People who are extremely likable usually display these 9 behaviors (without even realizing it)

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Ever met someone and instantly thought, “Wow, I just really like this person!”? 

It’s like they have this magnetic pull that’s hard to describe. 

You find yourself wanting to be around them, chat with them, and, let’s be honest, maybe even be more like them. 

It’s not just their cool style or the latest meme they shared that got you hooked – it’s something deeper, something about their behavior that sets them apart.

When you just hit it off with someone who seems to radiate positivity and likability, it’s natural to wonder what their secret is. 

Turns out it’s not rocket science. 

There are actually just simple, genuine behaviors that many super likable people display without even realizing it.

Whether you’re looking to make new friends, impress at work, or just be a little more like that person you can’t help but admire, keep in mind that likable people do these things:

1) They always smile. 

Smiling is a universal sign of friendliness and warmth. It draws people in. This is probably why someone who always smiles is more likable than those who don’t.

When they smile, their whole appearance lights up, making them seem more open and approachable. 

This doesn’t just make people feel more comfortable around them, but it also tends to make them want to stay. 

Smiling is also really contagious. When they flash people one, it’s usually returned. And this can make everyone feel good!

But remember:

People who are widely liked smile genuinely

You can’t walk around with a fake smile, trying to put up a show that you’re this cheery, nice person. 

A sincere smile can break the ice and help you build a bond better with others. 

Likable people unconsciously nail this sincerity, which is why people look forward to seeing them. 

2) They have a great sense of humor. 

Besides always wearing a smile, likable people also have a way of making everyone around them laugh. 

They turn ordinary moments into fun memories through little jokes and see the lighter side of tough situations. 

Who wouldn’t want to be around that?

Laughing together also makes people feel at ease and creates this instant connection. 

Plus, it shows you don’t take life – or yourself – too seriously. 

This kind of vibe can be super attractive, which is probably why it makes people more likable. 

But it’s not just about cracking jokes. 

Likable people are funny in a smart, kind way – not at someone else’s expense. 

And they can take a joke, too. 

3) They remember details. 

Remember, little details about others can make them feel seen and special. 

Likable people do this all the time!

The best part? It doesn’t seem forced. 

They just casually throw something you said or mentioned out there like it’s been on their mind without them having to remind themselves to remember. 

This is because they actually pay attention and care. 

Everyone’s busy and distracted these days. 

If you can remember small details like how someone likes their coffee or who their favorite author is, you’ll stand out as someone who’s thoughtful and considerate. 

People are naturally drawn to those who make them feel good about themselves, and being remembered does just that. 

4) They don’t use their phone much when they’re around people. 

Likable people unconsciously leave their phones off the table (figuratively and literally) and choose to be present. 

They rarely pay any attention to it when hanging out with friends, and unless it’s an emergency, they won’t answer calls, either. 

In today’s world, where screens often get more eye contact than people, focusing on the person right in front of you sends a powerful message. 

It tells them they’re more interesting to you than anything happening on your phone right now, and that’s a huge compliment. 

This undivided attention makes people feel valued, which, naturally, makes you more likable. 

Most people are just physically there. 

I remember an old friend who used to be like this. 

Whenever we got together, he wandered off to send voice messages or take a call. And even when he sat with us, you could see him just waiting for a notification to pop up. 

No one really liked this, and even after we pointed it out, he continued. 

We eventually reached a point where we didn’t bother inviting him anywhere. 

Likable people respect other people’s company enough to prioritize it over digital distractions. 

I’m not saying they’re never on their phones. But they read the room. 

They don’t constantly check their devices when the vibe is clearly about in-person connections. 

5) Their body language is open. 

Whether it’s when you’re hanging out, or they’re in a work meeting, likable people have open body language.

Think uncrossed arms, a relaxed stance, and eye contact – these all tell people you’re approachable and friendly. 

Likable people physically open up in this way to make it easier for others to connect with them. 

And it does wonders for their likability!

People feel comfortable around them because of this. 

Truth is, when you’re open and receptive, it makes other people open up, too. 

Imagine someone with arms tightly crossed and someone nodding and smiling—you’re naturally going to feel more drawn to the person who seems nice and attentive, right?

Open body language also shows someone is confident and self-assured. And these qualities are generally admired and attractive. 

6) They give genuine compliments. 

Ever get a compliment and feel like the person giving it had to think really hard about what to say? 

This probably made it feel a little less sincere. And if someone always does this, it can even make them seem false. 

Genuine compliments just sound different. It’s difficult to explain, but they’re spontaneous, you know? 

These types of compliments stir up a warm, fuzzy feeling inside. 

And that’s why people who give them are liked. 

Being known as someone who lifts others up with kind words will make people like you more, too. 

Genuine compliments can also make a big difference in someone’s day, and that’s a beautiful way to be remembered. 

7) They’re reliable. 

People like people who keep their word and follow through on commitments. It’s terrible being let down by someone you trusted. 

And if it consistently happens, you won’t like them as much anymore. 

Whether it’s personal, professional, or anything in between, likable people are trustworthy

People in their life know they can depend on them and this creates a sense of comfort and security. Which is pretty invaluable. 

Another way reliability makes someone likable is that it shows they value and respect your time and needs. 

But it’s about more than being on time, meeting deadlines, or remembering to buy milk on your way home. Reliability shows someone takes their responsibilities and relationships seriously. 

And people are typically drawn to this kind of behavior because they know they’ll have support no matter what. 

8) They don’t judge others.

Likable people typically don’t have a judgmental bone in their bodies. So, they give others a safe space to just be themselves without fear of criticism or rejection. 

With judgment feeling like the norm nowadays, this can be incredibly refreshing!

People appreciate being around someone they can open up to and share their thoughts, feelings, and experiences without worrying they’ll be judged. 

If you’re someone who listens and accepts others, it’ll definitely boost your likability. 

Likable people are like a walking, talking reminder that we’re all humans with struggles and flaws, and that’s perfectly okay. 

Being non-judgmental is usually also a trait of open-minded and curious people. And these kinds of people are super interesting to have conversations with, which, again, boosts likability. 

9) They don’t gossip. 

Not gossiping practically goes hand-in-hand with being non-judgmental. If you’re not judging people for their choices, you won’t have anything bad to say about them. 

This behavior makes someone more likable because people know they respect privacy and value genuine relationships over the temporary thrill of spilling someone else’s secrets. 

It also shows they’re a safe person and will be interested in more than just collecting gossip for their rumor mill. 

And unless someone is a huge gossip themselves, they’ll prefer others who uplift rather than tear down. 

Avoiding gossip also shows someone doesn’t need to rely on talking about others to be interesting. 

This makes them more admired and liked because they’re comfortable with themselves and confident that they’re enough – without being cocky. 

Combined, all these behaviors make someone a magnetic presence that people will instinctively want to be around. 

It’s fascinating, isn’t it? How simple, genuine behaviors can make such a big difference in the way people connect with others. 

So, if you want to be more likable, remember these nice behaviors next time you’re out mingling. 

Maybe even experiment with focusing on one or two at a time and see how they naturally fit into your interactions. 

But most importantly, keep it real. Authenticity is the name of the game, and it’s your authenticity that will genuinely make you likable.

Natasha Combrink

Nats is a writer who loves creating content for purposeful brands. She enjoys spending time outdoors, crafting, and diving down rabbit holes. After rediscovering life, she wants to help others live to their full potential. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.

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