12 non-negotiable traits of a high-value woman

The question you’re probably asking yourself right now is, “What even is a high-value woman? How can you tell?”

Well, you’ve come to the right place! Today, we’ll have a look at the 12 non-negotiable traits of every high-value woman out there.

Let’s get the ball rolling with the first – and most important – trait!

1) She has healthy self-esteem

A high-value woman loves herself. Plain and simple.

She exudes confidence, a zest for life, and a sense of ease. She’s so comfortable in her own skin that just being around her relaxes you.

The most obvious marker of healthy self-esteem is her guilt-free willingness to be just a little bit selfish, just a little bit self-centered. She values her time, protects her energy, and invests a lot in herself because she understands that she is the most important friend she’ll ever have.

And if you try to push her boundaries, she responds with a firm no. Communicating her boundaries and expectations is no problem whatsoever because…

2) She knows what she wants

If you ask her what she wants for dinner, she’ll think about it for a second and then come up with a clear answer. There’s no “I don’t know” and “whatever but not Italian or Indian or Chinese” where a high-value woman is concerned.

Obviously, there will always be days when she’s too busy or stressed to make quick decisions – but every step of the way, she communicates those feelings effectively.

Above all, a high-value woman knows what she expects from a man and lays it all out on the table. No trapdoors or secret games.

3) She is an effective communicator

She doesn’t communicate in hints. Why, I hear you ask?

Well, she knows most men aren’t subtle enough to pick up on them, which might cause unnecessary distress and conflict in relationships.

So she chooses a different route entirely. She gives a voice to her thoughts and opinions.

If she expects you to tell her when you’re out with your friends, she says it. If she wants to split the house chores 50/50, she says it. If she feels like you’re not spending enough time together… you’ve guessed it.

She says it.

4) She has goals and ambitions

Another thing she’s clear on is the trajectory of her life – she knows where she’s going, which steps she needs to take in order to get there, and what the likely outcome is.

Naturally, not everything works out according to plan. But she knows how to pivot and adapt so that her dreams come true in one form or another.

It doesn’t matter at all whether she wants to become the CEO of an international company or if she wants to have a beautiful vegetable patch in her back garden. Both are equally valid.

What does matter is that she isn’t passively flowing through life, expecting a change without putting any effort in.

A high-value woman is a go-getter. She knows the best way to get what she wants is to receive what the universe is willing to grant and work for the rest.

5) She understands her value

All the above-mentioned points boil down to one thing: she understands how valuable she is.

And she isn’t going to settle for less than what she deserves.

(Spoiler Alert: she deserves a hell of a lot.)

A high-value woman isn’t going to stick around for too long if you don’t treat her right. She has high standards and she knows that all the effort she puts into the relationship ought to be cherished, appreciated, and reciprocated.

As soon as you break her heart, she packs her bags and leaves. No third or fourth chances.

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6) Her peace of mind is everything to her

There’s a quote I really like that says, “If it costs you your peace of mind, it’s too expensive.”

That’s high-value thinking right there.

Women who know their worth don’t chase drama. This is yet another reason why they won’t stay in dysfunctional relationships – it drains them of too much emotional energy.

They always try to find a conflict-free path that’ll lead them to where they want to go. If conflict is necessary, they deal with it. But it’s not something they hunger for.

They know that happiness is in the calmness that washes over you on a quiet day of no arguments. It’s in the stillness and stability of the world around you. 

It’s in your peace of mind.

7) She’s a pro at self-reflection

Sometimes, conflict is unavoidable. What matters is how you cope with it.

A high-value woman isn’t afraid to admit she’s made a mistake. She knows when to apologize, when to recognize her own weaknesses, and when to work on herself to ensure she’s better suited to face the next challenge.

If you open up to her and tell her how her behavior has made you feel, she doesn’t twist your words or turn things around. She listens with empathy and understanding, and when all is said and done, she tries her very best not to repeat the same mistake again.

This is because her intentions are first and foremost grounded in the goodness of her heart.

8) Her heart is in the right place

Her confidence goes hand in hand with her kindness and the happiness she feels as a result of spreading joy.

Not everyone is an outgoing sunshine or a volunteer nurse, and that’s okay – what counts is that she is empathetic and cares about the world around her, be it her dogs, her family, the environment… 

What matters is her desire to make the world a better place, even if for a little bit.

9) She’s an optimist

The reason she cares so much about the world around her?

She sees the good in people and the universe itself. Even when times get tough, she just keeps on going, her sight set on the better days ahead.

She believes that nothing bad ever lasts forever, that there’s always a silver lining, and that as long as she keeps her faith, she’ll eventually get to a place where things are okay again.

This stubborn determination to find happiness no matter the conditions easily influences those around her, holding them up when they’re struggling.

Thus the power of being an optimist.

10) She’s open-minded and accepting

Another amazing trait of a high-quality woman is her curiosity and desire to learn without any contempt clouding her judgment.

She isn’t scared of the unknown. In fact, she seeks it. She wakes up every day knowing there is always more to life – more information she hasn’t yet gathered, more places she hasn’t seen, more fascinating people she hasn’t met.

Her curiosity drives her to get to know her place in the world, and when she encounters strange or unfamiliar things, she doesn’t hesitate to take a closer look.

11) She embraces her feminine energy

Before we get to the finale, let’s take a moment to acknowledge how amazing feminine energy is. Contrary to what some people might think, femininity isn’t just about sitting at home and looking pretty.

Femininity is power. It’s about attracting rather than chasing, creating rather than destroying. Femininity is graceful, peaceful, and nurturing.

And a high-value woman embraces all of that. While she doesn’t mind leaning into her masculine energy when need be, she understands the inherent beauty that lies at the core of womanhood.

Oh, how she loves being a woman.

12) She’s a girls’ girl

Last but not least, a high-value woman appreciates the power of female friendship and nurtures her bonds with other women.

If a man gets between her and her best friend, she knows who to choose. If her sister needs her, she makes the time.

Female friendships belong to the most beautiful things there are in life. They’re a deeply bonding connection of souls…with lots of fun and laughter involved.

Sign me up!

A sense of female community is everything, which is why we’ll finish this post with a beautiful poem by Ashley Asti:

“When I’m sad / one of my favorite things / to do / is reach out to someone / and drop a tiny blessing / in her lap, / as if gently tipping a watering can / over her sprouting seed. / Today / it was a woman who has been growing / her passions into a business / and I just wrote, / Dear Sister, / I love watching / you bloom.”

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