People who are genuinely classy never do these 18 things (especially in public)

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We often admire those who exude class and sophistication. 

But have you ever wondered what they don’t do to maintain such decorum and elegance?

Sure, we know about polite manners, tasteful attire, and refined speech. Those can be taught and learned, and often improve with practice.

Yet, we focus less on the habits that these classy individuals actually avoid, particularly in public.

So, interested in upping your level of sophistication?

Well, start by ditching these 18 habits that classy people never partake in:

1) Avoiding loud talking

Public spaces are meant to be shared and respected. 

Classy people know this, and tailor their behavior accordingly.

This means never raising your voice or yelling away at someone on Facetime, nor blaring loud music on headphones that don’t block out your hit 90s singles. 

Instead, they strive to keep a calm and composed demeanor, respecting their surroundings and the people within it, and maintaining a tranquil and peaceful environment.

2) Absolutely no interrupting

There is nothing more jarring than someone trying to butt into you mid-conversation point like a horned bull.

It is rude, arrogant, and shows no respect for the speaker.

Avoiding any interruptions is such a simple act that demonstrates not only good manners but also shows that you value what the other person has to say. 

Active listening involves genuinely listening to the speaker, waiting your turn to speak (like we were taught in preschool with holding the holy spoon), and responding thoughtfully when the speaker has concluded their point.

This ensures that the interactions of classy individuals are respectful and meaningful, and shows unwavering thoughtfulness towards others.

3) No fear of apologizing

Apologies are never a sign of weakness or defeat. 

In fact, it’s quite the opposite – it takes courage to own up and admit to your wrongdoings.

The truly classy have no qualms in saying, “I’m sorry.” 

This not only shows integrity and humility, but also their ability to take responsibility for their actions. 

And a genuine, heartfelt apology can mend bridges, heal wounds, and even strengthen relationships. 

It’s a mark of emotional intelligence, of humility, and of maturity, all of which contributes to overall classiness.

4) Never flaunting nor bragging

There are few things less attractive than flaunting your wealth or achievements in public. 

Or in any space, for that matter.

‘Work hard in silence and let your success be the noise’, is an apt quote for the approach the truly classy and sophisticated take.

They let their actions and character speak for themselves, rather than strutting around with flashy handbags, shiny sports cars, or generally yammering about how much their portfolio is worth.  

This approach not only shows humility but also allows individuals to build genuine relationships with others based on mutual respect and understanding.

And quietly working through your own successes will always prove far classier than trying to win others over with superficial and materialistic temptations. 

5) Manners maketh man (or woman)

Never overlook the importance of good manners. 

Simple gestures like saying “please” and “thank you”, holding doors open for others, or showing respect to service staff are non-negotiables for what makes up class.

Even using your cutlery correctly, sitting at the dinner table with no elbows (as my grandma has instilled in me), and sending thank-you cards for any presents go miles in cultivating your class.

So no matter the situation or the company they’re in, these classy individuals ensure that they maintain a polite and considerate demeanor

These small acts of courtesy may seem trivial to some and might even be overlooked, but they are fundamental pillars that uphold class and sophistication.

6) Personal hygiene is paramount

You need not spend hours grooming yourself every morning, but a neat outfit and freshly brushed teeth go a long way when it comes to class.

Caring for your appearance in a way that is not vain but rather demonstrates your respect for yourself shows how much you value your health and wellbeing.

And this care for detail and awareness of how you are perceived inherently adds to your classy persona.

7) Never ignorant towards other people’s feelings

Empathy is a cornerstone of those with true class

You can be rich and groomed and aristocratic, but if you lack empathy, you lack class.

Being able to consider the feelings of others, to share in their suffering, and to help – all of these aspects go far in not only looking classy, but also feeling and acting upon it from within.

8) Never fake nor phony

Authenticity is crucial here.

Apparently, also quite easily faked, as we all learned from Anna Sorokin dubbing the upper class into thinking she was a refined heiress (when she really was not.)

The thing about such facades is that they always crumble, eventually.

Hence why truly classy people don’t put on a facade or try to mold themselves into someone they’re not to fit in or impress others or gain things. 

They accept and embrace their flaws, and they’re not afraid to be vulnerable. 

True class stems from being comfortable in your own skin, owning your mistakes, and continuously striving for growth and improvement. 

9) Not passing judgment upon others

You might picture class as an old man in a suit, sitting in a pressed suit in a smoking room, cigar in mouth, frowning upon the youth of today.

Or a miserable old countess with a grouchy old dog in her lap, bitching about the waitstaff and what a poor job they’re doing in bringing her next meal – delivered upon a silver platter.

Instead of forming opinions based on appearances or hearsay, those with true class strive to approach everyone with an open mind and heart. 

This respect for individuality, the patience, and the understanding that not everyone is granted immense privilege reflects their own maturity and wisdom.

And after all, elegance is more than just a style; it’s an attitude towards life and people.

10) Never late

Being punctual is a demonstration of profound respect for the time and commitments of others, demonstrating a true appreciation for the individuals you interact with. 

This seemingly simple yet incredibly impactful habit is such an important aspect of the image associated with class and professionalism. 

Lateness equates to prioritizing your own time over that of other people, and is undeniably and unbearingly rude.

Hence why classy people make turning up on time (or even 10 minutes before) a prerequisite of any interaction,

11) Not making a spectacle of themselves

Truly classy individuals are masters of the delicate balance between self-expression and restraint, particularly in public settings. 

Their actions and words resonate with grace and poise; favoring subtlety over ostentation. 

So no rolling around drunk, or shouting at someone at the other end of the table.

Classy people don’t repress themselves, but they don’t get rowdy and boisterous either.

12) Not partaking in gossip

In the pursuit of maintaining class, it’s imperative to steer clear of indulging in gossip. 

Engaging in or perpetuating rumors not only tarnishes the reputation of those involved but also diminishes the worth of the individuals discussed. 

So no, classy people won’t be caught nattering about other people’s business. They respect privacy and avoid trivial topics that belittle others.

13) Never forgetting to give credit where due

Classy individuals have a distinguished ability to acknowledge the contributions and efforts of others, always emphasizing respect and appreciation for even the smallest of acts. 

Whether in a professional setting or personal interactions, giving credit where it’s due is a customary practice. 

And no matter how big or small, they thank waitstaff and cleaners, tip for services, and thank every individual with a genuine smile.

14) Not monopolizing conversations

On top of never butting into conversations, the truly classy avoid monopolizing conversations and making it all about me-me-me.

For stomping your feet and demanding the spotlight is a sign of disrespect for the diversity of thoughts and opinions. Plus, it makes you look rather selfish and pompous.

Instead, classy individuals engage in balanced interactions that ensure every voice is heard and valued. 

They’ll likely also be the ones to catch out if someone is spoken over or overlooked, and ask this person to continue speaking – such is the nature of their vigilance and class.

15) Never losing their temper (easily)

Maintaining composure under pressure is a defining trait of classiness. 

Sure, we all get angry, but rapid outbursts of temper disrupt harmony and make others very uneasy. 

However, classy individuals respond to challenges with grace and patience; even in the face of intense adversity. 

They still experience that same stiffness and ingratiation, but they will never let it show in public. 

16) They don’t forget to express gratitude

Gratitude will always stand out as one of the most important ways in which classy individuals can express their sophistication and grace.

They know the profound impact of a simple ‘thank you’ in making others feel appreciated. 

And their gratitude isn’t just voiced. They’ll also show it through acts of service, gifts, and genuinely feel it from within themselves.

This pure thankfulness transcends mere politeness, and reflects both graciousness and humility – key elements that make up class.

17) They don’t disrespect boundaries

Understanding and respecting personal boundaries is essential for upholding class. 

Someone looming into your personal space, taking your personal possessions, or otherwise invading your privacy doesn’t exactly equate with classiness and good manners.

Hence why the truly class respect the limits others set and always ask before doing anything that might be considered untoward.

18) They don’t forget to be kind

Finally, at the heart of genuine classiness lies the transformative power of kindness

It goes beyond mere cordiality and politeness mentioned above, and delves into the realms of empathy, compassion, respect, and understanding in every interaction. 

They work hard to empathize and then to act upon those shared feelings of suffering; treating everyone with the same degree of compassion and care.

The road to classiness…

If you’re striving for a little more classiness in your life, it’s essential to avoid certain habits. 

Now, by no means am I telling you to chop and change your personality and start playing a character who is not…you.

However, class is so interlinked with manners and respect that it is a key element in cultivating a mindset and demeanor that respects others and shows both composure or kindness.

So if you know you’re guilty of a few of the above habits, maybe see where you can start shedding them in your day-to-day interactions.

After all, classiness is at its core about eliminating these undesirable behaviors and promoting interactions which promote mutual respect and compassion.

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