“My husband has a crush on another woman” – 7 tips if this is you

Marriage is a beautiful blessing and relationship.

When your husband showers you with love, admiration, and cares for you like no other, you know you’re the luckiest woman in the world.

But when you start to question his loyalty, that’s when your paranoia could drive you apart.

Are you worried he has a crush on another woman or is already developing for her?

It’s time to put your mind at rest and know what’s going on behind the scenes – and what to do about it.

16 signs your husband has a crush on another woman

Can you feel that your husband is attracted to his colleagues, friends, or someone you don’t know yet?

You’re probably seeing signs that the two of them are getting closer – and it’s affecting your relationship already.

So pay attention to these obvious and not-so-obvious signs to be sure that your man has a crush on another woman.

1) He becomes distant

Is your husband staying late at work or having more out-of-town client meetings during the weekend?

Be warned as these are usually typical cover-ups for infidelity. Could it be someone from work or a new client?

If it’s true that he’s too busy at work, make sure he’s not making excuses or using his work obligations to hide something behind your back.

Why not talk to him about this – try to offer help or give him a surprise visit at work to know for sure.

And if he becomes distant or doesn’t answer your calls, take it as a sign that something is off.

But then, don’t allow those unsavory seeds of doubt and jealousy to drive you apart.

The most important to do is to:

Work on mending your marriage.

When your husband has a crush on another woman, it doesn’t mean the end of your marriage.

That’s why I highly recommend the Mend the Marriage course by famous relationship expert Brad Browning.

It’s because chances are, your marriage isn’t what it used to be.

You feel like your world is falling apart as it seems like all the passion, love, and romance have completely faded.

Let me tell you this:

You CAN save your marriage – even if you’re the only one trying.

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2) He can’t keep his hands off his phone

Your husband never uses his phone a lot, but now he’s glued to it. This can be a cause for concern.

It’s reasonable if he’s simply reading the news, watching videos, playing games, or checking work emails.

You’ll only have to worry when he starts to get secretive about his calls and messages.

This could mean not answering a call when you’re around or stepping away from you to answer it. The next time he does this, ask him casually, “Who is it?” or “What’s it about?”

If he has nothing to hide, he’ll be honest with you. But if he replies suspiciously, it’s clear that it could be the woman he’s developing feelings for.

3) He’s less interested in you

When he used to be intimate, romantic, and spend a lot of time with you, everything seems to change.

Suddenly, you can feel that he’s avoiding you and he’s not being affectionate anymore.

And you know that he’s not stressed and there’s nothing else that bothers him.

Be warned as this is a red flag that he’s being romantically interested in someone else.

And if you can feel that he’s more interested in doing things with other people, it’s clear that he’s developing an attraction toward someone else.

4) He’s showing more interest in you

Some men who feel about having affection for someone else often do something to disguise their actions and feelings.

Your husband could be surprising you with dinner, giving you gifts, or setting up a passionate lovemaking session for you.

And you find all these strange – as there could be reasons behind all these, such as:

  • He wants to keep your romantic connection alive
  • He’s expressing his love and affection for you
  • He’s guilty about something
  • He’s trying to prove to himself that you’re the one he wants to be with
  • He doesn’t want you to be suspicious

If that isn’t his normal behavior, it’s best to ask why he’s acting so overly into you.

5) He’s giving another woman too much attention

Watch out! This is the most obvious sign that your husband has a crush and is developing his feelings for another woman.

You may begin to notice that he goes out of his way to speak with or meet this person – even if there is no reason to do so.

Also, pay attention if he goes to a specific place regularly – it could be a restaurant, gym, park, or anywhere else.

And if he becomes overly friendly, acts strangely, or becomes affectionate towards this woman, that’s a big red flag.

With the way your husband acts, you can tell if he’s simply being nice or being a good friend – or if something else is going on.

6) He’s paying more attention to his looks

You notice that becomes more concerned about how he looks, his clothes, his smell, or his physique.

Maybe he didn’t care too much about this before, but now, his care and style have gone up a level.

You might also notice these too:

  • His taste in clothing becomes different
  • He starts using sunshades or his perfume all the time
  • He spends hours getting ready for work
  • He sports a new hairstyle

Find out what it is that’s motivating him to look this good. If he’s not impressing you, there could be someone else.

And if he doesn’t dress up when you go out for dinner, there’s a chance that he’s putting an effort to impress and look good for his crush.

7) He’s hiding things from you

Most married couples share everything, including where they spend their money.

He used to be open to this before, but now everything becomes private for him. You know that he’s keeping or throwing all those receipts, bills, and bank transactions too.

When you accidentally see the charges on his credit card bills, he refuses to give a straight answer.

And when you ask to take a look at his expenses, he’ll accuse you of not having trust in him.

This is a big red flag warning that he’s already seeing someone behind your back.

But instead of allowing things to get to this point, take action before it’s too late to save your marriage.

I mentioned Brad Browning’s video and Mend the Marriage course earlier. I recommend him as he’s widely regarded as one of the top experts in saving marriages.

In his simple yet genuine video, you’ll learn the most valuable tips on what to do to improve your relationship – and save the love and commitment you once shared.

8) He gets too defensive and jumpy

You’re married to this man, so there’s no reason for him to get nervous when you’re around.

But lately, you notice that he’s being weird even if there’s no reason at all.

He’ll get annoyed, defensive, or even angry when you ask something about his work, his friends, phone calls, etc.

He becomes edgy when you casually mention something about cheating or loyalty.

And to hide the guilt and emotions he feels for the woman he has a crush on, he’ll choose to ignore you or change the topic.

9) He avoids getting intimate

Regardless of how long you’ve been married, couples love being romantic and affectionate.

And when he kisses you when he leaves for work, it feels so cold. Or maybe he’s only making love with you out of obligation.

Take this as a warning sign.

When he starts withdrawing from you, it could be that his thoughts and fondness for someone else are already on fire.

Even when you wear your sexiest lingerie and look your best, he still avoids you. You can feel that he doesn’t want to get intimate with you anymore.

Watch out as his mind might be getting sexually preoccupied with another woman.

10) He keeps talking about someone else

Without even realizing it, he keeps bringing up the name of a woman all the time. You notice that he talks glowingly about this person.

While he’s not doing this on purpose, it could be like he’s simply acting that he doesn’t feel anything towards her.

Or he could also be assuring you that this woman isn’t a threat to your marriage.

Here’s the thing:

Most men will rarely speak about other women unless they’re interested in them.

So when he frequently mentions a woman in your conversations, it’s a sign that he’s attracted and has a crush on her.

11) His social media activities say so

It’s normal to like, comment, and interact on our friends’ social media posts.

So if you have an idea about the woman your husband is interested in, peek into her Facebook or Instagram account (hopefully, they’re not set to private).

If you can see that your husband gets too active on this woman’s post, it’s a sign that he’s more than attracted to her.

But still, don’t jump to conclusions right away. After all, a single like, sticker comment or laughing emoji won’t do any harm.

Here are red flags to watch out for:

  • When your husband saves this woman’s photo on his phone
  • When he post flirty comments on her photos
  • When his responses to her status updates are too personal

Also, check if they have a private exchange of messages between the two of them. He could be sexually attracted to her – and she might also be responding to his flirting.

12) He’s more sensitive than usual

Is your husband being extra-sensitive or harsh to anything you say? Has he been emotionally detached or frustrated over trivial matters?

Probably, he’s trapped by his attraction to another woman, his feelings, and your marriage.

He could be trying to find ways to hide what he feels or stop those feelings from developing.

It’s because he’s confused about what’s happening and he’s experiencing emotional conflict.

When you notice changes in his behavior, it’s a clear sign that there’s something (or someone) or someone bothering him. And it’s time that you communicate openly without accusing him of anything.

13) He starts to criticize you

Does he become critical of you that he notices all your wrongdoings but ignores what you’re doing for him?

It seems like he’s finding fault in everything you do – from the food you cook, your choice of music, and even the way you dress up.

Getting this treatment from your husband is difficult and painful.

It could be that he’s taking you for granted and the wonderful relationship you have. Maybe it’s because another woman has caught his attention and he’s ignoring the love you’re giving him.

Worst is, he might not be aware that he’s already treating you badly.

The truth is, criticism, defensiveness, and contempt are highly destructive in a loving relationship – as these factors are the biggest predictors of divorce and separation.

14) He begins comparing you to other people

Men notice the amazing qualities of the women they’re attracted to.

If your husband has a crush on someone else, he’ll start desiring the qualities that you don’t have (but the other woman has).

It could be from the way this woman talks or dresses to how this woman styles her hair.

Nothing can be hurtful and demeaning when he says, “Why can’t you be like this?”

Even if he’s unknowingly trying to point out the qualities he finds appearing and doing it harmlessly, comparing you to another woman isn’t the right thing to do.

The sign is clear that he has set his eyes on someone else.

15) He questions your love and loyalty

Here’s the truth: In some instances, guilt can make someone question their partner’s love and faithfulness.

Regardless of whether your husband has a crush on someone, or is cheating or not, accusing you of being unfaithful isn’t a good thing.

It seems unusual, but he could get unreasonably jealous as he realizes how easy it is to get attracted to and fall in love with someone else.

He could be feeling guilty, and the thought of you falling in love with someone else is too much for him.

Don’t worry as this could mean that your husband still loves you. Probably, he doesn’t want to lose you. So even if he’s attracted to another woman, he will never leave you.

16) He’s being too secretive

Even if you’re married, you also have the right to some privacy.

And this means respecting each other’s physical and emotional privacy – and the freedom to do things on your own and spend time alone.

But here’s the thing:

There is no space for any form of lies in a relationship.

Those so-called white lies and secrets like having an affair can damage the walls of an intimate relationship.

It can be upsetting when he starts lying about his whereabouts – about where he’s been or who’s with him.

And it’s unlikely that your husband admits that there’s a woman he’s attracted to. And it’s extremely far-fetched that he’ll tell you that he’s interested in dating her.

So when he begins to engage in secretive activities and chooses to lie, you’re dealing with a huge red flag.

What to do if your husband has a crush on someone? 7 tips

If you can relate to most points above, something is happening with your husband and your marriage.

But don’t freak out and confront your husband right away. Just be extremely careful before jumping to any conclusion.

Know that even if people change – but it doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s having an affair. At the same time, never neglect these signs as they can crack your marriage.

Your marriage is worth saving so work on your relationship before it gets too late.

So if you need to take steps, these tips will help you.

Talk to your husband

Analyze your feelings and communicate honestly with him. While it can be stressful, try to keep your calm.

Communication is very important in a relationship. You won’t resolve anything if you don’t talk to each other.

Talk with respect and understanding – and make this the foundation of your marriage.

Focus on your relationship

Try not to talk about his crush or the woman he’s attracted to.

Instead, find out why your husband sees this woman as someone so special. This will help you figure out if there’s a crack in your marriage.

Do this to restore the connection you have.

Take care of yourself

Never blame yourself for what’s happening – as it’s not your fault anyway.

Your husband has a choice and he shouldn’t blame you too.

See this situation to work on your self-development. Try to do yoga, get a new hairstyle, go to the gym, or do things that you love.

Strengthen your marriage

Keep in mind that not all attractions lead to romantic encounters or infidelity. It also doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you, your husband, or your relationship.

Focus on putting the spark back into your marriage.

It’s best to create new memories and experiences together. So why not go out on dates or have a vacation so you can spend more quality time together.

Be gentle with your partner

Avoid confronting and accusing your husband of having an affair with someone.  When you do this, he’ll only defend himself.

So never let your anger, humiliation, and heartbreak stop you from thinking straight.

Stop infidelity before it’s too late

When you start finding signs that an emotional affair is about to happen, do something about it. So never allow affairs and infidelity to ruin your relationship.

And this doesn’t necessarily mean the end of your marriage.

Your husband loves you – but probably, his emotions are stuck with unaddressed problems.

Fix your relationship

Every relationship and situation is unique. So the most important thing you can do is a tailored approach to tackle your relationship issues.

The best way is to talk and get advice from someone with experience and ready to listen to the issues you’re having.

I reached out to them before when I was going through an extremely difficult patch in my relationship.

The best way to save your marriage

You can save your marriage by doing what you can to keep it going.

Saving the relationship when you’re the only one trying is tough, but it doesn’t mean letting go of what you have.

Because if you still love your spouse, what you need is a plan to mend your marriage and work things out.

Several factors can affect a marriage such as distance, lack of communication, and sexual issues. These can lead to infidelity and disconnectedness if you won’t deal with them the right way.

When people ask me for advice to help save their failing marriages, I always recommend relationship expert and divorce coach Brad Browning.

The strategies he reveals are extremely helpful and powerful – and those can create a difference between a “happy marriage” and an “unhappy divorce”.

He’s saved failing marriages before – and can help you navigate through yours.

Sometimes, the knowledge and expertise you can get from a marriage expert will help you realize things you wouldn’t have realized on your own.

Watch his simple and genuine video here.

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