doesn’t hesitate to compliment people you know – you’re probably glowing without even realizing it!

2) They are good listeners

When you glow as a person, people feel like they can instinctively trust you. Friends confide in you and people you don’t know that well end up spilling their secrets.

And it’s not because you’re nosy, pressuring, or like to be involved in everyone’s business. In fact, sometimes you wonder why people tell you these things at all!

But to them, the reason is obvious. It’s because when they talk to you, they feel like you truly listen to them.

You take it all in, nod along, and always say something at the end that makes them feel better (even if it’s just something supportive or empathetic).

Even when you don’t say anything at all afterward, they know you’ve listened, and it makes them feel good. To them, it’s why you glow (which makes them glow, too!).

3) They feel joy easily (and express it)

Imagine someone in your life who radiates joy. What do you picture them doing?

Do you picture them with a smile that lights up the room? Laughing and giggling away – being the life and soul of the party? Because I do!

People who light up the room light up themselves first. You’ll always see them with a big cheesy grin on their face (a genuine one, too).

Because people who glow feel joy easily – and they aren’t afraid to show it. Their poker face is terrible, and they don’t care at all!

When they’re happy, they’ll smile, talk about it, and won’t be afraid to laugh at anything. Even if something embarrassing happens, they’ll find a way to make light of the situation and brush it off.

4) They have a positive mindset

This leads us nicely to another trait of someone who glows from the inside out: positivity! Positive people are all-around nice to be around.

Have you ever spent a day with someone who looks on the bright side of anything – and just felt good about everything that happened that day?

If so, you’re with a positive person (or you are that person!).

You can usually tell when a person has a positive mindset once you’ve spent time with someone who isn’t positive.

They complain about everything and just generally bring you down. You don’t feel inspired, enthusiastic, or even happy after spending time with them.

But when you’re with someone who radiates positivity, it’s completely different.

Changing plans at the last minute doesn’t phase them. A waiter being rude is easily brushed off. And even if their food is completely terrible, they’ll find a way to laugh at it and make everything seem better.

5) They are deep thinkers

One thing people who glow don’t do is act without thinking. You think about everything – from what outfit you should wear to what goes on in others’ minds.

No one would ever describe you as rude, judgemental, or ignorant. Why? Because you think everything through before you act – and you rarely conclude that you should be cruel to others, no matter what they did.

You’ll never react quickly in anger without thinking through the what, why, and how. Someone who’s upset you could be going through something. Or you could be reacting because of something external.

Either way, you’re not an impulsive person. And it’s your deep-thinking nature that makes you empathetic, appreciative, kind, and (best of all) glowing.

6) They’re very understanding

You can’t be a deep thinker without also being an understanding person. The two traits go hand in hand.

When you’re an overthinker (in a good way), you tend to have high levels of empathy. Which, if you don’t already know, is the ability to share and understand the feelings of other people.

So, it makes sense that you’re a very understanding person. If someone told you they wanted to quit their job because of how desperately unhappy it made them, you’d understand.

If someone told you they’ve broken up with their boyfriend and need to cancel your long-awaited plans at the last minute, you’d understand.

Because you’re not judgemental or critical of how others like to live their lives. And it’s this trait that makes people trust you, care for you, and gravitate toward you (and your glowing nature!).

7) They are extremely caring

Another trait of someone who glows from the inside is their ability to care for others. When you’re a caring person, you look out for everyone important to you.

If your partner was running late, you’d sacrifice your lay-in to give them a lift without even blinking. If a friend was crying, you’d care deeply about how they feel and would want to help them in any way you can.

You’d never do anything to make someone feel worse when they’re already low. Nor would you intentionally do or say something to hurt someone.

Your selflessness sometimes gets you in trouble – with people overstepping your boundaries and taking advantage of you. But your strong head and deep-thinking mind doesn’t let that happen for long.

And just because you are kind, caring, and positive-minded – that doesn’t mean you let people walk all over you.

8) They’re highly sensitive

Being branded as “sensitive” is often used as an insult or at least as a weakness. But to people who glow from the inside, it’s anything but.

To you, it’s your superpower (it’s just a little annoying sometimes). Your sensitivity makes you the kind, caring, and empathetic you are.

Without your sensitivity, you wouldn’t be able to offer words of advice to friends or a comforting smile to someone who’s going through a rough time.

Things affect you deeply – even stories you read online, watch on the news, or hear on the radio have the power to disrupt your entire day.

But they also make you stronger and more empathetic – which makes you (you guessed it!) glow.

9) They’re strong-willed

Just getting through daily life is tough when you’re sensitive, so the fact that you do it day in, day out makes you very strong.

I have a friend who’s been through so much in her life, but she’s nothing but positive. You almost wouldn’t believe how much she’s been through with the outlook she has!

We all call her the strongest person we know. She doesn’t stand for guys treating her badly, nor does she let heartbreak, bad grades, or work issues get her down for too long.

Most people who glow do so because of how much they’ve been through. Their struggles make them appreciate the good times so much more – and they’ll dance in them (not literally, but you get what I mean).

And if you glow from the inside, you’re strong, too – even if it doesn’t always feel that way.

10) They have confidence in themselves

Finally, another reason you glow from the inside is because you have an unshakable confidence in yourself. You have high self-esteem, a strong sense of self-worth, and an everlasting love for the person you are.

And you’re not cocky about it – flaunting how much you love yourself to anyone who will listen (that’s the opposite of glowing). It just shines through in everything you do.

Your confidence makes you calm, cool, and collected – without even realizing it, most of the time. People call you confident, and you can’t see it.

But when you really think about it, it makes sense. Because you walk with intention, think for yourself, know what you want in life (and what you don’t want), and you don’t accept toxic behavior from others.

And it’s these things that make you a confident, shining beacon of hope to the people around you!

Final thoughts

Some people don’t realize the impact they have on others or how strong they really are.

But when you take a step back to look at the things your friends say about you and how you act in daily life, it’s easy to see that you have a wonderful soul.

Glowing from the inside out is a beautiful thing. And even if others can’t see how kind, caring, and strong you truly are, that doesn’t matter.

Because as long as you know it, that’s all you need to keep doing what you’re doing – i.e., glowing! 

Amy Reed

Amy Reed is a content writer from London working with international brands. As an empath, she loves sharing her life insights to help others. When she’s not writing, she enjoys a simple life of reading, gardening, and making a fuss over her two cats.

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