People who are lovely to be around usually have these 10 character traits

Have you ever met someone who just makes you feel like you’re wrapped up in a warm snug blanket?

Everything about them just radiates warmth, from their energy, their gestures, and their facial expressions to the kinds of questions they ask.

In short, they’re absolutely lovely to be around. And they usually have these 10 character traits.

1) Empathy

This is a big one. Lovely people are so lovely for a reason – they have the emotional capacity to not only respect other people’s feelings but to soak them in and truly empathize.

A few days ago, my friend and I went shopping. I felt completely crushed because of something going on in my personal life, and the moment she saw me, she could just feel it.

And then she did everything in her power to be there for me and make the experience as easy as possible.

Her empathy got me through that day.

2) Attentiveness

My friend isn’t just highly empathetic – she’s also an extremely attentive person, which makes her absolutely lovely to be around.

“Hey, I’ve noticed you haven’t eaten all day. Should we cook something together?”

“I can see you’re tired so I’m happy to go home now, but if you’d like me to stay over at your place so that you’re not alone, I can do that, too.”

“How did X and Y go? And what about Z?”

When you’re around her, you can just feel her love through all the details she remembers and all the attentive care she gives you.

3) Genuine curiosity

Some people just love to go on and on about their own lives without realizing that there’s another whole person involved in the conversation.

They don’t ask questions. Sometimes, they don’t even ask for your opinion. They just want to talk and talk and eventually go home.

I’m sure we can all agree that people who are this self-centered are not exactly lovely to be around. In fact, the interaction can feel so empty that you’d rather do anything but.

My friend – yup, I’m bringing her up again because she’s just so lovely – always asks me about so many aspects of my life that I feel genuinely seen and validated. It’s an amazing feeling.

4) Integrity

Someone who’s super nice to you just to go behind your back the next day isn’t someone you want to spend your time with.

A lovely person is warm and accepting. When you’re around them, you know there won’t be any harsh gossip or malicious intentions.

What’s more, they’ll always do their best to show up as a whole and cohesive person whose actions and thoughts are in accordance. They won’t make empty promises and go back on their word, they won’t say something just to act in a completely opposite way, and they will always be as honest as possible.

A person like that is someone you can trust.

5) Respect for others

I used to be friends with someone who would always push my boundaries, and the moment I pointed it out, they’d lash out, spinning the narrative in their favor.

It’s safe to say they weren’t very lovely.

Respect is fundamental to thriving human relationships. If you don’t have respect for someone, how can there even be a balance between the two of you? How can the relationship make you both better people?

All the kind and lovely people I know won’t ever try to push you over the edge. If you say it’s a no, then it’s a no. Full stop.

6) Humility

Humility is seen as a negative character trait by some, but I, for one, absolutely love it.

Here’s why.

Humility isn’t about turning the other cheek. It’s about having the self-awareness and grace to understand your limitations. When you’re humble, you know there’s so much space you can still grow into, so many lessons you can still learn.

And you’re not afraid to show it.

Humble people lack arrogance, which is an automatic tick on the loveliness list.

7) Open-mindedness

Don’t you just hate being judged?

Sometimes, you stumble across a person or a group of people who just make you feel like you’re shrinking. Your silly playfulness becomes weird awkwardness. Your intelligence becomes arrogance. Your fun fashion style becomes ridiculous.

The longer you’re with them, the more you feel like you can’t breathe. Your authenticity is drowning in all the narrow-mindedness and judgment.

Just thinking about it makes me queasy.

Well, lovely people are the exact opposite. They are so open-minded and accepting that you can be your true self without worrying. They are a safe space to be.

8) Assertiveness

Lovely doesn’t mean submissive. Just because you go with the flow, give away too much of yourself to others, and dot on other people from time to time, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re lovely to be around.

Because everything has its limits. Yes, even affection.

Assertiveness is an amazing quality because it’s what makes you so admirable and fully yourself. When you’re not afraid to take up space and you go after what you want, people will naturally gravitate toward your confidence.

Being in your presence will inspire them to be a little braver, dream a little bigger, and believe in themselves more.

9) True confidence

Boasting? Not confidence.

Arrogance? Not confidence.

Coldness and judgment? Not confidence.

Love, warmth, and the desire to be everyone’s biggest supporter as well as your own? Jackpot!

At its core, confidence means that you have enough self-love to assert yourself in the world. And this amount of love is so enormous that you can’t help but spread it onto your relationships, too.

If you’re succeeding, you want others to succeed, too.

If you’re not succeeding, no matter what – you still wish others happiness because you know everyone’s life has its own timeline.

A confident person will not only inspire others to be more comfortable in their own skin but will also radiate energy and love, making them lovely to be around.

10) Zest for life

Lastly, my absolute favorite character trait that lovely people share is the energy and optimism with which they live their lives.

I don’t want to hang out with someone who constantly complains, wallows in self-pity, and is too scared to get outside their comfort zone. It brings my own spirits down, and I feel depleted afterwards.

I want excitement. I want a connection built on how beautiful life is, not how many bad things happen every day.

Lovely people see the beauty around them and take the time to truly appreciate it. They don’t give up on themselves and keep going despite obstacles and setbacks.

They believe that life is full of opportunities, not limitations. And when you’re around them…you realize you believe it, too.

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