9 non-obvious signs that someone is an old soul

An old soul has zero to do with your age, but everything to do with your maturity level.

That’s because it’s something that we associate with wisdom and peace.

Whilst some signs of being an old soul — such as compassion and patience — may be easier to spot, others are less so.

Here are some non-obvious signs that someone is an old soul.

1) They are a good judge of character and can quickly get an intuitive read on someone

Intuition is by its very nature hard to spot.

It’s often just a gut feeling that steers someone, and not something that we can necessarily put our finger on.

But it can still help us to make better decisions.

So old souls are less likely to find themselves in toxic relationships, being taken advantage of, or constantly falling out and making up with people.

They choose wisely.

They may get a very quick impression of someone. This allows them to be more cautious and protective when needed.

That’s not to say they’re not open, or that they are judgmental.

But they don’t fall into certain social trappings. That goes for the next thing on our list too.

2) Being popular or people-pleasing doesn’t interest them

They are looking for depth in their connections.

A lot of the fickleness and superficiality of some friendships or relationships feels hollow.

They’re not interested in popularity contests or whether you are one of the “cool kids”.

This sort of shallow judgment is meaningless to them.

Merit and what is on the inside is how they decide on whether someone is worthy of their time and energy.

They may be more naturally drawn to people who are older (and hopefully wiser).

That’s because they have already lived, grown, and gone through experiences that make them more mature than their peers.

3) They believe in something bigger than themselves

When we’re younger we have more of a tendency to make everything in life about ‘me, me, me’.

We can easily get consumed in our daily dramas. We may not think to look outside of ourselves.

Yet old souls have a different take. You can spot it in their humble attitude.

It’s not that they don’t think they are important. It’s just that they know in their hearts they are no more and no less important than anyone else.

They gain a sense of perspective by looking toward something bigger than them.

That may be religion, spirituality, science, or some other mystery of the Universe that has yet to be understood.

That’s why if you want to uncover an old soul, ask someone about how they view their place in the world.

4) They don’t give a damn about the latest trend

It’s not just maturity that sets an old soul apart. Often you can see it in their tastes too.

They may seem of another time because they prefer listening to LPs instead of streaming music.

Perhaps they prefer the grace and beauty of an old-timer to the convenience of a modern car.

Maybe they have a penchant for vintage and refuse to buy new.

Old souls often don’t fall into materialistic trappings. So they’re not a slave to the latest must-have or fashionable trend.

In fact, they may well be nostalgic about simpler times gone by when technology didn’t rule our lives.

5) They enjoy their own company

Taking pleasure in being alone requires maturity. Otherwise, we can easily end up bored or lonely.

Old souls feel peaceful whenever they are alone because they already feel complete.

That’s not to say they don’t enjoy company. But they don’t need to be around others in order to feel good about themselves.

They have a deeper sense of self.

They can entertain themselves, enjoy the contemplation of their own thoughts, and appreciate the stillness that comes from solitude.

6) They may feel misunderstood

Old souls can sometimes feel like they stick out like a sore thumb.

Their strong principles, open hearts, and preference for depth over frivolity can mean they don’t feel like they effortlessly fit in.

They have sensitive natures that may set them apart from others.

This may be harder to spot if they choose to withdraw from society because of this, preferring a more quiet and introverted life. 

Finding fellow like-minded people can turn an old soul into a bit of a lone wolf who seems harder to get close to.

7) They are reliable

Okay, why on earth is reliability a more subtle sign of an old soul?

Two reasons:

Firstly, reliability is the sign of a steady, respectful, and caring person who takes things seriously.

And these are all traits that old souls have in abundance.

Secondly, old souls often hold on to certain traditional values that may have lost popularity over the years.

These values make them appreciate things like punctuality, responsibility, and commitment.

It’s a mental attitude that allows them to put others first and makes them very reliable.

8) They have a tendency to think deeply and occasionally overthink

Wisdom involves gaining insights into life. And that demands some serious introspective thinking.

But the tricky part is, that it’s very easy to end up overthinking.

Whilst deep thinking is a sign of an intellectual person, it can lead to rumination.

When we struggle to turn off our thoughts, it may not be very obvious to anyone other than us.

Yet that exhaustion for the brain can start to have some side negative effects — such as stress, anxiety, and mental health issues.

9) Their intelligence isn’t limited to a high IQ

We’ve spoken a lot about wisdom and how it is linked to having an old soul.

Yet that doesn’t automatically translate to a high IQ or strong academic background.

An old soul doesn’t have to be what we may consider as classically smart.

Their intellect can show through in a more balanced and even way.

For example, they may have an abundance of common sense, emotional intelligence, or creativity.

It’s an intelligence that comes from having experienced life and learning lessons along the way.

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