People who are a joy to be around usually have these 12 behavioral patterns

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People who are wonderful to spend time with are each different. 

But they have a lot in common when it comes to their behavior. 

These traits and behavioral habits tie together the folks that we all love spending time with the most. 

Here’s a look at these behavioral habits we can all learn from! 

1) Friendly

Friendly people make the world go around. 

They are a joy to be around because they truly value other people and the connections they make. 

Even when they’re not in the most sociable mood, these people stay open to new experiences and new people. 

If they’re not in the mood to hang out right now, they’ll still take a raincheck. 

These kinds of friendly folks make all of us happier than we would be in a world without them. 

2) Funny 

Funny people are the spice of life, adding flavor and hilarity to otherwise dull moments. 

They are our favorite people to work with and be friends with. 

We seek them out online and offline. We all want to be around them and to interact more with them. 

Their unique and hilarious way of looking at life isn’t only amusing, it’s also healing. 

Some life experiences and issues are just plain tragic, and humor and laughter is sometimes the only real way we can touch certain heartaches and losses. 

3) Communicative 

Those who are a joy to be around are highly communicative. 

They strike just the right balance between letting us know what’s going on and allowing moments of silence. 

They communicate and keep in touch so you know how they’re doing, and they show a real interest in you, too. 

They speak clearly and in a way that is interesting but without hogging your attention or demanding that you agree to them or validate them. 

This is all about reciprocity, and it’s also about respect. Which brings me to the next point: 

4) Respectful 

Those who are respectful to others end up being respected themselves. 

They are kind, but they also show respect and kindness to others in a way that isn’t unlimited. 

They have their standards, and you know where you stand with them, which is reassuring and breeds respect as well. 

They have boundaries and standards of what they’ll expect as well, which greatens the affection that others have for them. 

We all like respectful people.

5) Empathetic 

The kind of person who has genuine empathy is worth his or her price in gold. 

In fact, they’re worth more than any price:

That’s because the kindness and genuine care they have inside them can’t be bought. It comes naturally to them and they really can walk in somebody else’s shoes. 

They’re not pretending to care or doing it to get recognition (or get money from you, or get in your pants).

They care because they care. 

6) Generous

Generosity is another quality that draws us to a person and makes us truly want to be around them. 

This isn’t only in terms of their possessions, but also in terms of their emotions, time and attention. 

When we’re around a person who’s generous it’s reinvigorating. They show you that it’s possible to care about others and be there for them without weakening yourself or giving too much. 

By striking that balance they show that generosity can be an empowering and life-affirming quality. 

7) Helpful

Who doesn’t love a helpful person?

In a me-first world, the kind of person who’s there to hear us out when we’re struggling or lend a hand when we need it is extremely valued. 

It’s not only their practical help that’s so nice in terms of a helpful person:

It’s the giving of their energy and how they’re willing to extend their respect and attention to us. It lets us know they value us and respect us, which makes us do the same with them in return.

8) Open-minded 

It’s nice to meet people who are open to new ideas and experiences

In such a way they let others know that they have space for more and that they haven’t closed the book on what life means.

Even if they don’t agree with you, they’re interested to hear what you have to say and 

9) Cozy 

People who are cozy and appreciate being a good host and making others feel at home are also great to be around. 

Many cultures have this as part of their core values as well, with Sweden’s cozy culture known as mys and Norway’s cozy vibes known as hygge

By preparing living spaces to be very receptive and being attendant to the needs and comfort of others, this person ends up becoming one of our favorites to be around. 

Keep it cozy! 

10) Resilient 

When I think of everybody I love being around, they’re all resilient. 

They experience problems, shortcomings and frustrations. They get down and sad. But they never go into the full victim mindset and they always keep their chin up. 

They learn from mistakes and problems and do their best to keep going. 

They serve as an example for all of us and help us feel we can keep going, too, when our own life takes some real downturns. 

11) Motivational 

We can all use a kick in the butt now and then. 

That’s why those who are good at motivating us end up becoming our favorite people. 

They aren’t always easy-going to be around, but we leave them feeling lifted up and inspired. 

We know that when we spend time around this person we’ll come away changed and with more fuel for life, instead of just the same old, same old. 

12) Optimistic 

There’s a time and a place for realism and looking the dragon in the eye. 

We don’t like people who are unrealistically chipper or suffused with toxic positivity

But folks who are generally optimistic draw others to them. 

They are wonderful to be around because in the midst of a world where everybody seems to be talking about how crazy and awful things are they have a different take:

It’s all going to be OK. In fact, it’s going to be more than OK! 

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