People who get to the airport more than 2 hours before their flight often have these 7 character traits

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Are you the type to arrive at the airport hours ahead of schedule and idly relax at your gate as you patiently wait for boarding time?  

Or do you wait until the last minute and end up frantically rushing to catch your flight? 

Well, wherever you fall into a spectrum, how early or late you get to the airport before your flight can say a lot about who you are internally. 

In this article, I’ll walk you through the character traits of people who arrive at the airport just a bit too early.

So if you’re an early bird, then you probably also harbor these personality traits. 

Let’s get to it!

1) They’re naturally punctual 

We all know people who seem to be chronically late, but what about people who are chronically on time, even chronically early? 

We should start giving them a bit more credit. 

In such a fast-paced world filled with distractions, the value of being on time is growing increasingly rare. 

So if you make it a point to be punctual, taking into account unforeseen delays, this speaks volumes about your character. 

At its core, being early is a sign of courtesy. 

So by being early, not only are you good at managing your time and staying focused, but you are likely courteous and considerate of others too. 

After all, the virtue of being on time inherently involves being mindful of other people, whether that’s at the airport or a gathering with friends. 

2) They’re risk-averse and cautious

Generally speaking, I hate the fact that I’m an overthinker.

But one good thing that comes with being perpetually anxious is that I’m always on time. 

I like to play it safe. 

Why? Because my brain goes into overdrive and considers even the unlikeliest of circumstances en route to my destination.

You really never know what you’ll encounter, be it heinous traffic or immigration and security lines that rival those at a Taylor Swift concert. 

So when it comes to being on time, particularly for something as momentous as a flight, my cautious approach to life and decision-making has generally served me well over the years.

Zero flights missed and counting.   

3) They’re organized 

When you’re organized, this generally means you detest chaos–and as we all know, a hectic airport is about as chaotic as it gets. 

Organized people prefer things to be clean, orderly, and systematic. 

Arriving early at the airport is in line with this mentality.

In addition to showing up in a timely fashion, they thoroughly arrange their documents, study security protocols and boarding procedures, and perhaps, even create an itinerary for their time at the airport. 

So, if these things sound familiar, then chances are, you are quite an organized and detail-oriented individual. 

4) They hate stress 

Having to rush to get to the airport and ruminate about possibly missing your flight is tortuous and stressful.

This is all avoidable, with a few minor adjustments. 

Personally, I’m a firm believer in the “better to be early than late” philosophy. 

Why? Because when you’re early, you can relax, you’re in control, and you can avoid the agony of rushing and uncertainty. 

I’d rather be checked in and bored, than still on the road and freaking out. 

Besides, by arriving early, you have the privilege of selecting your seats at the gate, have time for last-minute changes, and generally feel stress-free and more in charge of your travel experience–a good omen for the rest of the trip. 

5) They’re patient 

As mentioned, people who get to the airport early often end up waiting at their gate for prolonged durations. 

The latter is a small price in the bigger scheme of things. 

So if you prefer waiting to frenetically rushing to make your flight, this indicates a patient disposition–not only when it comes to travel and flying, but in life in general. 

You take the time to thoughtfully consider all the pros and cons rather than just moving without weighing all the outcomes. 

6) They’re always prepared for emergencies

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, you’d probably be a good person to have around. 

You aren’t just organized, you are always prepared, ready to take action in unexpected situations–like an understudy in a popular West End production. 

When you travel, you have your comprehensive travel insurance, your backup documents, and contingency plans ready to deploy if necessary. 

You may also go to the airport earlier than typically necessary, as the extra time gives you the opportunity to pivot in the event something goes wrong. 

7) They enjoy leisure time and relaxation  

Arriving early at an airport may sound tedious, but this is a part of the fun for people who enjoy airport amenities

They can enjoy duty-free shopping, check out the new food options, have a beer and mingle with other travelers, or get a massage. 

This is especially true for the newer, flashier airports of the world with state-of-the-art amenities.

I had a daunting seven-hour layover at Changi Airport in Singapore earlier this year.  

I was dreading it, but as time passed, I began to realize that I was actually enjoying myself. 

The airport had a mind-blowing food court, with a dizzying array of choices from local hawkers to foreign options. 

I dined on street food as authentic as it gets.

There was a snooze lounge; there was a butterfly garden; there was a movie theater.  

Because of my extended time there, I got to survey the grounds at a leisurely pace, getting some rest in where necessary. 

Before I knew it, it was time to board. 

I wasn’t stressed, and I wasn’t angry; in fact, a part of me wished the layover was an hour longer. 

So if you enjoy leisure and exploring new things, as I do, you probably also tend to arrive at the airport early. 

Final words 

To recap, people who show up early at the airport aren’t just experts at managing their travel time; they’re able to manage life in general with an impressive combination of foresight and composure. 

Their early arrival is motivated more by embracing a philosophy of preparedness and peace, rather than the prospect of simply missing their flight–a trait that carries over to many other aspects of their lives. 

And they’re far better off for it.

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