15 things naturally classy women avoid doing in public

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You can easily tell if a woman is classy by the way she acts around others.

And here’s the thing: it’s not just what she does. In fact, what’s more important are the things she DOESN’T do.

Here are the things that you would never ever find naturally classy women do in public.

1. Classy women never shame anyone

Classy women respect everyone. Yes, even the ones they don’t particularly like.

 Sure, they know how to assert themselves and say what’s on their mind—but they do it in a respectful way. That is, they’d never raise their voice or use cheap words to put someone down.

And if they really find it necessary to tell someone off, they’d do it privately to avoid publicly shaming the other person.  

2. Classy women never get really drunk

Classy women know how to have a good time, but they know their limits.

They drink but they do it in moderation. You rarely see a classy woman get crazy in a pub, guzzling drinks like there’s no tomorrow.

Classy women don’t want to be trashy and most of all, they don’t like to feel like trash the next day. They have self-discipline and they know getting too drunk could lead to trouble.

3. Classy women never talk loudly in the metro

Or anywhere in public, really. 

And it’s not because they’re timid or they’re trying to appear “classy”, but because they’ve been trained not to bother others.

They know how annoying it is when other people talk like they’re the only people in the world, so they don’t do it—plain and simple.

4. Classy women never throw themselves at men

Don’t get me wrong. Classy women DO flirt…but what sets them apart is that they do it in a classy way—that is, with subtlety and restraint.

It’s probably because they value themselves enough to not chase after any guy. But honestly, I think it’s also because they know how men tick!

They’re well-aware that chasing men (and being desperate for love) is the fastest way to turn them off.

You see, classy women are SKILLED when it comes to seduction and relationships. They know that the best way to go is by being subtle with seduction…and going full-force with intimacy.

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5. Classy women are never glued to their phones

Classy women love to seize the day and experience life as fully as possible. They live in the moment.

Because of this, they have a habit of staying off their phone whenever they are out, especially if they’re with other people. 

They prefer to enjoy life the way it should be enjoyed—to experience more sights, smells, and sounds of the real world.

A classy woman prefers to have an undistracted life. She also knows that attention is the best form of respect so she’d never ever check her socials while you’re having dinner. 

6. Classy women never make a scene 

Classy women don’t see any point in drama—especially ones that are done in public!

They don’t see any satisfaction in engaging in heated arguments that turn into a contest of “who’s smarter” or “who’s right”, even if it’s about something very important to them.

However, this doesn’t mean they don’t engage in debates. They absolutely love having discussions…but what sets them apart is that they make sure they do it in a healthy way. 

And when someone attacks them or gives faulty logic, they usually don’t fight back. Instead, they slowly disengage and try their hardest to be the bigger person. 

7. Classy women never cut in line

One of the mottoes classy women live by is “Don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you.”

As I’ve said before, classy women don’t like bothering others, and that’s why they try their best to respect rules—whether they’re established or unwritten.

And if they see someone cut in line, they’re not afraid to call them out…of course, in the classiest way possible!

8. Classy women never eat noisily 

Eating is something sacred to classy women, and they’d never ever do it in a way that would bother other people.

They’d never eat chips while on public transport, and especially not inside the cinema!

They prefer to eat in a way that would make them actually enjoy food and conversations  (in other words, inside a restaurant).

But in the instances that they do need to eat quickly, they make sure they’re not calling attention to themselves by shoving food in their mouth like they haven’t eaten in ages. And of course, they chew with their mouths closed.

9. Classy women never leave behind a mess

When they open a toothpaste, they put the cap back on. When they get a book, they return it to the exact spot.

They throw their garbage properly, flush the toilet, and wipe the table if they accidentally spilled a few drops of their drink.

Classy women are concerned with cleanliness and they would never ever bother other people with their mess. For them, it’s one way of showing respect to others.

10. Classy women never act like a Karen

Karens are the antithesis of classy women.

They never shout at anyone even if their complaint is valid. Instead, they’d express themselves as calmly as possible, and listen attentively to what the other person is saying. And they’d pause and think before they react.

They’re also generally not complainers. 

They have more important things to think about that if they receive the coffee they ordered with only 50% sugar instead of 75%, they’d shrug and say “Well, at least it’s healthier!” and tell the barista to pay attention next time.

11. Classy women never give in to peer pressure

If everyone in the group pressures a classy woman to drink, she would just laugh and say “No, sorry. I had enough.” And she’d say it firmly but still in a friendly way.

Classy women don’t do anything just to belong to a group.

They don’t follow the herd. If everyone does something, even if it seems wise on the surface, classy women would still go “Hmmm…should I really do the same?”

And that’s because a naturally classy woman knows she’s not born to please others.

12. Classy women never pretend to be someone they’re not

You might think that classy women are pretentious—that they’d act in a certain way so people would consider them a high value woman. But the truly classy ones aren’t at all!

They’re true to who they are, and most of them know who they are.

They have so much self-respect that even if they only have $10 in their pocket or they’re still at the bottom of the food chain in a company, they carry themselves with so much grace that you’d say “wow, I wish I have that confidence.”

And that’s what classy women have—confidence. It’s a shame that some people mistake this as pretentiousness.

13. Classy women avoid gossip

For classy women, gossip is cheap. Period.

They know it doesn’t do anyone any good. At best, it’s a complete waste of time. At worst, people could get hurt.

Besides, they really don’t find any pleasure in learning about ordinary people’s affairs. 

Classy women would rather spend their time actually knowing the lives of interesting people such as the great philosophers and political figures. That way, they can actually learn something good from them.

14. Classy women never brag

Classy women find absolutely no need to brag about anything. 

They’re not thirsty for validation or admiration, and they just find bragging too tacky—especially those laced with “humility” aka humble bragging.

And here’s the thing: although they’re confident in themselves, they don’t think too highly of themselves. To them, only the greats matter. We’re talking about Van Gogh and Kahlo and Vivaldi’s level of greatness.

It doesn’t mean they’re insecure, they just have high standards. 

So even if they do like their work and are confident in their skills, they’d rather keep quiet.

15. Classy women never try to be the center of attention

Contrary to popular belief, the truly classy women don’t want to be in the limelight.

In conversations, they want balance. They don’t want to do most of the talking even if they have a lot to share. They always ask “and how about you?”

They encourage others to share not only because they’re not full of themselves, but because they’re naturally curious about others.

Last Words

You see, classy women are classy not because they look sophisticated or sound smart. They’re classy because of the way they think and act.

They’re well-mannered not because they’re locked in a box, but because they truly care about themselves and other people.

If you want to be truly classy, start by appreciating yourself and thinking “How can I be good to myself and to others today?”…and you won’t need lists like this to guide you.

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