10 reasons your ex “disappeared” from social media

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Whether you admit it or not, you’re checking your ex’s social media pages after the breakup. Yes, I did that too.

And when your ex deactivated his social media accounts, you start to question why.

But make sure not to jump to conclusions or think that you forced your ex to run away. Don’t let it suck you into a black hole of depression.

With that being said, let’s deal with the reasons why and what you can do about it.

Your ex quit his social media account experience for underlying reasons  – and you need to accept that it’s part of being off the grid.

1) A way to deal with your breakup

Breakups are heartbreaking and there was something that happened that caused you two to split.

When your former significant other chooses to break up with you, it doesn’t mean that your ex isn’t hurting. Perhaps, staying on Facebook or Instagram could prolong his frustration and pain.

You are both going through the pain of getting over someone. Like you, your ex needed time to grieve the loss and allow the wound to heal.

Your ex knows that he shouldn’t be with you or talk to you, thus he chooses to follow the “No contact” rule for the time being. They are trying to ignore you.

While there’s no perfect way to recover from a breakup, certain actions like taking a social media break can make a big difference.

2) Your ex is tired of the memories of lost love

One big reason why your former flame stopped using social media is that your ex got tired of constant reminders of the past.

Imagine seeing your Facebook memories that show a photo from that beach vacation you took together last year. Or encountering each other in mutual friends’ pictures.

Your ex likely feels uncomfortable being reminded of the memories and dreams you once shared.

In this digital age, the remnants of your past relationship still live in your and your ex’s feeds.

Healing and moving on is hard if you’re constantly being bombarded with memories of the past.

So in a way, your former flame chooses to take a break from social media.

3) Your ex can’t handle it

Just as much as you can’t handle seeing your former flame’s photos or dating someone, your ex can’t take it as well.

Everything seems too hard to bear.

Amy Chan, a relationship advice columnist, shares that deleting your ex from all of your social media is always a good idea as it helps your brain heal.

Your ex unfriending or blocking you, or taking a break from social media isn’t about you at all. It’s a reflection of him and where he’s at – so you have to respect that.

It only means that you have a big impact on his emotional and mental health that your ex can no longer bear to see you online.

Your ex needs time to heal and focus on self-care.  And this also means that he wants to move on with his life (and that you should move on with yours too).

4) Your ex is trying to get an emotional reaction from you

Moving on from a breakup is never easy. And most people can’t handle seeing their former flames move on that quickly.

Thus, they’ll try to do things in hopes of knowing how you feel.

Your ex probably wants to know if you’re upset or angry as he disappeared from social media. They want you to message them.

It could also be that your ex misses you, wants you back – but is too scared to admit it.

Spot these signs to know for sure that your ex misses you:

  • Sharing what’s going on in their lives
  • Bringing up wonderful memories together
  • Keeping in touch on important dates
  • Finding random excuses to connect with you
  • Asking about you and your dating life
  • Asking mutual friends about you

What if you have feelings for your ex – and you know that your ex wants a second chance?

Considering that you’re still friends – and you want to take things back to the way they were.

What you need is to re-spark their romantic interest in yourself.

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However, Rudá’s teachings cover codependency and our desire to cling on to love – as unrealistic and detrimental that can be, especially when we’re trying to find it in someone like an actual ex-partner.

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5) The pressure of social media gets overwhelming


Social media makes breakup a lot harder.

While those who get dumped stop themselves from obsessing about their ex’s social media behavior, dumpees tend to get off for slightly different reasons.

Probably, your ex wants to stop being reminded of the life they had before the breakup.

Maybe your ex doesn’t want to delete you or your friends and family members as he thinks that’ is rude.

So instead of resorting to that method, your ex chooses to remain on good terms with them by taking the drama-free route.

And this means pulling the plug off on his social media accounts.

Or it could also be that he wants to stay away from the thunderous noise of social media platforms.

6) To cut ties with their old self

There’s a huge possibility that your ex wanted a restart – a new beginning. And the only way to achieve this is to take a break from social media for a while.

Your ex could have disappeared from social media to avoid dealing with the negative feelings caused by the breakup. There’s a chance that going through his feed adds more stress and pain.

And it might also be heartbreaking for your ex to see you move on with your life while he’s still finding it hard to let go.

Or your former flame might also be busy doing something offline to get over the heartache.

No matter what it could be, this is a sign that your ex wants to evolve from who they were into someone better.

The past is over and it’s time to start anew.

7) Your ex wants to move on

Your ex knows that looking at your posts on social media won’t do him any good. And that’s why he chooses to let go and accept the fact that it’s over.

Here’s how to spot the signs your ex wants a fresh start:

  • Your ex doesn’t reply to your messages
  • Your ex removes you from their timeline
  • Your ex cut out all forms of communication with you
  • Your ex encourages you to move on
  • Your ex is already dating someone new
  • Your ex tells you point-blank that it’s over

The harsh truth is, that it’s hard to let go of an ex who has moved on.

But, are you still holding out hope and haven’t shut the door to your heart?

I know it’s devastating to accept that a relationship is over, but holding on to the past is not the best thing to do.

You can’t move forward if you keep hanging on to what has been.

8) Your ex is settling into a new relationship

Your ex wants a haven away from memories they want to leave behind. Let your ex find his path to happiness.

Getting off from social media is a way to get that bit of privacy back.

It may have nothing to do with you at all as you don’t belong to each other anymore. It’s just that your former significant other is learning to adapt based on their experiences.

Even if you thought you were over the breakup and your heart may be mostly healed, knowing that your ex has someone new can break you to the core!

If this is the reason – and you feel jealous or bitter, acknowledge your feelings.

Accept what had been and give yourself the love, affirmation, and support you need.

Rather than letting your story end in pain, you can write a brave new ending. And it means healing and letting go so you can be free.

9) Your ex is setting unspoken boundaries

When your ex decides to disappear from social media – and give that silent treatment, your ex is likely setting boundaries.

Because sometimes, you might get the need to reach out to your ex on social media. Or your ex might also want to get in touch with you.

When a relationship ends, it’s important to establish boundaries as this will give you space to grieve, heal, and move forward.

Your situation changes after the breakup, and while it seems awkward, setting boundaries will help the two of you navigate the breakup.

This creates a space that guides you in navigating the path between whatever is left and whatever is to come.

Consider this as a type of social distancing that benefits you both in the long run.

But if you know that you’re destined to be together, do something about it!

Instead of leaving everything to fate, why not take things into your own hands and find a way to get through to your ex?

Relationship expert Brad Browning has helped thousands reconnect with their exes and rebuild the love and commitment they once shared. I’ve personally found his videos extremely insightful.

So if you’d like to do the same and start taking control of your situation, check out his excellent free video here.

Be brave – what do you have to lose!

10) Your ex might be soul searching

Social media sucks the “soul” out of us!

I don’t know whether your ex is still into you at this point or not. Probably, they want something new in their lives too.

Your ex is taking that social media detox to break down from his current self and emerge on the other side as a stronger person.

While it may hurt a little, here’s the truth:

Everything related to your former flame isn’t about you.

When it’s been months between the breakup and them leaving social media, you have nothing to do with them leaving their social media accounts.

But when your former flame is showing interest in you after the breakup, that’s a different story.

Still, don’t think too hard about it.

What to do when your ex disappeared from social media?

1) Do nothing

You may try to contact your ex, but don’t do it. For when you do, you’ll interfere with your ex’s search for happiness.

It’s best not to react or ask their friends what happened. Never post any cryptic message about what your former flame did.

Just forget what happened. While you don’t have control over things that are happening in your life, you have control over how you react to them.

2) Take it as an opportunity

Try to see that your ex deactivating his social media account is a good thing.

Take this situation as a chance to move on from your ex and end that chapter in your life. You no longer get to see your ex and be reminded of the past.

And this is where you can truly move on from your life.

3) Be thankful

You may not see it that way, see take it as an advantage on your part.

An ex who stays out of your life and disappears in every aspect will make you heal fast. You won’t get tortured with an endless barrage of social media posts anymore.

There’ll be no distractions as you’re freeing yourself from stalking his account.

Keep this in mind.

To get over someone, you have to focus on creating the life you dreamed of – without them.

4) Is it time to leave the past behind?

Your ex belongs in the past.

Let your ex’s disappearance from social media be a reminder that your ex wants to be left alone. Respect that.

Your ex decided to leave the memories of the past behind. Never try to make things worse by bringing up the past back.

At least, you won’t get to see who your ex is dating and you won’t get to compare yourself with those he hangs out with.

Healing takes time. But it will be easier to deal with if you stop checking on your ex.

On that note

Your feelings do matter, but keep your emotions and actions in check.

But if you want a shot at getting back together with your ex for good, a professional can help you with that!

No matter how hurtful the past has been, Brad Browning has developed a couple of unique techniques that help people move past their issues and reconnect on a genuine level.

So if you want to take the plunge and fight for the love you once shared, I’d highly recommend checking out his incredible advice.

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