People who are a joy to be around typically possess these 12 character traits

Wonderful individuals grace our lives in a multitude of forms, each leaving their own unique imprint. 

They’re all different, and great folks come in all personality types. 

But they do exhibit a strikingly similar set of remarkable behaviors, setting them apart in the impact they make on our lives. 

Let’s take a look at the qualities that wonderful people share. They’re a real wealth of traits we can all take inspiration from.

1) Friendly

These beacons of positivity not only radiate joy but also make for a happier world. 

Whether immersed in the social whirlwind or seeking solitude, they consistently prioritize human connections, always open to new experiences and learning. 

Their friendliness stands in stark contrast to the many people who are less receptive and kind or shrink away from the world when dealing with problems. 

These people who are a joy to be around don’t do that. They’re always glad to see us. 

Even when the timing isn’t ideal for a shared moment, they graciously extend rainchecks, spreading joy throughout our lives. 

2) Funny

Infusing mundane moments with zest, humorous individuals transform the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

They can turn a tense situation better with a well-timed joke and know how to lighten up the mood when folks are feeling rather grim. 

Beyond their entertaining outlook on life, their comedic touch acts as a balm, making things just a bit more bearable when they’re not going so well. 

Those who are a joy to be around tend to be very funny in their own unique ways.

3) Communicative 

Individuals who we hold dear are able to communicate clearly and coherently. 

They are also able to seamlessly switch between articulate conversation and tranquil, shared silence. 

They make us feel OK to talk or stay silent as the mood strikes us. 

Their ability to keep us abreast of their lives is intertwined with a genuine curiosity about what’s going on in our lives, too. 

Their communication, clear and engaging, fosters a harmonious exchange, where thoughts flow freely without being overpowering or excessive.

4) Respectful

Individuals who are a joy to be around, find a way to strike just the right balance between kindness and assertiveness. 

They avoid the pitfalls of being too nice, but they’re also respectful about our boundaries and limits in a way that makes us love being around them and want to do business with them. 

This establishment of boundaries becomes the bedrock of trust and shared experiences. 

They are people we know respect us, and the feeling is mutual. 

5) Empathetic

The possession of genuine empathy is rare to find, but those who are a joy to be around have it in huge quantities. 

They care about what we’re going through and are authentic in terms of their concern for others. 

They serve as an excellent example for all of us in terms of building more happiness and fulfillment in life. 

As Emma Seppälä Ph.D. of Yale notes:

“What does the research show us? It shows us that we will gain only momentary bursts of joy from all the pleasures we seek in life, from sex to money. 

The long-lasting fulfillment we desire comes from living a life of purpose, meaning, compassion, and altruism. 

It comes from being there for others, helping where we can, loving one another despite our differences, and making others smile.”

6) Generous

These folks are generous with their time, energy and attention. 

The company of these generous souls becomes a rejuvenating experience.

They show that caring a lot about others does not need to compromise one’s well-being. It can be a win-win experience.

In striking this balance, they demonstrate the empowering and life-affirming nature of generosity. 

7) Helpful

Amidst a world often ensnared by self-interest, individuals who embody helpfulness are a lovely exception.

Their assistance transcends the practical, extending to the energy and attention invested in others. 

The reciprocation of kindness, fueled by the genuine feeling of being valued and respected, forms a reciprocal circle of mutual support and camaraderie. 

They really care and they show it through action.

8) Open-minded

Open-minded individuals make the world go ‘round, embracing new ideas and being willing to challenge old boundaries. 

Their willingness to entertain perspectives contrary to their own nurtures an environment teeming with intellectual richness and cultural diversity. 

In their company, a kaleidoscope of thoughts and ideas continually unfolds, fostering an atmosphere of perpetual learning and growth. 

The more time you spend around them, the more you grow and learn.

9) Cozy

Crafting an environment that echoes with warmth and hospitality, these people are our favorite ones to visit. 

We can see this kind of ideal coziness anchored in cultural values like Sweden’s mys and Norway’s hygge.

These individuals prioritize not only physical comfort but also an unwavering attentiveness to the needs and well-being of others. 

Keeping it cozy transforms into a mantra for creating an atmosphere where bonds are nurtured, and each moment is cherished. 

10) Resilient

The resilience of these individuals transforms them into stalwarts who confront challenges head-on, eschewing the confines of a victim mentality. 

Their journey through setbacks transcends mere survival, becoming a beacon of inspiration for those around them. 

Beyond facing problems, they serve as mentors, providing strength and encouragement during life’s inevitable downturns. 

11) Motivational

In the ebb and flow of life, everyone benefits from a motivational nudge. 

Individuals adept at motivating others, though not always draped in tranquility, leave an indelible mark. 

In their company, the experience may not always be laid-back, but it undoubtedly leaves us uplifted, inspired, and armed with renewed vigor to confront life’s challenges head-on. 

12) Optimistic

Striking a delicate equilibrium between realism and optimism, these individuals don the mantle of positive visionaries in a world often consumed by challenges. 

Amidst discussions about chaos and adversity, their outlook serves as a comforting reassurance that not only will things be okay but potentially even better. 

Their optimism, a beacon of hope, draws others towards them, inviting the contemplation of challenges as opportunities and setbacks as mere detours on the path to greater accomplishments.

Redefining success

Seppälä again:

“The other day, I challenged the idea of ‘success’ in my class. I asked my students, ‘What are the qualities of the most wonderful person you know?’ 

The adjectives that came to mind for them were loving, caring, and present. 

I then asked, ‘Would you say that this person has had a successful impact on your life?’ There was silence. 

They had never even considered this definition of success before.” 

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