People who genuinely enjoy being single have these 7 personality traits

Ah, the single life! Some people see it as a phase to rush through, a waiting room for the next big relationship. 

But let me tell you, I’ve met folks who absolutely love flying solo — and they’re onto something special. What’s their secret? 

Well, I got curious and talked with a friend who’s loving the single life like no other. And through our conversation, we found that people who genuinely enjoy being single share some fascinating personality traits. 

Stick around, because these 7 traits might just make you rethink what it means to be single and oh-so-ready to mingle with life itself!

1) Independent

Imagine it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon. While couples are deciding which family event to attend or negotiating weekend chores, there’s my friend who’s been joyfully single for years. 

What’s she up to? She’s taken care of all her household necessities herself, packed her favorite book and some snacks, and she’s headed for a solo day at the beach. 

There’s no need to adjust her plans to fit someone else’s schedule, preferences, or moods. This means she’s fully self-reliant and can fully immerse herself in whatever she loves, whenever she wants. 

This independence isn’t just about doing activities alone — it’s about emotional freedom as well. You don’t feel like you need a ‘better half’ because you feel whole all on your own. 

Don’t get me wrong, my friend has a great social life and loves spending time with family and friends. But at the end of the day, her independence allows her to truly relish her single status. 

She gets to go to bed knowing that she made the most of her day, her way. And you know what? She wouldn’t have it any other way.

2) Self-confident

Another trait that stands out in my friend is her self-confidence. She doesn’t need a partner to validate her; she’s her own best cheerleader.

This has nothing to do with being overly proud or egotistical. Nope, her self-confidence is about knowing her value and embracing who she is, solo lifestyle and all.

You might be wondering, “How does she get such self-assurance?” Well, she’s got a couple of tricks up her sleeve. 

First, she fills her days with activities that build her skills and make her feel competent. Maybe it’s whipping up a gourmet meal from scratch, or putting together an impressive work project. These little wins accumulate and reinforce her sense of self.

And here’s the gem: She also has a super healthy relationship with failure. If something doesn’t go as planned, she doesn’t spiral into self-doubt. Instead, she sees it as a stepping stone on her journey to becoming even more awesome.

Now, think about this: being single actually gives you the space to cultivate this self-confidence. There’s no one around to second-guess your choices or dull your shine. You’re free to take risks, mess up, and most importantly, grow.

3) Adventurous

So, we’ve talked about how my friend thrives on her independence and self-confidence. Now it’s time to mention her adventurous spirit.

Take your regular weekend, for example. Most folks are watching Netflix at home, going out to the same nightclub as always, or tied up with family commitments. 

Meanwhile, my friend is taking an impromptu road trip to explore a quaint little town she’s always been curious about. 

Being adventurous doesn’t necessarily mean you’re skydiving every weekend or hiking up mountains (although my friend would totally be up for that). 

It’s more about a state of mind and being open to new experiences, big or small. It’s when you say yes to life, embrace the unexpected, and find excitement in the ordinary.

And let me tell you, the single status is like a blank canvas for your adventurous streak. You don’t have to consult anyone else or compromise on your choices. Want to try a weird and wonderful new cuisine? Done. Feel like going on a last-minute weekend getaway? No problem. 

So if you’ve ever felt like being single means your life is on hold, think again. Look at my friend and her adventurous spirit, and you’ll realize the world is your playground, and you can build all the castles you want.

4) Comfortable with solitude

A lot of people who hate being single say it’s because they feel alone. But my friend is the perfect example that being single doesn’t mean being lonely.

In fact, she treasures the quiet moments where she can think, meditate, read, or simply be. She even once chose to be home on a “staycation” alone while her friends jetted off on a group holiday. 

Why did she do it?

Because she loves her own company just as much as she loves being around others. To her, solitude is not an empty space she’s looking to fill. It’s an opportunity to reconnect with herself, a sanctuary where she can be her unfiltered self.

And that’s what lets her truly enjoy life even when she attends concerts alone, finds herself with no plans, or zooms off on one of her solo adventures mentioned above.

Comfort with solitude even makes you more present in your relationships because you’ll bring a well-rounded, fulfilled self to the table. No desperation, no clinging, just a balanced individual who knows their worth.

5) Optimistic

Another secret of my friend’s love for her single life is her unwavering optimism. You see, she doesn’t look at her life as a glass half-empty, waiting for someone to come along and fill it. Her glass isn’t just half-full — it’s overflowing!

The time she spent rebuilding an old bike? She didn’t see it as a lonely Saturday. 

For her, it was a lesson in patience and mechanics, a rewarding project capped off by a pleasant ride through the city streets. 

What’s fascinating is that optimism and the single life actually feed off each other. Because you’re not tethered to another person’s emotional state, you’re free to maintain your own sunny disposition, which in turn makes the single life even more fulfilling.

And my friend will tell you herself, optimism is like a magnet for good vibes. People love being around her because her positive energy is infectious. 

It draws in new friendships, exciting opportunities, and yes, if she ever wanted, even romantic interests. 

6) Emotionally intelligent

You know those people who just get it? Who understand not just what you’re saying, but what you’re feeling? That often describes people who genuinely enjoy being single

Now, you might think, what does emotional intelligence have to do with enjoying the single life? Well, everything, actually.

A lot of people enter into relationships to cover up their own insecurities or fears with the tidal wave of happiness hormones that the rose-colored glasses phase brings.

They need someone to comfort them, cheer them up, or distract them because they don’t know how to understand or manage their own emotions.

But when you’re emotionally intelligent, you know how to support yourself through any emotional ups and downs — and you don’t rush into relationships just to fill a void. 

So if you decide to invite a partner into her life, it’ll be because they add to your already abundant emotional landscape.

7) Highly self-aware

You know that popular saying, “Know thyself”? Well, if it had a poster child, it would be my friend. But it didn’t happen overnight.

Remember those solo trips and quiet nights we’ve been talking about? They aren’t just about having fun or enjoying solitude. They’re her lab for self-exploration. 

She uses that time to ask herself the hard questions that many of us might avoid: What are her dreams and ambitions? What makes her tick? What are her strengths and weaknesses?

It’s this unflinching self-awareness that allows her to navigate the seas of singlehood so gracefully. 

Unlike many people who bounce from relationship to relationship without really understanding why things didn’t work out, she gets it. She knows that understanding oneself is the first step to understanding others — in any type of relationship. 

She knows her boundaries and what truly makes her happy, making it easier to embrace a life that’s aligned with her true self.

Learning to love the single life

Now you know 7 personality traits that people who genuinely enjoy being single share.

No matter what your relationship status, I’m sure you can see the great benefit to cultivating these traits. 

Because let’s be real, you can only be happy with someone else if you’re happy with yourself first. 

So even if you’ve been with someone for years, working on these 7 traits can only make you both happier. 

And the good news is, you definitely can choose to start embracing these qualities today. Focus on one first, let yourself explore this trait within you, and you’ll be sure to see it start to emerge.

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