People who fart in front of their partners are more likely to have a lasting relationship

Some of you will be happily relieved to read this, while others, I suspect new couples may be cringing a bit.

Turn that cringe into a smile because not only can you let that built up gas you’ve been holding in all night long free, it will also boost your intimacy with your partner (ironic, I know).

So what’s the deal?

In her book Naked Parenting, Leah Decesare goes on to discuss the topic and it’s benefits.

1. Sincerity and trust is formed by being 100% naturally you

And by being 100% naturally you, this means farting as well. We all do it and by allowing your partner to hear a “ sneaky one” or a “toot” they’ll automatically feel special, as if you’ve let them in on a secret nobody else shares with you.

2. You’re giving others the green light to be themselves

Most men are delighted once the relationship gets to this stage. It means they also, can feel free to be themselves and just let em’ rip.

3. Good relationships are built on honesty and trust

This means free from judgement. Most women are so shy when it comes to farting that they won’t even let one out in a public bathroom, but we should feel comfortable enough around our partners to let go of the fear of being judged.

Besides, it’s completely natural.

It’s good for your health

It’s a natural way of your body getting rid of something that it doesn’t need or want. Holding it in can be harmful not to mention extremely painful due to the bloating that follows.

So, next time you question whether or not it’s time to fly that fart flag, consider that it might bring more intimacy and trust into your relationship, not to mention a few guaranteed laughs.

Nova Johnstone is a Ballet Dancer, Choreographer, Freelance Writer and Mentor to many young students. Based in Ireland she is the owner of Destination Dance Ireland where she helps Pre Professional Students take steps towards a career.