People who display these 9 traits need more personal space than most

If you’re like me, you like having plenty of personal space. However, working from home while my three-year-old and my wife are at home almost all the time means I have less space than ever.

Of course, my wife could complain even more about that, but things will obviously improve for both of us once our son goes to preschool in less than a year. 

But many other people need more space than most. From creatives to the sensitive, all the people who display the following traits need more personal space. 

1) Introverts

Introverts are the folks who recharge by spending time alone. After socializing, they need to retreat to their personal space to regain energy. 

Small talk might not be their forte, but meaningful one-on-one conversations are. That means they prefer small groups of friends or colleagues instead of parties and similar gatherings. 

Even then, they have to have more personal space for themselves; otherwise, they’ll go ballistic. 

But introverts aren’t loners by default. They just appreciate solitude. Personal space gives them the freedom to be alone without feeling pressured to constantly engage with others.

So, when we say people with introverted tendencies need more personal space, we’re basically saying they appreciate having their own bubble to retreat to after the hustle and bustle of socializing.

2) Independent people

Picture the lone wolf, not in a lonely way, but in a fiercely independent manner. They value self-sufficiency and prefer to make decisions on their own terms. 

Sure, collaboration is great, but they thrive when given the autonomy to navigate life on their own.

These people aren’t interested in fitting into predefined molds but rather in shaping their unique identities.

For that, you can’t be constrained by others, even if they’re friends and family. As someone who’s highly independent and who doesn’t share much about himself, having plenty of space is like a lifeline. 

Without it, I can’t be 100% myself and creative. I hate the thought of someone looking over my shoulder. 

It makes me instantly go back into my shell like a turtle. 

3) Freedom lovers

Similar to independents are the free spirits who resist any form of constraint. Personal space is their haven, where they can spread their wings and explore the vast landscapes of their thoughts and desires.

Routine and predictability feel like chains to them, and personal space becomes a canvas for spontaneity and unpredictability, allowing them to explore new ideas, hobbies, and experiences without feeling tied down.

I know a couple of people who’re like that. While they may seem rebellious, their quest for personal space is often a peaceful rebellion against anything that threatens to stifle their freedom. 

It’s a subtle resistance to conformity, a declaration that they won’t be confined by the norms.

4) Deep thinkers

These people are often lost in the labyrinth of their thoughts. They contemplate the complexities of life, philosophy, and existence. 

When you engage in conversations with them, you’re diving deep into the profound and abstract.

Personal space is their thinking nook, where they unravel the intricacies of their experiences and gain insights into themselves and the world.

They also use personal space as a meditative retreat, exploring the recesses of their minds and understanding their motivations and aspirations.

For example, picture someone taking a stroll in a park. While others simply enjoy the scenery, a deep thinker uses this time to reflect on the beauty of nature, the fleeting nature of life, or even the symbolism of the changing seasons.

5) Creative souls

Creative souls have a vivid imagination and a penchant for artistic expression. Their minds are like a bustling art studio, constantly churning out ideas, colors, and concepts.

They always have a notebook or a sketchpad on hand, and when inspiration strikes, they need that space to unleash their creative whirlwind. 

It could be anything from writing stories, composing music, painting, or just letting their imagination run wild.

Why the need for more personal space? Well, creating art is a bit like having a secret rendezvous with your own thoughts. 

They need that quiet corner, whether it’s a cozy room or a solitary bench in the park, where they can let their creativity flow without any interruptions.

It’s not just about the physical space, though. They also need mental space to let their ideas seep. 

Too much noise or too many people dampens their creative vibes. So, giving them that breathing room helps them dive deep into their creative process and produce the amazing stuff they’re known for.

6) Busy bees

These are the ultimate multitaskers of the group. You know those friends who seem to have a million things going on at once? That’s them. 

From work projects to personal goals, they’re like plate spinners trying to keep everything in the air.

Imagine someone with a to-do list that’s longer than a CVS receipt. These busy bees are constantly hopping from one task to another, buzzing with energy and enthusiasm.

So, when it comes to personal space, busy bees aren’t just looking for a break. They’re creating their own little haven where they can manage the whirlwind of activities life throws at them.

7) Private peeps

These are the people who treat their personal space like a sacred sanctuary. Imagine your room is your castle, and you’re the knight guarding it. 

These people aren’t about flaunting their lives on social media or sharing every detail at the water cooler.

For them, personal space is more than just a physical area. It’s their mental and emotional refuge. 

It’s where they can be their unfiltered selves without the prying eyes of the world. These are the friends who won’t spill the beans about their weekend adventures unless they trust you with the secret map to their treasure trove.

They’re selective about what they share, not because they’re secretive masterminds, but because they appreciate having a space where they can be authentically them.

8) Sensitive folks

Imagine heightened senses, where every sound, touch, or sight is amplified. That’s how sensitive people see the world around them. 

Now, here’s the deal with them: Because they’re so tuned in to emotions, being around a lot of people or intense situations can get overwhelming. 

It’s like turning the volume up to eleven when they’re already on high alert. They need personal space as a sort of emotional decompression chamber.

Think of it like this – imagine you’re at a concert with blaring music. Most people can handle it. 

But for sensitive people, it’s like that volume is cranked up to an uncomfortable level, and they just need to step out to a quieter spot.

9) Observant people

Ever met someone who seems to have a built-in magnifying glass for the world around them? 

These are the people who can spot a needle in a haystack, notice the subtle change in your expression, or detect the faintest aroma of coffee from across the room. 

Just like a shark can sense a couple of drops of blood in the ocean. 

Now, why do these observant souls need a bit more elbow room? Well, their personal space is like their detective headquarters. 

It’s where they can process all the information they’ve gathered without distractions. Just imagine trying to solve a mystery while someone’s chatting in your ear – not exactly helping to crack the case, is it?

Final thoughts

If you’re one of these people, you already understand why you need more personal space than others. 

But if you’re not and you live or hang out with people on this list, now you can understand why they leave the party early or maybe don’t go to one in the first place. 

Or why they just want to be left alone at times. It’s nothing personal. They’re just built that way. 

Adrian Volenik

Adrian has years of experience in the field of personal development and building wealth. Both physical and spiritual. He has a deep understanding of the human mind and a passion for helping people enhance their lives. Adrian loves to share practical tips and insights that can help readers achieve their personal and professional goals. He has lived in several European countries and has now settled in Portugal with his family. When he’s not writing, he enjoys going to the beach, hiking, drinking sangria, and spending time with his wife and son.

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